Warm Weather Dries Fields, Presents Drought Stress

The warm streak in July has been somewhat welcome in area farm fields.

That’s according to Purdue Extension Agricultural Educator Phil Woolery. He says warming temperatures and a lack of precipitation in the area the second half of July has allowed time for soil to dry. That follows what is considered a record breaking year for moisture in June.
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June Rainfall Sets Record, Crop Value Losses Increase

The Indiana State Climate Office says June set a record for rainfall in the Hoosier State.

According to a press release from Purdue Extension, 9.03 inches of rainfall was received around the state. That’s higher than the previous rainfall record of 8.13 inches from June of 1958.

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Winamac Fireworks Moved From Town Park to School

Residents of Winamac will be traveling to a new location to view this year’s fireworks show.

The July 4th celebration is organized through matched donations and typically hosted in the Winamac Town Park. Due to flooding that is affecting the grounds, the fireworks show will now be held at the school in Winamac on the practice fields.
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Beach Tourism Affected by Area Weather Conditions

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Cooler temperatures and heavy precipitation have affected tourism at Culver Beach.

The Park Department charges a fee to enter the beach area, and using dollars and a few visual observations, Park Superintendent Marc Hayden says traffic at the beach is down for the year.
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Purdue Extension Remains Hopeful Pulaski Fairgrounds Will Dry Prior to Fair

Purdue Extension LogoThe fairgrounds in Pulaski County are dealing with some standing water.

According to officials with Purdue Extension’s Pulaski County offices, recent rains and flooding have caused the water at the site. Hope remains though that the 4H fair and Pulaski County Community will still be held at the fairgrounds.
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Winter Storms Briefly Delay ISTEP Testing In Local Schools

Winter weather occurring earlier this week affected schools in more ways than canceling classes.

The wintry mix that descended on the area also delayed ISTEP testing for several schools. The ISTEP test has been discussed for some time in the General Assembly with reforms to the test approved by lawmakers.
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Changing Weather Brings Flood Preparation Recommendations

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is providing a few tips as rain comes into the state.

Rain can often add to problems caused by snow accumulation such as making the burden heavier on area roofs. Others include the potential for flooding in the state.
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Freezing Temperatures Prompt Warming Shelter Services

cold temperaturesRecent cold temperatures have brought reminders that IU Health Starke Hospital can be used as a shelter from the cold.

The hospital announced that individuals needing shelter from the cold can use the hospital area as protection. Wind chills well below zero have brought dangerous weather conditions to the Kankakee Valley.
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Culver Schools To Make-up Snow Days

Culver Community School CorporationThe number of snow days taken in Culver Schools has now affected the school calendar.

The Culver School Board, Monday night, approved a measure that attempts to make up a day lost to the weather by having students attend class on Good Friday – which was previously part of the extended spring holiday weekend.
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Winamac Town Board Leaves Park Decisions Up To Managers

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Town Board says it won’t be making the decisions when it comes to opening and closing the Town Park in winter.

During Monday night’s Board meeting, it was suggested the back portion of the park be closed during the colder months. The change could potentially save money, reduce hassle, and protect residents from dangerous or icy conditions.
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Pulaski County Tackles Overnight Accumulation

Temperatures dropped overnight in Pulaski County and brought several inches of snowfall with it.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department got a bit of a preview for potentially hazardous conditions during this weekend’s accumulation. Pulaski County Sheriff Jeff Richwine says if conditions get bad, they will pair emergency responders with Highway Department vehicles.
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Lack of Snow Positive for Roads and County Budgets

The Starke County Highway Department recently celebrated an accident-free milestone.

The Starke County Highway Department

Warmer weather experienced in the Kankakee Valley during fall and winter has been good for keeping potholes repaired on Starke County roadways.

Crews have used zero time or money to clear snow this year. That opens up some room for Starke County Highway Department staff to fill damaged road surfaces.
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Protect Your Pets From Holiday Pitfalls

 Holidays can seem hectic at times,especially for our four-legged friends. The director of pet care issues at the Humane Society of the United States, K.C. Theisen, advises pet owners to take some precautionary steps to ensure a safe holiday for all members of the family, including the furry ones.

Before putting your pets outside consider the weather conditions. Although dogs and cats do have fur coats, they are still in danger of hypothermia or frostbite if left outdoors in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time.

Establish a “safe space” for your pet when guests come to visit. Some pets mingle among groups without an issue but others may be a bit skittish. Having a space where your animals can get away from all the hustle and bustle can reduce anxiety for yourself and your pets.

Keep absolutely all chocolate out of reach because it contains a toxin that is dangerous for cats or dogs to ingest. Plants to place in a pet-free space are poinsettias, mistletoe and holly. These plants can be poisonous and cause stomach problems if consumed.

If your pet is known to act rambunctiously be sure to securely anchor your Christmas tree and place garland, tinsel, breakable decorations and ornaments out of reach. Even the most well-behaved pets can become curious about decorations, so to be safe, hang them in pet free zones.

WKVI Helping You Keep an Eye on the Sky

weatherweatherweatherweatherBe sure to stay alert and monitor weather reporting sources this weekend. Strong storms and heavy rains are possible, especially Saturday evening running into Sunday morning. Continue reading

Hot Weather Expected This Week; Stay Hydrated!

A stretch of hot weather is expected this week, prompting health officials to urge everyone with outdoor activities planned to take frequent breaks during this weather and drink plenty of fluids. Temperatures in the lower to mid 90s are expected today, combined with increasing low-level moisture resulting in peak afternoon heat indices in the mid to upper 90s.

A week cool front is expected to reach the area Wednesday, but weather officials still anticipate afternoon heat index values to reach into the mid 90s.

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