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Summer Safety: Water Tips

swimsafelyThere’s no time like the summertime! It’s finally warm enough to go swimming. As you’re breaking out your bikini or swim trunks, take some time to remember certain safety measures to practice when it comes to water. The Red Cross has a number of helpful tips for disaster prevention.

Never leave a child unattended! Even if lifeguards are present, there should be a designated familiar adult easily accessible to the child. Have young or inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket or some kind of flotation device. Teach children to always ask permission before going near water. Practice the “buddy system” when swimming, even if at a public pool or beach.

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Indiana State Police Warns Drivers of Flood Waters

weather spotter trainingWith unexpectedly high rains soaking the Kankakee Valley, the Indiana State Police has released a reminder for drivers who may be impacted by accumulated standing water.

Heavy rainfall increases the possibility for flooding. Floods occur as streams and rivers overflow their banks, which can occur from deep snow run off or during heavy rainfall. Flash floods can occur rapidly and unexpectedly, after just a few minutes of heavy rain fall or hours of significant precipitation. Hoosiers who live in flood prone areas should always be conscious of the threat of flash floods when receiving significant rainfall.

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