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Call WKVI to Leave Messages for Santa

 Attention kids, WKVI has your hotline to Santa Claus this holiday season. We’ve set up a special voicemail box at the radio station to send messages directly to the North Pole. Have your parents help you call 574-772-6241 ext. 135 between now and Tuesday, Dec. 23 and tell Santa what you want for Christmas. In addition to passing the messages along to Santa, WKVI’s Tom Berg will play select messages back on his morning show.


Inaugural WKVIdol Competition Entertains Starke County Fair Crowd

 Last night’s inaugural WKVIdol competition at the Starke County Fair featured 11 quality performances from youngsters in three age groups. ReAnnen Cooper, 8, from Hamlet captured top honors in the ages 7 to 10 category. Victoria Horne, 13, of Hanna, won in the 11 to 14 age group. Hanna Clark, 16, of Koontz Lake took home the trophy in the 15 to 18 class. Knox Band Director Craige Phipps WKVI’s Nathan Welter and Mary Perren were the judges, and morning show host Tom Berg served as master of ceremonies. Region DJ’s provided the sound, and the trophies and participant medals came from Sports Unlimited in Knox.

Locally Made Horror Movie Premiers Today

6-21-14 Night of the Dolls picA horror movie that centers around a spooky sanitarium and an all girl punk band, The Lolita Dolls, premiers today at the Isis Theater in Winamac.

The interesting thing about this horror flick, Night of the Dolls, is most of it was filmed in Winamac with local people. WKVI’s Tom Berg even makes a cameo. The movie will be shown at 11:30 a.m. and then again at 10:15 p.m. ET today. Tickets are available at the door. The morning movie is $4 and the evening is $5.

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WKVI Raises $200 for Hoosier Burn Camp

WKVI morning show host Tom Berg and sports director Nathan Welter answered their cold water challenge Thursday afternoon in the radio station parking lot. They were called out by news director Mary Perren to either donate $10 to the Hoosier Burn Camp and get wet or stay dry and write a $100 check. The guys decided to play along, so members of the Bass Lake Fire Department brought their dump tank to our parking lot and filled it with water. Several listeners also stopped by with extra ice and donations to really help the guys chill out. Another Step Forward Walking Challenge Coordinator Ryan Greer had also been called out previously, as had fire chief Les Jensen. They took the plunge as well. So did Knox High School Band Director Craige Phipps, who opted not to prolong his torture when Nathan called him out. WKVI raised $200 in donations for the Hoosier Burn Camp, thanks to the generosity of the listeners who donated and the staff for being such good sports.

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WKVI Morning Guys Accept Cold Water Challenge

 WKVI morning show host Tom Berg and sports director Nathan Welter will be chilling out, or perhaps freezing to death, for charity this afternoon at the WKVI studios in Knox. News director Mary Perren paid it forward by calling both of them out as part of the cold water challenge. Continue reading

Local Businessman Doubles Donation to Prevent Berg from Playing Piano

WKVI-FM morning man Tom Berg is following tradition this year with the help of local businessman Kent Kruzick. Kruzick donates a sum of money each year to prevent Berg from playing “The Christmas Song” on piano, and this year is no different, except Kruzick has doubled his donation.

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Tom Talks Turkey With Turkey Talk-Line

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, stressing out a few aspiring holiday chefs who are gearing up to prepare, cook and serve their first ever turkey. Meanwhile, veteran holiday cooks may also be feeling the heat as they plan to prepare their bird as the centerpiece for their family dinner. To save the day, the Butterball Turkey Talk-line representatives are on hand to answer any questions regarding how to properly cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

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WKVI Food Drive at Sanders, Five Star Begins at 9 a.m.

It’s finally here. The fourth WKVI Food Drive at Five Star – and this year, Sanders Foods as well – runs this morning from 9 a.m. until noon, live on K99.3 FM. The staff is hoping to outdo last year’s donation of 375 pounds of food for the local food pantry, and to aid in that, the food drivee features a new addition to the event as WKVI General Manager Jerry Curtis will be broadcasting live and accepting donations at Sander’s Foods in Winamac while Tom Berg and Lenny Dessauer broadcast and collect at Five Star in Knox.

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Bass Lake Festival Pageant Begins at 4 p.m. Today

Bass Lake Property Owners Association building

Bass Lake Property Owners Association building

The Bass Lake Festival Pageant will kick off today, with the Little Miss/Mister contest starting at 4 p.m. followed by the Miss Bass Lake contest at 6 p.m. The pageants will take place at the Bass Lake Property Owner’s Association building, and Dana White, pageant coordinator, said she’s excited to start her third year coordinating the pageant, which has been a staple of the Bass Lake community since 1926.

This year, however, will be a little smaller than years past. White said five teenagers will vie for the title of Miss Bass Lake, while three girls and two boys will compete for the Little Miss and Little Mister titles. Last year, White said seven teenagers competed, with 11 girls and six boys as well.

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Local Businessman Once Again Pays For Berg to Not Play Christmas Song

Kent Kruzick presented Tom Berg with a $100 check for Community Services under the condition that he not play "The Christmas Song."

‘Tis the season for traditions, and WKVI morning man Tom Berg seems to be starting one of his own. After a local businessman last year donated $100 to a local charity to prevent Berg from playing “The Christmas Song,” on piano, Berg decided this year that he would once again give it a shot.

Less than 30 minutes after Berg announced on the air his intent to play the song once again and struck a short excerpt of the song on his electronic piano, Kent Kruzick ran to WKVI, check in hand, to beg Berg once again to refrain from attempting to play the song.

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Tom Berg’s Marathon Finally Comes to a Close – 187 Hours Later

Mayor Rick Chambers presented Tom with a proclamation declaring Tuesday, July 17 as Tom Berg Day.

In recognition of WKVI Morning Host Tom Berg’s unbelievable effort in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous radio broadcast by a single host, the City of Knox has come together to show their support for the man who has worked the single longest shift in radio history.

Mayor Rick Chambers issued a proclamation yesterday declaring today – Tuesday, July 17 – Tom Berg Day.

“It was just our thoughts from the city, to thank Tom for all his efforts he’s put forth, and all the attention he’s brought to our community,” said Chambers.

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The Final Countdown!

WKVI's Tom Berg with the Backstage Studio of Dance flash mob

Tom Berg is entering into the final hours before he sets a Guiness World Record! Tom was surprised by a flash mob yesterday. Several students from the Backstage Studio of Dance performed an impromptu routine as part of Tom’s show to help keep the spirit alive during this world record attempt. Continue reading

Tom Berg Continues His Record Attempt As More Support Pours In

An employee of Alliance EMS fitted Tom with an oxygen mask for a breath of fresh air.

With just 91 hours left to go as of 5 a.m. this morning, Tom Berg is still holding strong in his attempt to break the world record for the longest continuous radio broadcast by a single host.

Yesterday was a busy day for Tom, as he had visitors in and out of the studio providing him with donations, gifts, tips, tricks, and all kinds of other support.

More people have come forth and pledged to donate $1 per hour Tom stays on the air to charities, and numerous businesses from Knox have provided him and his witnesses with food and other supplies. Alliance EMS visited Tom yesterday with an oxygen mask to get him some fresh air, and even WNDU visited the studio to run a piece on his efforts. You can view the article at:

Finally, Mikey’s Pizza Pit Stop in Knox surprised Tom with his favorite pizza – chicken bacon ranch.

Tom Berg’s World Record Attempt Begins Monday

Tom Berg

WKVI’s Tom Berg will soon make his attempt at breaking the world record for the longest continuous radio broadcast by a single host.

His attempt will begin Monday, July 9 at 5 a.m. and will end at midnight on July 16.

The record had been set by an Italian DJ at 182 hours and just a few weeks ago, a Belgian DJ broke that record by staying on the air continuously for 184 hours. That record could be broken again if Tom is successful in his attempt to break the record at 187 hours.

Volunteers are coming in to help witness the event and everything will be documented for the Guinness World Record officials. After the officials review the submitted material, it will then be announced if the record has been broken.

Listen all week next week for Tom Berg’s Guinness Book of World Record attempt on K99.3 WKVI!

Clock Will Soon Begin Ticking For Tom Berg

Tom Berg

We’re less than a month away from one of the biggest and most exciting promotions ever attempted at WKVI. Tom Berg, who was part of a group that brought you the Giant Pumpkin Drop, will be attempting to go into the Guinness World Records book for longest continuous radio broadcast by a single host.

The record is 183 hours, but Berg says he’s shooting for 187. The clock will start ticking at 5 a.m. on July 9, and if all goes well, will end July 16 at midnight.

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Harlem Wizards Come to Knox!

The Roadrunner and Tom Berg

The Harlem Wizards came to Knox last night appearing in a fundraiser for the Knox High School Band. Money raised was to be used for a band trip to Florida.

While the Wizards play almost every night, some of the “ringers” rounded up by Coach Craige Phipps left a little to be desired. Tom Berg tried to keep up with the Wizards star guard who was simply known as “The Roadrunner.”

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Drug Free Double Dare Event Scheduled for Sunday

The Drug Free Double Dare Challenge will be held this Sunday, April 15th at the Knox Middle School. This is the 12th year for the popular event which brings middle and high school student teams together to answer prevention questions about the harms of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

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