Lilly Endowment Offers Starke County Community Foundation Matching Opportunity

The Starke County Youth Club is one of several organizations funded by the Starke County Community Foundation.

The Starke County Youth Club is one of several organizations funded by the Starke County Community Foundation.

Donors to the Starke County Community Foundation can double their support to the community funds. Lilly Endowment, Inc. has agreed to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000 for the next 18 months. Starke County Community Foundation Development Director Sarah Origer said no gift is too small.

“Our community funds are the funds that allow us to make our community grants every fall. These are the grants that go to support organizations like the Starke County Youth club and our library systems and the SCILL Center.” Continue reading

Protect Your Pets

 With Fourth of July weekend coming up, it’s important to keep safety in mind. If you’re a pet owner who will be shooting fireworks yourself for the holiday, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to assure your pet is safe. Continue reading

Starke County Community Foundation Gives Generously to Local Organizations

A number of charitable organizations are on the receiving end of more than $40,000 in grants from the Starke County Community Foundation. The gifts are made possible through the foundation’s endowment fund, which is supported by gifts to the SCCF. The money is invested. Each year some of the interest goes back into the fund to help it grow, while some is given locally in the form of scholarships and grants. Continue reading

Dog-a-Palooza Proceeds to Benefit Starke County Humane Society

Dog A PaloozaHave you been looking for a fun summer activity to do with your dog? Look no further, the Starke County Humane Society Dog-a-Palooza at Fair Oaks Farms is sure to get your dog’s tail wagging! There will be an array of activities to participate in on Saturday, June 14, including a 2K dog walk, obstacle courses and a dog show. Starke County Humane Society Director Shanna Lloyd is thrilled that half of the proceeds from the dog walk will go to the local animal shelter. Continue reading

Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe This Summer

06-09-14 Humane Society Summer Safety picAs the temperatures continue to rise, it’s important to keep pet safety in mind. If you’re hot, they’re hot. The Starke County Humane Society offers a few tips to protect your pets. For starters, temperatures within a vehicle can reach dangerously high levels so never leave your pet inside a parked car. Even with windows slightly open, on an 85 degree day within 10 minutes temperatures inside a car can exceed 100 degrees. Continue reading

Starke County Humane Society Board Names New Director

Starke County Humane SocietyThe Starke County Humane Society has a new director.

Shanna Lloyd took over that role on May 6 after longtime director Suzanne Crider resigned the previous day. Lloyd has been an employee of the shelter since 2009 and a volunteer since 1998. The board also reorganized last week and elected new officers. R.J. Howard is now the president. Tom O’Day is the vice-president, and Amanda Pollard is the secretary.

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Don’t Give Pets as Easter Gifts

It is not recommended to give live animals as gifts, according to Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society.

The Easter holiday is this weekend and some people may think that giving a live chick or bunny as a gift for Easter is a great idea, but Crider has another suggestion.

“We run into this at Christmas time,” noted Crider. “People want to give a Christmas gift so they’re going to get Dad a puppy. What we suggest is if that’s truly what Dad wants, start buying him the supplies. Contact your shelter and see if they give gift certificates. If you know somebody that already has animals, give a gift certificate from their vet or pay something on the vet bill to help with the cost of that. There’s a lot of things that you can do beforehand to help get a person ready to have a new pet in the family. By all means, let them be the one that picks out their companion for the coming years.”

If you’d like to see what animals are available for adoption at the Starke County Humane Society, click here.


Subzero Temperatures Forecast; Stay Warm, Stay Safe

With frigid subzero temperatures in the forecast, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency wants families and individuals to stay safe when faced with hazardously cold temperatures.

During cold weather, you should stay indoors as much as possible and limit your exposure to the cold;
dress in layers and keep dry; check on family, friends, and neighbors who are at risk and may need additional assistance; and know the symptoms of cold-related health issues such as frostbite and hypothermia and seek medical attention if health conditions are severe.

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Keep Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time for families and it’s a rather exciting time for pets too as their living space is filled with holiday decorations. It can also be a dangerous time for pets.

Starke County Humane Society Director Suzanne Crider says the best thing is to keep decorations away from your pets.

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Keep Pets Warm This Winter

The temperature is dropping, prompting residents to stay indoors and crank up the heat to stay warm, but what can outdoor pets do to stay warm? Suzanne Crider with the Starke County Humane Society has a few tips to keep your roaming pets safe and warm this winter.

For those who have a doghouse or other structure for their animals, Crider said it’s important not to make it too big. She said it’s best to have it big enough that the animal can get in and comfortably lay down and stretch out, but any bigger and it becomes harder for the animal’s body heat to keep it warm.

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Starke County Humane Society Receives Lowe’s Volunteer Grant

The Starke County Humane Society will be undergoing renovations for a week beginning today, thanks to a grant from Lowe’s Heroes volunteer program. Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society said the volunteers in the program will be replacing windows and faucets, and scrubbing, degreasing and repainting the big kennels and floors, and as a result, Crider encourages patrons to call ahead before dropping off any animals.

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Keep Pets Safe During Trick-or-Treat Times

Halloween is tomorrow and one issue we might overlook is pet safety.

Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society says the first order of safety is to keep pets out of candy.

“We have that issue right now with our office cat, Niko,” said Crider. “If we leave the candy out on the front desk, he’s in it right away! Candy is not good for your pets.”

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Starke County Humane Society to Hold Rabies Clinic Oct. 12

The Starke County Humane Society has two special pet-related events this month, offering a chance to not only make sure your pet is healthy but to get them prettied up and photographed as well.

The Humane Society is offering a rabies clinic on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to ensure your pet is vaccinated against the deadly-yet-preventable viral disease. No appointment is necessary; walk-ins are encouraged, and only cash or checks will be accepted. The rabies vaccinations cost $15 and are available in one- or three-year doses, with booster shots for $20 and heartworm tests available for $20 as well.

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Hoosier Lottery’s “Lucky Dog” Scratch-off Campaign Benefits Animal Shelters

The Hoosier Lottery is taking up a noble cause with their new モLucky Dogヤ scratch-off tickets. Hoosier Lottery officials have announced they will be visiting local shelters and retailers around the state, hosting wheel-spin promotions and encouraging the adoption of animals.

At local shelters, donation boxes will be placed allowing visitors to donate unscratched or scratched winning Lucky Dog tickets, or any other Hoosier Lottery scratch-off ticket, as a way to help the shelter raise funds. In addition, anyone who adopts a pet from a participating shelter will receive a scratch-off ticket while supplies last.

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Keep Pets Safe and Indoors During Fireworks Season

Many people are already making use of the fireworks for sale in light of Independence Day and while the loud booms and bright lights in the sky may be entertaining for you, more often than not they are terrifying for pets. Shanna Lloyd, board member at the Starke County Humane Society, said it is a good idea to keep animals indoors around the Fourth of July to ensure they are safe and don’t try to run away from the noise.

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Starke County Humane Society Fundraiser Planned Saturday

A fundraiser is in the works to benefit the Starke County Humane Society, and anyone who’s a fan of Elvis is certainly going to want to attend this event. On Saturday night at Grand Central Station, attendees of the “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog Night Out for the Animals” will be treated to a performance by Irv Cass, a two-time world champion Elvis tribute artist. On top of that, Bub’s BBQ will be catering the event with their authentic, delicious barbecue.

RJ Howard, owner of Bub’s BBQ, said he has an emotional connection to the Starke County Humane Society and catering the event was the least he could do.

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Choose a Different Easter Present Than Live Pet

You may think that it’s a great idea to give the gift of a chick, duckling or bunny to someone for Easter, but Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society suggests a different approach.

“We always encourage people, even at Christmas, if you’re talking about giving the gift of a pet, to talk to the people. Maybe give them the money, a gift certificate or a gift certificate to their vet to help pay for some of their vet bills. You’re better off to do that type of thing than you are to give live pets,” stated Crider.

Crider always cautions giving pets as presents as the owners may not be ready for a pet. Talk with the family and possibly take them to the Humane Society to choose their own family pet.

Starke County Farmer Gives Two Donations from Monsanto to Humane Society, Church

Edward Mau (center) donated $2500 from Monsanto to the Starke County Humane Society.

Edward Mau (center) donated $2500 from Monsanto to the Starke County Humane Society.

A Starke County farmer was presented with the opportunity to make two $2500 donations to non-profit organizations of his choice. The Monsanto Fund selected Edward Mau as the Starke County winner for their third annual America’s Farmers Grow Communities program. This year, however, rather than make just one donation, Monsanto elected to give each county designated as a disaster relief area two donations, and Mau selected the Starke County Humane Society and St. Paul Lutheran Church Outreach to each receive $2500.

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