North Judson Police Get Reports of Scam Phone Calls

Officers from the North Judson Police Department warn residents that scams are making the rounds.

Several complaints have been made about a caller posing as a Social Security or an IRS worker looking for information and requesting account numbers. Police have also received information that people are posing as other county officers are calling residents asking for bail money for a loved one. Other calls have been reported involving a police detective looking for information about a warrant. If the resident puts up bail money immediately, then the arrest warrant would not be carried out.

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Don’t Get Scrooged this Holiday Season -Check into Charities Before Handing Over a Check

BBBEspecially around the holidays, Hoosiers are encouraged to think of the less fortunate and give what they can to charitable organizations. The Better Business Bureau serving central Indiana proposes that people look at the big picture when choosing a charity.

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Starke County Sheriff Warns about Scam

Several local residents have been getting phone calls that their grandson or granddaughter is in jail and they need bail money but Starke County Sheriff Oscar Cowen said this is a scam.

The caller will tell the victim that the person is in jail and explains ways to send money to get them out of jail. Cowen warns that this is a way to scam you out of money and to not give out any personal information.

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Don’t Trust Caller ID

There are scammers using technology to impersonate phone numbers of local businesses that show up on Caller ID. These are robo calls and the scammers use familiar looking numbers in hopes you will answer the call and take your money.

They purchase a list of phone numbers and use spoofing technology to trick callers into picking up the phone. They sometimes use your phone number because it is not blocked.

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Seven Companies Face Lawsuits for Scamming Homeowners Out of More than $14,000

scamUnfortunately those struggling financially can be the most vulnerable to scams. The federal government as well as Indiana general attorney,Greg Zoeller, took action against schemers who have taken more than $14,000 from unsuspecting homeowners. On Thursday, Zoeller filed lawsuits against seven companies running fraudulent mortgage rescue or relief schemes.

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