Starke Council to Consider Ambulance, Courthouse Security Recommendations

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Council will conduct a couple of budget hearings and consider several requests for funds when they meet this evening. The Starke County, North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation and Solid Waste budgets are all on the agenda for the 5:30 p.m. session. So is discussion of a possible payroll increase of between 1 and 2 percent in the Starke County budget. Continue reading

Council to Consider N.J.-S.P. Appropriation Request

BluejayThe next procedural step in the North Judson-San Pierre High School’s bond refinancing will take place during tonight’s Starke County Council meeting. The board is taking advantage of $1.43 million in available bond capacity to pay in arrears $600,000 worth of utility bills from the past couple of years that were paid out of the general fund. The rest of the money will be used to upgrade the lighting system in the middle and high schools and rework the HVAC control systems in both buildings. Those measures are expected to save money in the long run. Continue reading

Students In Class Today to Make Up for Weather Misses

CalendarStudents at a couple of area corporations are in class today to make up for days missed due to weather. This was an optional day for both Culver Community and North Judson-San Pierre Schools based on the calendars adopted for the 2015-16 school year. Both ended up using today as a make-up due to inclement weather.

North Judson-San Pierre Officials Discuss Next Steps

BluejayOfficials with the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation are trying to regroup after voters overwhelmingly rejected a tax increase to shore up the general fund. Superintendent Lynn Johnson told WKVI News her immediate priority is to find a way to close out the 2015 budget in the black. The school’s fiscal year ends on Dec. 31. Johnson estimates at least $1 million in cuts will need to be made between now and then. Continue reading

N.J.-S.P Officials Clarify Referendum Intent


North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation officials say taxpayers within the corporation will see less of an increase in years two through seven if a general fund referendum is approved.

Language on the ballot has raised questions among voters. It states: “For the 7 calendar year or years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation impose a property tax rate that does not exceed forty-seven and a half cents ($0.475) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property tax levies imposed by the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation for the purpose of funding the general operation of the school corporation.” Continue reading

N.J.-S.P. Superintendent Elaborates on Resignation

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson
North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson says her abrupt decision to retire at the end of December, a year before her current contract is up, was a mutual one between herself and the school board. The corporation made the announcement on Monday, and the board will formally accept her resignation and separation agreement at their November meeting. Continue reading

Starke County Election Board Finalizes Election Plans


Supporters of the North Judson-San Pierre School funding referendum have gathered the necessary signatures to ask the county to allow poll watchers at the precincts within the district. They will double check names of likely voters against voter registration lists to ensure supporters of the effort turn out to vote. The election board will review the signatures on the petitions to make sure they are all registered voters who live within the county before approving the request during a meeting next week. Continue reading

Informational Website Launched for N.J.-S.P. School Referendum

BluejayVoters who live within the North Judson-San Pierre School District can learn more about the corporation’s proposed general fund referendum by visiting a new website. explains the rationale behind the push for a property tax increase. Corporation officials say it’s necessary due to what they’ve described as a perfect storm of declining enrollment and changes in the way the state funds schools. Without it, they say significant, painful cuts will need to be made to programs and personnel. Continue reading