N.J.-S.P. Prepares to Close 2015 Books

NJ-SP School Board 2015-2016The agenda for tonight’s North Judson-San Pierre School Board meeting includes passage of the necessary resolution to move money around to close the books on the fiscal year budget. Superintendent Lynn Johnson previously said at least $1 million in cuts would be necessary to end the year in the black. The source of those cuts is unclear at this time. Continue reading

N.J.-S.P. Principal Responds to Volleyball Allegations

BluejayThe WKVI News and Sports Departments and General Manager met this week with officials from North Judson-San Pierre High School to discuss allegations raised by two parents during the Tuesday, Oct. 21 ‘s school board meeting and reported by WKVI News. We received this response from them this morning and agreed to publish it in its entirety on our website. We have also removed the original story from our site in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation.
Statement From NJ-SP High School Principal (Annette Zupin):

As the principal of North Judson-San Pierre High School, I do not make a habit out of publicly commenting about school business.  The allegations of misconduct that were recently made at a school board meeting (and subsequently reported by WKVI) are serious.  I choose to comment publicly on this situation now because it is serious, and because it is important for anyone that has read the initial report to know the truth.   Continue reading

Starke County Farm Bureau Awards Funds to N.J.-S.P. FFA

FFA Check Presentation GroupNorth Judson-San Pierre Future Farmers of America members will be headed to Louisville, Ky. next month for the organization’s national convention. Their trip is made possible in part by the Starke County Farm Bureau. Representative Tiffany Naigi presented a $700 check to program during Tuesday’s school board meeting. FFA officers also told the school board about last year’s convention. It featured a career and trade show, motivational speakers and leadership development workshops. Continue reading

Budget Adoption, Teacher Contracts on N.J.-S.P. Agenda

NJ-SP School Board 2015-2016The North Judson-San Pierre School Board is poised to adopt an $8 million budget when they meet this evening. That’s down nearly $2.5 million over the past couple of years, according to corporation officials. They say declining enrollment and changes to state funding are to blame. The corporation is asking voters who live within the N.J.-S.P. school district to support a general fund referendum in November to make up the shortfall. Without it they say additional, painful cuts to programs and services will be necessary. Continue reading

N.J.-S.P. Board Discusses Salaries

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingAdministrative and non-instructional North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation employees will not be getting pay raises this year after action last week by the school board. That move is in response to budgetary constraints. Superintendent Lynn Johnson says there will be no increase to any salaries. Every year the board is required to take action on a resolution about Teacher’s Credit Union. The board was in agreement about continuing to use the company for payroll deductions. Continue reading

NJ-SP SB Brainstorms Ideas for Political Action Committee to Assist with Referendum

pacFollowing their meeting Monday evening, the NJSP School Board held a work session to discuss the formation of a Political Action Committee. They considered various community members who could potentially be contacted to assist the school with the referendum process. The P.A.C would be responsible for making sure community members are registered to vote and spreading the word about the corporation and why the referendum is needed. Continue reading

N.J.-S.P. School Board Moves Forward With School Funding Referendum

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingThough the school board typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month, the North Judson-San Pierre Board of Trustees held a special school board meeting yesterday evening in which they considered and deliberated the need for a referendum tax levy to carry out their public education duty.

This means that in November the public will be asked to either confirm or deny the implementation of a property tax rate that will not exceed forty-seven and half cents on each one hundred dollars for the purpose of funding the general operations of the North Judson-San Pierre school corporation. This maximum rate will be reviewed annually during the seven calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum. It will never exceed higher than this approved rate but could potentially be lowered based on revenue and expenditures. Continue reading

N.J.-S.P. School Board Reaffirms Support for Title 1 Program

NJSP Middle School
North Judson-San Pierre Middle School

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board this week reaffirmed support for the federal Title 1 program. It provides resources to schools with high percentages of students from low-income families to offer extra academic help. Superintendent Lynn Johnson says the corporation will be able to add more grant-funded assistance for students. Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre School Board Bracing for More Funding Cuts


The state legislature hopes to give more funding for schools, but according to North Judson-San Pierre Schools Superintendent Lynn Johnson her corporation will still see a cut in funding.

She says the schools that are growing, or increasing in enrollment, will see an increase in funding. She explained to the North Judson-San Pierre School Board last night that the corporation’s enrollment is declining which means a cut in funding.

The House and Senate are still attempting to finalize a budget. The House has its school funding plan while the Senate plan differs in numbers. Either way, Johnson said, the school corporation will not see an increase in its budget.

Continue reading