NIPSCO Reminds Customers that Energy Assistance Continues Past Winter

nipsco-logoJust because there is a transition to spring taking place doesn’t mean NIPSCO has stopped providing utility assistance to some of its customers.

Between December 1st and March 15th, natural gas utilities in Indiana don’t disconnect services to low income home energy assistance customers just because they may be delinquent on their home heating bills.

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NIPSCO Reports Widespread Outages

nipsco-logoNIPSCO crews are still working to restore power throughout northern Indiana. Heavy snow and high winds brought by yesterday’s blizzard knocked out power to 39,000 customers.

Storm conditions are expected to continue today, with the potential for additional heavy wind gusts through Friday. NIPSCO expects a multi-day cleanup effort.  Once the storm subsides, NIPSCO will be able to make a better assessment on estimated restorations times – which could improve or worsen depending on the weather conditions.  Crews will continue to work around-the-clock to restore service. Continue reading

Storms Leave REMC, NIPSCO Customers in the Dark


A transmission outage at two Kankakee Valley REMC substations in Starke County has thousands of customers in the dark. Spokeswoman Amanda Steeb says a combination of ice and wind this morning has caused numerous broken poles and downed power lines. She reminds everyone to stay clear of downed lines and to treat them as though they are energized. No restoration time is available. More than 3,100 members are without power. Continue reading

NIPSCO Officials Update Commissioners on Transmission Line Project

ReynoldsTopekaESIPLogoSite clearing work is under way for construction of NIPSCO’s 100-mile, $270 million above-ground electrical transmission line. It will connect the power company’s three major transmission substations in Reynolds, Burr Oak and Topeka as required by the grid operator for the Midwest region. NIPSCO officials say the new transmission line will enhance system reliability, offer environmental benefits by increasing access to wind and solar energy and allow for greater access to supplies of electricity including improved access to lower cost electricity for customers. Continue reading