Knox Board of Public Works Open Street Paving Bids

The Knox Board of Public Works members opened bids for street paving this week. The lowest bid came from E&B Paving with $91,992.27 as their bid. The highest bid was from Central Paving for $120,000. The board members agreed to accept the lowest conforming bid pending approval from Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg and City Attorney David Matsey.

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Metronet Bids Approved by Marshall County Commissioners and Plymouth Redevelopment Commission

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a bid for the county’s portion of the Metronet project and the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved a bid for the city’s portion of the project.

The commissioners approved a bid from CSU, Inc. for Alternate A at a cost of$598,221.99. The county’s portion of the project includes general work for the infrastructure and conduit.

The city selected the base bid and alternates A, B, C, and D with Michiana Contracting.

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