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Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation Requests

The Marshall County Council members approved additional appropriation requests from Marshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger in the amount of $26,500 to cover costs.

Cleavenger explained that this has been a rather active year for his department. He has had to oversee more autopsies than anticipated and more incidents in which to respond. Approximately $21,000 was needed for the autopsy line item, $4,000 for toxicology, $1,000 for radiology and $500 for morgue supplies.

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Conduit Installation for Metronet Project in Marshall County on Schedule

The Metronet project in Marshall County is on schedule.

Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill told WKVI News that Bart Trester of USI reported to the commissioners on Tuesday morning that the county’s portion of the project is 85 to 90 percent complete. The hang-up right now surrounds the construction along Kern Road and Ireland in South Bend with the new U.S. 31 project. The company continues to work with INDOT in moving along that portion of the Metronet project.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet today.

Plan Director Ralph Booker will present the commissioners with a Brownfield Assessment grant agreement. The Brownfield Assessment grant gives the county a chance to identify abandoned buildings, vacant fields and problematic areas to rehabilitate them and clean up the sites. The grant money would repair blighted areas by preparing them for potential business sites. The money would also be used to test areas for possible contaminates. Continue reading

Metronet Nearing Completion, One Connection Approved

 The Metronet project is expected to finish ahead of schedule.

The Marshall County Commissioners noted that the installation of conduit has been going smoothly for the most part and the installation should be complete in mid-September. The Metronet officials will then install the dark fiber and companies should be able to connect to high-speed internet soon after the construction.

Roland Houin with Fourway Computer Products at 12700 4A Road told the commissioners that he’s ready to tap into the service to run to his facility as soon as possible. He plans to lay down conduit and to be prepared once the fibers are lit. He said he wants to experiment running the conduit and fibers to a communication tower and to homes in that area which is by the Tri-Way Theatre and the state highway garage.

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Metronet Discussion Planned for Wednesday

 A Metronet 101 roundtable discussion is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 5:30 p.m. ET at the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth.

The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation is sponsoring the event which will explain the advantages of dark fiber, what service providers can offer and how to get connected.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet today at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery will update the commissioners on the emergency plan. During the last commissioners meeting, Avery explained that the emergency plan was changed after events during the winter season. Department heads said working with the EMA Director by way of virtual means would work better, but Avery believes that may not be the best solution – especially if electricity and internet services are not available.

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Major Projects Moving Along in Marshall County

The Marshall County Commissioners received an update on two major construction projects in the county from USI’s Bart Trester. Trester is the project manager of the 7th Road and the Metronet projects.

Trester explained that unsuitable soils are being removed from portions of the 7th Road project. The soils were found in different locations in the project and weren’t detected in soil borings conducted prior to the project. The removal of the soils was quite costly. The commissioners approved a change order of over $500,000 at a previous meeting to meet that requirement. Crews are borrowing suitable soils between Lilac Road and Seltenright Ditch.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet in regular session this morning with several items on the agenda.

Bart Trester from USI will give the commissioners an update on two county projects. The 7th Road project recently had a hiccup when unstable, organic soil was found. It had to be dug up and removed from the area.

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USI Project Supervisor Gives 7th Road, Metronet Project Updates

The project supervisor of the 7th Road project in Marshall County gave an update of that project and the Metronet project to the commissioners Monday morning.

Bart Trester from USI told the commissioners that a box culvert was installed, crews cleared the right of way by Michigan Road and an abandoned house has been demolished.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet in regular session today where Bart Trester from USI will have an update on the 7th Road project and the Metronet project.

The Metronet project started a few weeks ago where conduit is being installed from Ireland Road in South Bend to Marshall County. That conduit will house broadband cables for high speed internet for businesses to increase productivity. The project is expected to be complete this year.

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Metronet Project Underway in Marshall County, All Paperwork Signed

 All of the paperwork for the Metronet project has been signed. That was the information relayed to the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the City of South Bend approved the easement agreement that was prepared for the placement of conduit on the Michigan Road right-of-way. The intergovernmental agreement with the Marshall County Council was approved last week and the Memorandum of Understanding with St. Joseph County was signed at the end of April. Clevenger said all is good to continue with the construction plus the services once that construction is complete.

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Marshall County Council Approves Intergovernmental Agreement for Metronet Project

The Marshall County Council discussed the intergovernmental agreement with Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for the Metronet project.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger presented the agreement to the council and reviewed the scope of the project with the council members.

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Marshall County Metronet Project to Begin Next Week

 The Marshall County Commissioners received an update on the Metronet project during their meeting Monday morning from USI representative Bart Trester.

“The city portion – they’re not going to start until June,” said Trester. The county portion – they’re doing layout work this week and construction will begin next week.”

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Marshall County Commissioners Sign Metronet Paperwork

 The Marshall County Commissioners signed several documents Monday morning to get the Metronet project closer to the beginning phase.

The interlocal agreement with Marshall County and the City of Plymouth was signed by the commissioners which will go on to the county council to be signed. County Attorney Jim Clevenger explained that a local board will need to be formed to oversee operations. A commissioner, city council member, county council member, and a representative from the private sector will need to be appointed to this board.

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Bids for Metronet Project Opened Monday

  Bids were opened for the Metronet project in Marshall County.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission opened five bids for the work, plus alternates for work to be done involving piping down Pine Road east and west and on State Road 17, plus lateral installation to buildings and to the county buildings.

The Marshall County Commissioners opened seven bid packets for general work for the infrastructure and conduit.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Open Metronet Bids in Morning Meeting

The Marshall County Commissioners will have several items to discuss this morning in their first regular meeting in April.

The commissioners will open bids for the Metronet project and get an annual update from the Marshall-Starke Development Center Director, Mike Lintner.

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Marshall County Commissioners Receive Update on Metronet Project, Council Approves Funding

The Marshall County Commissioners was informed by County Attorney Jim Clevenger that he’s drafting several intergovernmental agreements for the Metronet project. Several engineering, bidding and contract agreements will be drawn up between the county and USI Consultants.

Clevenger stated that rights of way need to be acquired for the project and much of that needs to be taken care of in South Bend.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Recommendation for Metronet Funding

The Marshall County Commissioners will send a recommendation to the county council for funding to support the Metronet project.

St. Joseph Valley Metronet will be laying down a fiber-optic network infrastructure from St. Joseph County to Plymouth with the cost being split between the county and the City of Plymouth. St. Joseph County, South Bend, the City of Plymouth and Marshall County are paying for the conduit for the project while other entities are paying for the telecommunications cable.

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Public Information Meeting Scheduled Regarding Metronet

A public information meeting will be held on Aug. 20 in Plymouth regarding plans to extend a dark fiber broadband network into Marshall County and the city of Plymouth. The meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. ET in the second floor meeting room of the Marshall County Building, was organized by the Marshall County Board of Commissioners and the city of Plymouth, led by President Kevin Overmyer and Mayor Mark Senter.

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Fiber-Optic Metronet Sets Sights on Plymouth, Marshall County

A fiber-optic infrastructure will soon be making its way to Plymouth, thanks to a tentative commitment by the Marshall County commissioners with St. Joseph Valley Metronet.

Metronet is a company currently providing fiber connectivity to South Bend and Mishawaka, and if everything goes according to plan, they will soon be providing high-speed bandwidth to companies in Marshall County at competitive prices. The company will lay a fiber-optic network infrastructure in the area at an estimated total cost of $2.2 million, and that hefty price tag covers the creation of the infrastructure but the actual fiber will be paid for and owned by Metronet.

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