Knox Business Owners Frustrated With Neighbors


A couple who recently opened a business in downtown Knox is extremely frustrated with their neighbors. Frank and Tammy Guzman own Guzman’s Jewelry at 5 North Main Street, which is next door to O’s Tap. Tammy Guzman has spoken to the Knox City Council on several occasions about problems with bar patrons urinating on their front and back doors, breaking beer bottles on the sidewalk and in the alley and using drugs behind the businesses. They’ve put a locked chain link fence up behind the back door to their store but say needles, used condoms and shards of broken glass are still winding up on their property. Continue reading

New App Could Assist Schools in an Emergency


The Knox City Police Department is working with Hamlet Police Chief Frank Lonigro in introducing a new app to school corporations for emergency purposes.

Chief Clint Norem told the Knox Board of Public Works members Wednesday morning that Chief Lonigro learned about this app in training and both of them are finding out more information on how to provide the app to the schools that will allow teachers to hit a panic button on their smart phone if there happens to be an emergency.

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