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Knox Officials Still Researching Dumpster Regulations

City_of_Knox_LogoThe Knox City Council is still gathering information about dumpster regulations before drafting an ordinance to govern their placement within the city limits. City attorney David Matsey gave the council copies of policies from other communities to review. He says the goal is to keep dumpsters from being placed indefinitely in front of homes or other structures. Continue reading

Mayor Chambers Voices Concerns over SWAT Mutual Aid Agreement

City_of_Knox_LogoKnox Mayor Rick Chambers told the Knox City Council members last week about some concerns he has with a proposed SWAT mutual aid agreement between Knox City Police Department officer Chad Dulin and Pulaski County.

Chambers noted that SWAT is a worthwhile program and would be great training for the rest of the city officers. It would also benefit to the community when there is a need. However, Mayor Chambers does have concerns with personnel availability and shift coverage if Dulin is called to active assignment.  He’s working on those issues before an agreement is brought before the council for final approval.

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Knox City Council Discusses Agreement for Use of the Community Center

Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center

Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center

Knox City Attorney David Matsey is working on a Memorandum of Understanding between the city and Deb McIntire and between the city and the area churches that will be a part of serving free meals out of the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in Knox once a week beginning next year.

There will no rental fee associated with this endeavor.

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City of Knox to Draw New Comprehensive Plan

Officials met last week to look into composing a new five-year comprehensive plan for the city of Knox.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said a company will be hired to design a plan.

“We have hired a company from Indianapolis called Green Three and this company will be hired from a grant that we have obtained from the State of Indiana from OCRA (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) to update Knox’s five-year plan and give us a direction of where we want to go,” stated Chambers.

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Contractors Needed for Home Repairs for City Grant Project

The City of Knox is looking for contractors to bid on repairs on homes through the Area 5 program.

Five roofing jobs were awarded to companies in LaPorte and Logansport and now local contractors are urged to bid on homes that need electrical repairs, plumbing repairs and general contracting repairs. The city has secured grant money and are waiting for companies to bid on the projects.

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Knox Board of Public Works Discusses Drug Testing Policy

The Knox Board of Public Works approved a change in the drug testing policy for employees.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers explained that the policy is outdated. The current policy requires all employees to be drug tested when the state only requires employees with a CDL to be tested. The requirement for all employees to be tested takes time away from their daily duties and the mayor suggested that it’s “overkill”.

Mayor Chambers suggested to the board that an ordinance be drawn up by City Attorney David Matsey that requires prospective employees be drug tested and those with a CDL to be randomly drug tested throughout the year.

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Knox Park Board to Consider Safety Suggestions

City of Knox logoThe Knox Park Board will consider suggestions offered recently to curb vandalism at Wythogan Park when they meet this evening. Mayor Rick Chambers recently hosted a community discussion to gather thoughts on the issue. Afterward he said several good suggestions were offered, including a stronger police presence and writing more curfew tickets to juveniles who are in the park after hours. Continue reading

Mayor Chambers Clears an Issue with Outdoor Storage Ordinance Confusion

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers informed the city council members last week that a fundraising concept has been nixed at a few businesses in the city because there is some confusion with the outdoor storage ordinance.

Mayor Chambers explained that a non-profit organization attempted to have a port-a-pit chicken sale at a business but the organization members were told it couldn’t be held at the location because it conflicted with the outdoor storage ordinance.

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Harvest Festival to be Revived in 2015

The Harvest Festival in Knox has an organizer for 2015.

Paula Voss approached the Knox City Council last week and offered to take on the popular festival. She noted that it will be held the same weekend as in the past and she’s already in contact with vendors to revive the three-day event in downtown Knox.

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Ideas Offered to Combat Wythogan Park Vandalism

City of Knox logoKnox City officials have several options to consider when it comes to curbing vandalism at Wythogan Park. Mayor Rick Chambers hosted a community discussion last night to gather thoughts on the issue. He says several good suggestions were offered.

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Public Input Sought on Problems at Knox Park

City and county officials want the public’s input on how to make Wythogan Park safer. Mayor Rick Chambers and others are hosting a community meeting this evening at 6:30 at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in downtown Knox to discuss incidents of vandalism at the park. The Knox City Police Department has stepped up patrols through the park, but Mayor Chambers is seeking other suggestions as well. Continue reading

Knox City Council to Meet Tonight

The Knox City Council members will meet tonight at 7 p.m. CT at Knox City Hall.

The council will move forward with the 2015 budget calendar and discuss the 2015 budget tonight in a public session. Mayor Rick Chambers and Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston will have a report and members of the public are welcome to share comments during this meeting.

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Community Meeting Set to Curb Park Vandalism

The number of vandalism reports in Wythogan Park has slowed, but it continues.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers is attempting to gather information to help curb the ongoing damage reported in Knox’s most popular park.

A meeting is set for Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in Knox where opinions will be noted about ways to improve security. Any other suggestions will be welcome during this information session.

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Meeting Scheduled to Gather Ideas on Curbing Vandalism

The mayor of Knox is attempting to gather as many groups as possible to talk about the solutions to curb the ongoing vandalism issue in Wythogan Park.

Mayor Rick Chambers has organized a meeting for Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 6:30 p.m. CT at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center to gather opinions from several groups to look at the problem from all angles.

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Knox Mayor Gives Update to City Council

Knox City Council

Knox City Council

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers informed the city council this week that a new crossing guard is needed for the new school year. It’s a part time position and the candidate will be required to assist children in the morning and in the afternoon at the intersection at Main Street and Culver Road all school year. Any interested candidates can call the mayor’s office at 772-4553.

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Knox Mayor Gets Questions about Golf Cart Ordinance

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers told the city council members in a recent meeting that he has been approached about driving gators, an off-road vehicle, in the city limits.

He said the city’s ordinance is pretty clear, although more research will be done to see if it needs updated.

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Donations Coming in for Fireworks Celebration in Starke County

The fireworks celebration hosted by the city of Knox is scheduled for July 5 at the Starke County Airport.

A recent fundraiser at Downtown Depot raised $1,562 and business donations have totaled $1,976 so far. Another fundraiser is scheduled for this Friday, June 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. CT at the Knox Moose Family Center. The Starke County Commissioners personally donated money toward the event as well as the town of Hamlet and the town of North Judson.

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Knox City Council Members Discuss Tall Grass Ordinance

Knox City Council

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council members were presented with changes to the ordinance pertaining to the removal of weeds and other rank vegetation.

One change would amend the administrator of the notices to the Knox Board of Public Works instead of the clerk-treasurer’s office. Another change amends the way the notices are delivered. The notices don’t have to be sent by certified mail anymore which would cut down on expenses. The letter may be sent by first class mail to the owner or an officer with the police department can deliver it.

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Knox Water Line Project to Close Road in Front of Post Office

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers updated the city council members last night about a water line project in front of the U.S. Post Office that is expected to that road for today only.

Street department crews, water department crews and sewer department crews will tackle the project on Washington Street between Shield Street and Portland Street. Mayor Chambers said Water Superintendent Todd Gardner believes this will help decrease the freezing pipe issues in that area.

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