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Extensive Damage Done at Knox Community Center

Knox Community Center

The Knox City Police are investigating damage done to the Knox Community Center after a Saturday event at the facility. During Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting, Clerk-Treasurer, Jeff Houston, told the Council that 112 chairs were damaged, the dance floor was ruined and 25 of the 32 tables were damaged. The carpets were stained and the walls had marks on them.

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Police Reports

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

From the Knox City Police Department:


12/11/10  David Griffith reported his 200 pound steel anvil stolen from his front porch.

12/11/10  Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston requested an officer at the Knox Community Center to make a police report about damage done to the Community Center after a Saturday event.  Approximately 25 tables were damaged, and 112 chairs were damaged.  The chairs were bent with the covers torn.  Several areas of carpeting were observed to have stains or a strong odor of alcoholic beverages.  The door leading to the storage area had a large dent and a black scuff mark.

12/10/10  An employee at the Marathon gas station reported a drive-off of $19.48.

12/09/10  Estella Perez, 29, 4895 E. 150 N., Knox, IN, cited for Operator Never Licensed.

12/11/10 Danny B. Traylor, 50, 9800 E. Toto Road, Knox, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle with a BAC of .15% or greater, Operating a Vehicle with Controlled Substances in the Body, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Legend Drug.

12/09/10  Michael Greenfield, 51, 312 S. Main St. Apt. A, Knox, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Theft (x2) and Trespassing.  He allegedly stole an item from Walgreens and an item from Advanced Auto Parts.  He was also reportedly harassing customers for a ride home from Walgreens.  He was told before to not be at that store.

12/08/10 Matthew Blount, 23, 12501 N. State Road 49, Wheatfield, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Illegal Drug Lab-Possession of Precursors.

Erica Bailey, 21, 2420 E. 400, Knox, IN arrested on preliminary charges of Dumping Controlled Substance Waste and Illegal Drug Lab-Possession of Precursors.

12/08/10 Terri Hamilton, 301 E. Danker St. #101, Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Methamphetamine.

Sheriff Oscar Cowen

Sheriff Oscar Cowen

From the Starke County Sheriff’s Department:


12/09/10 Penny Wagers told police that when a renter, Steven Meeks, left the residence she and her husband was renting to him, he allegedly took items that belonged to them.  He also reportedly did damage inside the residence.


12/11/10 Joseph McKeehan, 23, 3700 E Debbie Dr., Knox, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Trespassing and Possession of Marijuana under 30 grams.

12/05/10 Allen Krock, 37, 107 Garden St., North Judson, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

Hamlet Police Chief Jeremiah Patrick

Hamlet Police Chief Jeremiah Patrick

From the Hamlet Police Department:

12/06/10 The Hamlet Police responded to a Domestic at the Main St apartments. No arrest was made.

12/08/10 Don Wringer of Hamlet reported a fraud.

12/13/10 Vicki Boyle of Hamlet reported a water main brake.

12/13/10 The Hamlet Police responded to 3 Vehicle accidents that were all weather related.

Two Arrested in Knox on Methamphetamine Charges

Matthew Blount

Knox City Police Department officers arrested Matthew Blount, 23, of Wheatfield and Erica Bailey, 21, of Knox on methamphetamine related charges Wednesday night.

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Knox City Police Department Statistics for November

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

Knox City Police Chief, Clint Norem, has released the Department’s statistics for the month of November.

The Department had 443 calls, 11 accident reports and 44 incident reports. There were 5 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated Reports, 18 people arrested on 21 traffic charges, 36 people arrested on 58 criminal charges, 8 juveniles arrested on various charges and 4 people cited for 4 ordinance violations. 5 battery arrests and 4 warrant arrests were made and 17 drug charges were filed.

Two Knox Residents Arrested on Methamphetamine Charges

Carl Daughtery

Carl Daughtery

Knox City Police officers arrested two Knox residents on methamphetamine related charges.

On Friday, November 26th, Knox City Police were notified of possible methamphetamine activity at 424 W. Maple Drive in Knox. Police arrived at that location and asked the homeowner, Robert James, if they could search the residence. Police then asked a resident in the home, Carl Daughtery, if they could search the residence. Both consented to a search. Knox City Police Officers reportedly found items in Daughtery’s room that are commonly used with the manufacture of methamphetamine and remnants of the finished product. Receipts for the items were also found in Daughtery’s room.

Stephanie Daughtery

Stephanie Daughtery

Carl Daughtery was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of an Illegal drug Lab and Possession of Methamphetamine. Daughtery’s wife, Stephanie Daughtery, was also arrested and has preliminary charges of Possession of Illegal Drug Lab, Possession of Methamphetamine and Resisting Law Enforcement. Stephanie had gone to another location after police arrived at the home.

Knox City K9 Officer Introduces new K9 to City Council

Chad Keen and Marco #2

Officer Chad Keen speaks to the Knox City Council

Greg Matt and Marco

Marco greets Knox City Councilman, Greg Matt

K9 Officer Chad Keen and K9 Marco appeared at the recent Knox City Council meeting. Officer Keen recently finished training with K9 Marco at the Von Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. Marco detects all types of narcotics and can trackpeople as well. Marco is a two-year-old Belgian Tervuren and met the Knox City Council for the first time at the Council’s meeting on November 23rd. This is the third K9 to be part of the Knox City Police Department.

The final walk-through was done at the Wastewater Treatment Facility to close out the City’s grant for that rehabilitation project. A curb needs to be replaced and then the project will be complete.

The Council also got a tonnage report on the refuse and recycling service from the garbage contractors. In July, 137 tons was the highest amount of refuse collected in 2010. The lowest amount of refuse collected was in January at 83.6 tons. 27.2 tons of recyclable material was collected in July, the most collected in 2010.

Starke County Traffic Safety Partnership honored at Recent OPO Awards Banquet

Over the Limit, Under Arrest

The Starke County Traffic Safety Partnership was among several law enforcement agencies who were recently honored during the 16th Annual Operation Pull Over Awards Banquet in Carmel, Indiana.

The Starke County Traffic Safety Partnership received an award for Outstanding OPO Partnership. The organization also received a $2,500 Equipment Award to be used for the purchase of law enforcement equipment of their choice. The TSP members include the Knox City Police Department, North Judson Police Department, and the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.