Starke County Economic Development Foundation Holds Annual Awards Celebration

Mat Swanson and Jack Lynch

A who’s who of industry in Starke County and throughout Northern Indiana attended the 26th Annual Starke County Economic Development Foundation awards celebration last night.

Board President Bill Sonnemaker said that no matter how gloomy it is elsewhere, it’s not that way in Starke County.

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Mat Swanson and Jack Lynch to be Honored by Starke County Economic Development Foundation

Mat Swanson

Jack Lynch

Mat Swanson and Jack Lynch, two long time members of the Board of Directors of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, will be honored next Thursday night by the Foundation at its “Prospectus and Achievements Night.”

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Starke County Development Foundation Holds 25th Anniversary Celebration

Back Row: Charles Weaver, Bill Sonnemaker and Terry Kimmel. Front Row: Chris Madsen, Matt Swanson, Marvin Peters, Steve Spaw, and Jack Lynch. Picture by Jayme Goetz

Dignitaries from throughout the county and Northwest Indiana attended the 25th Anniversary celebration for the Starke County Development Foundation Friday afternoon at the Knox Community Center.

Emcee, Ted Hayes, brought a number of people to the microphone during the program. They included State Representative Nancy Dembowski, State Senator Ed Charbonneau, Northwest Indiana Forum President, Mark Maassel; Starke County Development Foundation President, Bill Sonnemaker; Foundation Director, Charles Weaver; and former Foundation Director, Terry Kimmel.

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Starke County Development Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary Today

Charles Weaver

Charles Weaver

Today, a gala will be held at the Knox Community Center to celebrate the formation of the Starke County Development Foundation. The program will begin at 12:30 p.m. CT and is open to the public.

Supporting the Development Foundation over the course of 25 years have been our U.S. Representatives who have represented Starke County. They include Republicans John Hiler, Chris Chocola, and Steve Buyer and Democrats Tim Roemer and Joe Donnelly.

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