Knox School Board Reviews ISTEP Progress, Pilot Program

Knox-School-Board-2014Knox School Superintendent A.J. Gappa reviewed a few positive results from the recent ISTEP testing and reported that the schools have been, and continue to be, in a pilot program that help to determine test questions next year. The final testing period is April 18-May 6.He reiterated that a new testing formula is to be developed by the State for the 2017-18 year.
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No ISTEP, Now What?


Officials with the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation are not sad to see the ISTEP test go by the wayside. State lawmakers voted to scrap the controversial exam at the end of 2017. Superintendent Dan Foster says that decision raises some questions, like why to even give the test next year.

Foster told the school board Monday night it’s unclear at this time what will replace ISTEP. Continue reading

Testing Prompts West Central to Consider Scheduling Change


The West Central School Board is considering a change to the middle and high school schedule in order to better accommodate standardized and college preparatory testing. They’re currently on a block four schedule. That means students take four classes each day and meet for longer periods. As a result, some students are still in the midst of instruction on subjects covered on ISTEP and other end of course assessments in math, biology and language arts when the tests roll around. Continue reading

O-D Officials Analyzing ISTEP Data


School corporations are waiting for guidance from the state before trying to assign too much meaning to the 2014 ISTEP scores released last week. They showed a decline of roughly 20 percent statewide over the prior year. Oregon-Davis Interim Superintendent Jim Dermody calls it a “fluid situation.” He intends to dig deeper into the local data and present a full report to the school board in February. Continue reading

School Officials Weigh in on ISTEP Tests


The superintendents of both Pulaski County school corporations have sent a letter to community members expressing their concerns over the latest ISTEP test scores. West Central Superintendent Don Street says several factors contributed to the drop in scores indicated by the embargoed test results.

“We had a change in the standards, we had a change in the test format. It’s becoming more challenging, but we — our children, our students — just need time to adjust to what is expected of them and the type of test that they are to take.” Continue reading

ISTEP Testing Delayed at Knox Schools


The icy conditions yesterday, causing cancellation of a school day, also delayed the start of ISTEP testing in the Knox Middle School. Testing there was scheduled to start Tuesday.

At Monday’s meeting of the Knox School Board, Superintendent A.J. Gappa reviewed the constant changes in the ISTEP provisions by the State. In a visual presentation, he compared last year’s testing plan with the current year.

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Area Students to Take Shortened ISTEP Exam Next Week

 This year’s shortened ISTEP exam will be taken at all of the local schools next week. The test window begins today.

Governor Mike Pence signed into law SEA 62, the bill that allows the Indiana Department of Education to shorten this year’s ISTEP test. The test would have been more than 12 hours for third grade students.

The test will begin on Monday at most schools and Tuesday at others. Students will be tested in the next two weeks. The window closes March 11.

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