ISP Officials Warn of Computer Scam

scamA scam involving internet users is making the rounds, according to the Indiana State Police. They’ve gotten several reports of people receiving random tech support pop-up ads while surfing the web. The messages ask the user to call a telephone number to fix a problem with the machine and strongly suggest it be done immediately. Continue reading

Secretary of State’s Office Reports Potential Voter Registration Fraud


Indiana voters whose registration may have been compromised can still cast ballots in the upcoming General Election. Secretary of State Connie Lawson discovered “thousands of dates of birth and first names” were changed after running a report in the Statewide Voter Registration System. She did so after her office received calls from an unspecified number of voters who learned the date of birth or first name on their voter registration is incorrect. Continue reading

Reinstated Law Requires Drivers to Move Vehicles after Property Damage Crashes


Indiana drivers will soon be required to move their vehicles out of the roadway after a property damage crash. Starting July 1, if a vehicle involved in an accident comes to a stop in the travel lanes of a public roadway, the driver will be required to move it as soon as possible to a location close to the accident but out of the way of traffic. Continue reading