Zika Virus Prompts Spring Break Travel Warning

zika virusSpring Break is the time of the year when people often head to warm, tropical places for vacation. But this year, pregnant women and their partners might want to rethink that, in light of health warnings about the Zika virus. It continues to spread in places like Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Dr. Jen Brown with the Indiana State Department of Health says although a state resident was diagnosed with Zika last month, she doesn’t expect a widespread outbreak here. Continue reading

Additional HIV Cases Prompt Warning from State

healthyAdditional HIV cases in southern Indiana have prompted a warning from the Indiana Department of Health about risky behavior. The four new cases bring the total number of people who have tested positive for HIV to 188. State officials say the outbreak has been linked to shared needles among injection drug users. All of the newly diagnosed cases are contacts of cases previously identified in the outbreak, according to health department officials. Continue reading

Stop Sickness in Its Tracks

nurse using a stethoscope with patientSickness does not discriminate, on average adults get one to three colds every year and according to the Centers for Disease Control, colds are the most common illness experienced by children. Although colds can happen anytime of the year, winter is the prime time for a case of the coughs or sniffles to strike. Experts say there are a few things to consider before automatically turning to medications for symptom relief. Continue reading

Enterovirus Cases Confirmed in Indiana


Four Lake County children have been diagnosed with enterovirus D68. The cases were confirmed by state health officials on Friday.

The Indiana State Department of Health is working with local health departments and hospitals to detect others with the illness.

State health officials have already reported a higher than expected level of respiratory illnesess statewide for this time of year.

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