Declare Your Independence From Uncertainty and Accidents While Traveling this Holiday Weekend


The Indiana Department of Transportation has added travel times to seven dynamic roadside signs around the state just in time for the holiday weekend. The time estimates are based on information gathered from road sensors that measure a variety of factors, including average vehicle speed and traffic volumes. INDOT has developed algorithms to ensure the travel time information displayed is as accurate as possible. Continue reading

Record Number of Hoosiers Taking Independence Day Getaways

trafficThe Independence Day holiday travel period is defined as Wednesday, July 1 to Sunday, July 5.This year the American Automotive Association estimates that more than one million Indiana residents will travel 50 miles or more away from their homes for Fourth of July celebrations. Continue reading

Make Independence Day Celebrations Safe and Fun for Everyone

petpicAccording to the American Humane Society July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters because animals frightened from Fourth of July celebrations flee from their homes in fright and are found miles away, exhausted and disoriented. If your pet is typically upset by loud noises such as vacuums, doors slamming or thunder be sure to take the proper precautions during your Independence Day displays to ensure that your pets stay put and remain as calm as possible. Continue reading

Breaking out the Stars and Stripes? Be Sure You’re Doing it Right.

f1agBelieve it or not, there is a proper and an improper way to fly the flag. The U.S Flag Code became public law in 1942 and specifies the exact rules for use and display of the American Flag. As Independence Day approaches we’ll find ourselves in a sea of red, white and blue, if you’ll be among the patriots flying the flag this holiday be sure you know what to do. Continue reading

Independence Day Weekend Closures

4thThe Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this weekend but several local government offices and establishments will observe Friday as a part of the national holiday. This means many places around the area will be closed to the public over the weekend. Continue reading

PTSD Triggers Present During Independence Day Celebrations

 Fireworks detonated during holiday celebrations can have an effect on individuals afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, according to one Clinically Licensed Social Worker.

Richard Voorhees is affiliated with Pulaski Memorial Hospital. He says former and active military members who have been in combat situations are particularly susceptible to the noise on Independence Day.
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Fundraising for the Annual Starke County Fireworks Show is Off to a Good Start

Fundraising efforts for the annual Starke County Independence Day celebration are underway. The event will have all the usuals; food, fun and of course, fire-works. As pretty as they are to watch, they’re not so pretty to pay for. Three fundraisers have been established by the city of Knox to help cover costs. Continue reading

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

!!2014Fourth of July weekend is always full of fun with friends, family and fireworks. There are certain precautions to take to assure a safe time for everyone. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security offers a few tips to take into consideration whenever using fireworks.
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Keep Pets Safe and Indoors During Fireworks Season

Many people are already making use of the fireworks for sale in light of Independence Day and while the loud booms and bright lights in the sky may be entertaining for you, more often than not they are terrifying for pets. Shanna Lloyd, board member at the Starke County Humane Society, said it is a good idea to keep animals indoors around the Fourth of July to ensure they are safe and don’t try to run away from the noise.

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BMV Branches to Close for 4th of July Holiday

All BMV license branches will be closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of the Independence holiday.

The branches will resume normal business hours on Friday, July 5 except for 16 branches state-wide including Rensselaer, Walkerton and Winamac which will reopen on Tuesday, July 9.

Online transactions can be conducted at

Fireworks Celebrations Planned for Independence Day

Independence Day is approaching and a number of communities in the area are planning to commemorate the holiday with fireworks and other celebrations. State law also lengthens the amount of time allowed for citizens to discharge fireworks; as opposed to only allowing fireworks until 11 p.m., fireworks may be discharged until midnight on July 4. In Knox, Plymouth and Winamac, fireworks can be discharged between 10 a.m. and midnight, while many other communities adhere to state law.

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