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Speed Limit Changes Approved for Two Roads in Marshall County

The Marshall County Commissioners approved two speed limit ordinance amendments on second and final readings Monday morning.

Lincoln Highway West in Plymouth from the city limits to Pioneer Drive will be reduced to 45 mph. Safety was the driving force behind the change. The same idea was behind the reduction of the speed limit on 3B Road between Birch and Beech Roads.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County commissioners will meet today with a host of items to discuss.

Bart Trester of USI will provide the commissioners with an update on the 7th Road project and the Metronet project. The Metronet project is ahead of schedule while the 7th Road project continues. An update on the Jefferson Street bridge will also be provided by a USI representative.

Ward Byers from Court Services will be before the board for approval of an employment contract and Stacy Richer will have a request to vacate a street on county-owned property.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet today.

Plan Director Ralph Booker will present the commissioners with a Brownfield Assessment grant agreement. The Brownfield Assessment grant gives the county a chance to identify abandoned buildings, vacant fields and problematic areas to rehabilitate them and clean up the sites. The grant money would repair blighted areas by preparing them for potential business sites. The money would also be used to test areas for possible contaminates. Continue reading

Marshall County Council Approves Transfers, Appropriations for Highway Department

The Marshall County Council approved a transfer of funds to take care of the salaries for the two new positions developed at the highway department.

The positions of highway superintendent and general foreman were eliminated and the duties of those two departments were split between two new positions in the highway administration manager and the supervisor of county highways.

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