Election Board Places N.J.-S.P. Tax Referendum on November Ballot

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingThe Starke County Election Board considered placing the North Judson-San Pierre tax referendum on the ballot, this week.

N.J.-S.P.’s School Board adopted the resolution to take the property tax levy increase to the public. Under the plan, an increase of 47-cents per $100 of assessed valuation would be seen in year one. The rate would drop to 27-cents per $100 of assessed valuation in subsequent years.

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Questions Remain Over North Judson Ordinance Recertification

The Starke County Clerk’s office will continue attempts to receive confirmation regarding an issue that may have affected past elections.

During Monday’s Starke County Election Board meeting, recertified ordinances from the Town of North Judson were considered. The Town felt it necessary to bring annexation and ward map issues back from 2001 and 2012 after the ordinances were improperly certified. The error could make the annexation and ward map changes invalid.
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Starke Election Board to Review Polling Place Change in Hamlet

Hamlet Fire StationThe Town of Hamlet wants to move their polling site to a newly constructed facility.

During Monday morning’s Starke County Election Board meeting, the request was reviewed. The Election Board says that although Hamlet has already voted on the move, the change must also be approved at the County level.
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Starke Clerk’s Office says New Candidates File for Office

The Starke County Clerk says a new candidate has entered the race for North Judson Town Clerk-Treasurer.

Candidates are still lacking to hold a town convention in North Judson, but Alicia Collins has filed the necessary paperwork to run as a Democrat in November. She will be challenging incumbent Republican Donna Henry for the seat.
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Hamlet Ward One Crowded As Convention Deadline Draws Near

Hamlet will be holding a Town Convention according to the latest candidate information from the Starke County Clerk’s office.

Multiple Democratic candidates are seeking to represent Hamlet’s Ward 1 on the Town Council. Brian Earnest, the Incumbent Frank Lonigro, and Connie Bailey are all vying for the seat.

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Clerk’s Office Says Chances “Very Low” Unrecognized Resident Cast Ballot in North Judson Town Election

Officials with the Starke County Clerk’s office says they have methods in place to ensure residents cast election ballots in the proper place.

The comments follow the realization that the Town of North Judson did not properly file an annexation ordinance from 2001, and an ordinance outlining election Wards from 2012, with the Starke County Clerk’s office. Because the ordinances were not properly filed, the Starke County Clerk’s office is unable to recognize them until they’re recertified.

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Ballots Possibly Cast In Wrong Precinct; Starke County Clerk to Seek State Advice

Elections in North Judson may have been affected after the Town failed to file a pair of ordinances with the Starke County Clerk’s office.

It was learned on Monday that an ordinance from 2001 outlining the annexation of land near North Judson, as well as an ordinance from 2012 redrawing election Wards, were filed with the Starke County Recorder’s office, but not the Clerk’s office. That means the changes are not recognized by the County until the ordinances are recertified.
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Filing Error Prompts Recertification of North Judson Town Ordinances

Certain residents living in North Judson could be prevented from voting in this November’s election.

During Monday’s Starke County Election Board meeting, ordinances dealing with the annexation of property developments from 2001, as well as an ordinance dealing with the establishment of Town Wards from 2012 were reviewed.
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Starke County Democrats Lacking Judge Candidate Replacements

Democratic Party DonkeyNow that their candidate has decided to step out of the race, the Starke County Democrats likely won’t find a replacement.

Angelo Masuka stopped his campaign for City Court Judge in Knox after a state law was passed disallowing him from holding office without first becoming a registered attorney with the state.
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City Court Judge Candidate Leaves Race Following State Law Passage

The Democratic candidate for City Court Judge in Knox has decided to bow out of the race.

HEA 1110 – which was signed into law in May of this year – was particularly influential in the race for City Court Judge in Knox. The law prevents non-attorneys, who are not currently serving, from becoming a City Court Judge. Neither Republican Charles Hasnerl, nor Democrat Angelo Masuka has been described as an attorney.
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State Law May Affect Elections, Limit City Judge Candidates

Charles Hasnerl

Charles Hasnerl

A new state law may dictate the outcome of a contested race in Starke County’s general election this November.

House Enrolled Act 1110 is being applied to candidates seeking a position as Judge of a Town Court. Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the legislation into law in May of this year.
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Starke County Tops Voter Turnout in May Primary

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office says Starke County had the highest voter turnout in the state during the May municipal primary election.

Connie Lawson released her office’s Voter Turnout Report earlier this week, indicating 12-percent of the 2.6-million eligible voters cast a ballot in the Hoosier State.

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Starke Republicans Meeting to Assess Candidates for Office

Republican Party Elephant

Republican Party Elephant

Following May’s Primary Municipal Election, the Starke County Republicans now have a few decisions to make.

The contested races during May’s primary in Knox were limited to Democrats seeking seats on the City Council. Members of the Starke County Republicans, however, still have several weeks to find nominees.
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Pulaski County Election Board Discusses Use of E-Poll Books

The Pulaski County Election Board is working to make a few decisions about e-poll books.

During their meeting this morning at the Pulaski County Courthouse, board members discussed using the technology in future elections. The board was given approval by the Pulaski County Commissioners and Council to utilize the technology.

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Starke County Clerk Assesses Election

It was her first election, but there may be a few things she’d like to change.

Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley was elected in November of 2014, and was able to test her knowledge during this month’s Primary Municipal Election. The primary saw few contested races, but additional candidates are expected prior to the General Election.
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Election Board To Review Performance Following Primary

The Starke County Election Board will be convening for the first time since last week’s Knox Primary Municipal Election.

Tuesday was the first election Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley. Few of the races were contested during the primary. Incumbent Mayor Rick Chambers was defeated handily by former Mayor Dennis Estok. Several other City Council seats were contested, largely on the Democratic side.
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Incumbent Mayor Chambers Defeated in Primary

It took more forty minutes after polls closed for the ballots to arrive at the Starke County Courthouse on Tuesday evening.

The Knox Primary Municipal Election was taking place and saw a few races contested, largely among Democratic candidates. Eligible voters had ample opportunity to cast an early or absentee ballot leading up to the Primary Municipal Election, but the city’s four precincts all voted at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center on Tuesday.
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Some BMV Branches to Changes Hours for Primary Elections

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be changing their hours slightly, next week.

According to BMV Commissioner Kent Abernathy, branches located in counties with elections in May will extend their hours on Monday and Tuesday. The extended hours will allow the BMV to issue driver’s licenses and state ID cards that can be used for identification at polling sites.

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