SCEDF Claims Businesses Notice Civility in Communities


A local economic development official says community disruptions can harm job creation.

Charlie Weaver, Executive Director of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, says companies often target a community’s workforce quality, infrastructure, and access to major markets prior to locating. He also says a second set of criteria must be met that includes how a community works through its problems.
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Pulaski Economic Development Considers Revolving Loan Changes

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentPart of the decision-making process for revolving loans in Pulaski County’s economic development could soon be handled by a separate entity.

The changes are still considered preliminary, but discussions are taking place at the Pulaski County Community Development Commission to move risk-analysis and loan recommendations to Valparaiso-based “Regional Development Company.”
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CAGIT Fund Proposal May Lack Statewide Support

Pulaski County Economic DevelopmentEfforts that could potentially benefit Pulaski County’s economic development may have a difficult time gaining support in Indianapolis.

Representatives of the Pulaski County Economic Development Organization say there is language in the Indiana Code restricting use of County Adjusted Gross Income Tax, or CAGIT funds. Those restrictions specify that monies generated through the tax are to be used only for the maintenance and operations of the Pulaski County Justice Center.
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