North Judson Making Progress Toward Town Maintenance Building

The town of North Judson is making progress toward its proposed town maintenance building. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained the town board held the public hearing for the structure on Nov. 12 to give the public an opportunity to hear details about the project and ask questions, but no members of the public were present; only a guest from First Farmers Bank and Trust, with whom the town is likely to sign a lease agreement for the building, was present.

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North Judson Town Board Updated on Salt Shed, Town Garage

The town of North Judson is making some progress in constructing the new salt shed, according to Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry. She said the concrete floor has been poured for the shed, and materials for the building will be delivered on Nov. 27 with construction expected to begin on Dec. 3.

Henry said a public hearing will also be held next Tuesday, Nov. 12, to provide details on the upcoming lease agreement for the soon-to-be-constructed town garage. The hearing has been advertised in the paper, and afterward, Henry said the board will be able to sign the lease agreement.

Hopefully, Henry said, construction of the town garage will begin this year.

North Judson Town Board Awards Cemetery Mowing Bid

The North Judson Town Board last week reviewed two bids received for the mowing of the cemetery before accepting a bid for $900 per mowing. Council President Wendy Hoppe explained that Altman Lawn Care presented the bid, and included proof of liability insurance, while Lawrence Lawn and Landscape offered a bid of $850 per mowing – a lower price, but the bid packet did not include proof of insurance.

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North Judson Town Council Praised for Norwayne Field Lights

Starke County Commissioner Jennifer Davis attended the most recent meeting of the North Judson Town Council to express, on behalf of the commissioners, their thanks to the North Judson Park Board, Council, and anyone else that had anything to do with the Christmas light display at Norwayne Field. Davis said the lights were spectacular and a fine representation of the community and Starke County.

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North Judson Town Board Approves Salary and Redistricting Ordinances

The North Judson Town Board this week adopted their new salary ordinance upon its third reading, and the ordinance will soon go to the local newspaper for publication. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained the board also held the third reading of the zoning variance request by Osborne Realty, a business wishing to move their real estate office into a single-family residential building.

The Board of Zoning Appeals during their October meeting approved the business’s request, and the town board is now passing an ordinance to confirm the variance. The building will soon be rezoned to general business.

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Golf Cart Ordinance Rolls Along in North Judson

The proposed golf cart ordinance for the town of North Judson is slowly gaining substance, as councilman Tim Cummins presented the ordinance to the town board this week. The board reviewed the ordinance and made a few grammatical revisions, and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says they plan to have it advertised next week and have it presented for first and second readings at their second meeting in October.

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Cemetery Policies May Change in North Judson

North Judson Town Board

Rules and regulations may soon be changed at cemeteries in North Judson, as the town council is reviewing a proposed ordinance from the Cemetery Regulations Committee.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the committee was appointed a few months ago and charged with the task of reviewing the current cemetery ordinance and its rules and regulations to determine if any changes are needed to the policies. The committee looked at the current ordinance and compared it to templates of cemetery rules and regulations, and have made a number of changes that they feel would best suit the cemetery and the town.

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North Judson Town Board Discusses Audit Report

North Judson Town Board

The North Judson Town Board this week discussed an audit report from the State Board of Accounts for the audit that had been performed for the town in January and February. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the report is available online at, and an official record is available in her office.

Henry says the meeting included some discussion over the audit, which identified financial discrepancies totaling $74,408.67 with the majority of discrepancies in the cemetery lot sales category. Based on the information posted in the cemetery book, and the confirmations that were returned with receipts, the examiners determined that $40,350 was collected for cemetery lots sales but that amount was not receipted to the records. Former Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller was requested to reimburse the town for this amount, but in a letter to the state board of accounts, Miller wrote that she “strenuously objected to any allegations or suggestions” that she had “done any wrong for personal gain.”

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North Judson Town Board Passes Two Resolutions

North Judson Town Board

The North Judson Town Board passed two resolutions at its meeting this week. The first resolution concerned modifications to the grant received by the board from the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission for the State Road 39 project. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says she received an email from a KIRPC representative who informed her that the board needed to pass a resolution concerning modifications to the grant.

The board also passed a resolution concerning the town’s anti-nepotism policy, which Henry says is included in the handbook, but a revision was required. She says although their current policy is more stringent than the state-mandated policy, the state requires that the policy address step-relatives. The handbook was revised to include the required content.

A surveyor gave the board an estimate on the cost to plot, measure, and place markers in the Highland Cemetery’s 13th section, which was never properly surveyed. She says the estimate came in at $2200, but it is a very rough estimate and will likely change. The board voted to go ahead with the plotting.