You Cut, You Haul Firewood Available at State Park


Certain downed, dead trees at Tippecanoe River State Park are available for public cutting and removal through mid-March.

Park staff are dropping hazardous trees and those damaged by the emerald ash borer (EAB) insect and placing them where the public can come in, cut them up and haul them away for use as firewood. The park is charging $10 per pickup load, and all proceeds will be used to enhance the natural areas of Tippecanoe River State Park. Continue reading

Deer Archery Season Opens Today


Deer hunting season is officially underway in Indiana. Today marks the start of archery season, which runs through Jan. 3, 2016. All hunters must have a license and must use legal archery equipment as defined by the DNR. These include long bows, compound bows or recurve bows and arrows. The bow must have a pull of at least 35 pounds. Arrows must be tipped with broadheads that are metal, metal-edged or napped flint; chert or obsidian. Continue reading

DNR Reports More Women Hunters

huntingHunting is growing in popularity among women nationwide and in Indiana, according to officials with the Department of Natural Resources. They say the number of hunting licenses sold to women increased by 93 percent from 2006 to 2014. During that same time period the number of female youth hunters skyrocketed 114 percent. Continue reading

Trail Events Statewide During National Trails Day


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is encouraging hiking, riding, and other activities next weekend.

Saturday June 6th is National Trails Day and the DNR is celebrating by offering clean-ups, hikes, and other events at several state parks. The state is largely using the event to open several trails at a park in Indianapolis, but events are still being offered around Indiana.

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Indiana Hosts Second Free Fishing Day


The state of Indiana will be allowing those without a fishing license the opportunity to cast into public waterways.

Normally, anglers would need a license or a trout/salmon stamp in order to fish in Indiana. The state’s Free Fishing Day, however, will take place on Saturday. Indiana residents do not need a fishing license or a trout/salmon stamp to fish for the day.

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DNR Redesigns, Launches Mobile “App”


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources may be providing easier access to information.

A mobile “app” that the DNR oversees for mobile devices has been redesigned for both Apple and Android operating systems. The remake comes after the previous “app” was launched in 2011. According to the DNR, the previous application was downloaded almost 33-thousand times.

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DNR Seeks Lifeguards At State Park Facilities


Those looking to qualify for a summer job, and who may want to get bronzed in the process, can now retrieve a bit of information through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR says it’s taking applications for summer lifeguard positions. Tests are required for first-year lifeguards at State Park facilities. Applicants who have already been lifeguards at more than 10 locations around the state are exempt from taking the test.

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