Beach Tourism Affected by Area Weather Conditions

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Cooler temperatures and heavy precipitation have affected tourism at Culver Beach.

The Park Department charges a fee to enter the beach area, and using dollars and a few visual observations, Park Superintendent Marc Hayden says traffic at the beach is down for the year.
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Culver Considers Reforming Permit Inspection Fees

Negotiations are still taking place, but the Town of Culver may be changing the way they charge fees for building permits.

Culver currently charges a $50 fee for any permit that requires an inspection. Marshall County, however, appears to be unhappy with the way that fee is structured. The Town pays Marshall County about $2,500 per year in the fees they collect for inspections.
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Culver Seeks More Information Prior to Church Sign Decision

The Culver Town Council is hoping to gather more information from a property owner before granting a sign in the right-of-way next to their property.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church has requested placing a sign at the corner of College and Lakeshore Drive. The site is already home to a sign for St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church.
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Culver Officials Bring Back Roof Replacement Following Incorrect Bid

The Culver Town Council will return to an item that left a couple of questions at their meeting tonight.

The Town found itself unable to move forward with the replacement of the roof at the Town Hall and the Sewer building. The work was originally bid in March, but the company awarded the work did not include the price of labor in their work.
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Culver Environmental Council Seeks Input on Protecting Lake Water

Those interested in maintaining the water quality of Lake Maxinkuckee will have a chance to speak their mind later this month.

The Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council will be hosting their Community Stakeholders meeting on June 26th. The meeting is aimed at updating the group’s Lake and Watershed Management Plan.
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Culver Adopts Amended Water Rate Ordinance

The Culver Town Council has taken another step toward implementing an upgrade to its water treatment facility.

An amendment to an existing water rate ordinance was considered during a special meeting Monday night to help pay for the construction. This is the third increase in water rates Culver has implemented since December.

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Culver Removes Sign to Accommodate Major Business Renovation

The Lakehouse Grille in Culver is undergoing a major addition and renovation.

For several weeks, the restaurant has made investments in banquet rooms and outdoor dining space. During the Culver Town Council meeting on Tuesday night, members considered a proposal to remove a U-Turn sign that is apparently blocking sight of the restaurant.
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Design Include Alternative Flouride, but Decision Not Finalized

Culver is nearing a decision on the fluoridation of its water supply.

The Town Council briefly touched on upgrades to its water treatment facility during a Tuesday meeting. The Town hosted a meeting with investors recently prior to a bond issuance that’s expected to fund a large portion of the upgrades.
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Warmer Weather Brings New Activities to Lake Maxinkuckee

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

The Culver Park Department is gearing up for new activities available on the water this summer.

The Town entered into an agreement earlier this year to provide Kayak and Paddleboard rentals for the season. After going through a bid process, Sail22 has been able to provide the equipment needed to participate.
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Culver Council Furthers Water Treatment Facility Discussions

The Culver Town Council will be further discussing its water plant project during a meeting, tonight.

The Town Council has been working for some time on the upgrades to its water treatment facility, but is still under deadline for funding options. Facility upgrades are going to be largely funded from bonds issued to the state’s revolving fund.

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Culver Introduces Water Rate Ordinance

The Town of Culver is now turning its attention to adopting an amended water rate ordinance.

During a special meeting Tuesday night, the Culver Town Council introduced the language – which will likely be approved in mid-June. Culver is working to upgrade its water treatment facility, the costs of which call for an increase in water rates.
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Culver Council Approves Bond Ordinance for Water Treatment Facility

The Culver Town Council has taken another step toward upgrading its water treatment facility.

During a special meeting on Tuesday night, an ordinance that allows a bond issuance to take place was considered. Culver is in the process of undertaking a $1.6-million upgrade to its water treatment facility. Fees and other expenses put the project in the $2.2-million range.
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Culver Finalizing Goals for Coming Years

The Town of Culver is finalizing its five-year action plan.

The document will be included in the Town’s Comprehensive plan and specifies major projects the Town would like to undertake over the next few years. A joint group, consisting of the Town Council, Plan Commission, and Redevelopment Commission has been meeting on a regular basis to develop the goals.
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Town Prepares for Taste of Culver

Culver is preparing for an annual festival that brings food and music to the downtown.

Organizers of “Taste of Culver” – sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Culver – requested approval of several items by the Town Council on Tuesday night. The event closes Jefferson Street one day each June to allow vendors to set-up tents.
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