Culver Considers Permit Fees for Large Events

The Town of Culver could soon develop a permit for special events requiring a police presence.

An ordinance outlining a possible fee schedule was introduced during a meeting Monday night. That ordinance, if adopted, would assess fees for events over a certain size or time limits. Permits would only be issued for events requiring the use of public property.
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Culver Slows Down Annexation Discussion

The Town of Culver distributed 28 surveys to landowners asking their thoughts on a possible annexation. Only six provided a positive response.

Plans were initially to annex land to the Northwest of Culver. By annexing land, Culver could increase its assessed value and population, but also gain space for future development.
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Culver Marks End of Summer with Weekend Events

culverCulver will be wrapping up its summer season with a concert this evening.

According to the Culver Park Department, cover band “The Sandbar Bums” will be performing in the west end of the Town Park. The group is known for covering bands such as Jason Mraz, Journey, Bob Marley, and Cee Lo Green.
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Author Susan Lewis Scheduled to Re-Visit her Place of Inspiration

b00kBest-selling British novelist Susan Lewis is set to return to Culver. It has been about a year since her initial visit to the area to gather information and inspiration for her novel “No Place to Hide”. She plans to celebrate the release of the book with the community which inspired its backdrop. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Authorizes CRC Bond Issuance for Storm Water Work

The Town of Culver has authorized work to its storm water system, but it’s going to take a bit of financing to complete.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, two resolutions were considered to help move the work along. Financing monies would be used to improve the storm water utility system.
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Culver Gathers Budget Information Prior To Decision Time

The Culver Town Council is preparing next year’s budget, but a bit of extra information is needed prior to making cuts.

Budget work sessions were scheduled in preparation for fiscal year 2016. During the work sessions, department heads meet with members of the Culver Town Council to explain their budget line items.
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Culver Expecting New Medical Office in Main Street Building

culverCulver could soon welcome a new medical office to the community.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Plan Commission meeting, a site plan was submitted for review by St. Joseph Health Systems. The location of the medical office will be on the first floor of the Main Street Building just south of Culver’s Downtown.
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Culver Considers Changes to Permit and Fee Process Following County Recommendations

Culver could soon change the way it charges for building inspections.

A special work session meeting was held to navigate a problem the Marshall County Commissioners have with the inspection process. Currently, a flat fee of $50 is being charged, but is not repaid if multiple inspections are required.
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Culver Town Council Recommends Flouride in Water Supply

Weeks of deliberating has led the Culver Town Council to decide on a major public health issue.

During last night’s meeting, a public hearing was held where Town Council members could hear from members of the public on whether to use fluoride in the Town’s water treatment process. Flouride is often used in the prevention of tooth decay.
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Culver Looks to Revamp Fees, Gain Additional Information on Flouride

An item tabled for several weeks will come back for additional comments during tonight’s Culver Town Council meeting.

Prior to the regularly scheduled meeting at 6:30 EDT, the Town Council will hold a work session to discuss changes to its permitting process. The fees being charged were requested to be changed due to Culver reliance on Marshall County for certain inspections.

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Beach Tourism Affected by Area Weather Conditions

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Cooler temperatures and heavy precipitation have affected tourism at Culver Beach.

The Park Department charges a fee to enter the beach area, and using dollars and a few visual observations, Park Superintendent Marc Hayden says traffic at the beach is down for the year.
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