Culver Schools Dip into Savings to Balance Budgets

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Corporation is preparing itself for reduced funding levels.

Now that the state of Indiana has determined new school funding formulas, the Culver School Corporation stands to lose revenue. Many rural school districts are facing a similar predicament due to reduced student populations.
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Culver Schools To Consider Rainy Day Fund Resolution Changes

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board will be considering changes to one of their policies this evening.

According to the school corporation’s agenda, board members will discuss an amendment to the Rainy Day Fund Resolution. Those funds are typically used to address emergency budget concerns.

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Culver Continues Support After Failed LOHUT Attempt

The Town of Culver may be waiting for another attempt before additional revenue is gained.

A letter was sent by the Town to the Marshall County Council expressing their support for a Local Option Highway User Tax and Wheel Tax. Due to stagnant funding from the state of Indiana, local entities are considering the tax as a way to raise revenue for road maintenance and repairs.
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Culver Scrutinizes Timetable for Water Treatment Facility Upgrades

A couple of meetings have been scheduled in the Town of Culver to help keep a project in line with potential funding options.

A water treatment facility has been designed, but bids for the construction and renovation of the site were delayed from earlier this month until May 21st. Due to the change, the Town of Culver has been worked to ensure its ducks are in a row.
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Culver Town Council Reviews EMS Ordinance

The Town of Culver will soon have an ordinance establishing its very own EMS Department.

During a work session on Tuesday, Council members reviewed language in the ordinance and had an opportunity to ask questions about the language. Difficulty has been experienced attracting and retaining volunteers to serve on the volunteer EMS department in Culver-Union Township.
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Culver Business Professionals Students Compete at Nationals After Fundraising Efforts

CulverHSStudents participating in an extracurricular at Culver High School were able to raise a considerable amount of cash in a short amount of time.

It was announced during Monday night’s Culver School Board meeting that Business Professionals of America students will be able to attend a national competition this month.
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Lacking Revenue, Participation Prompt Culver School Board to Eliminate “Shop” Program

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Corporation is hoping students find other classes to take after a decision on Monday night to eliminate an academic program.

Lacking student participation and enrollment prompted administration with Culver Schools to propose scrapping the Industrial Technology classes at the high school and middle school. The classes are more commonly known as “shop.”
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Culver Schools Approve RIF After Search for Alternatives

CulverHSThe Culver School Board continues to work through budget issues.

During last night’s meeting, members begrudgingly approved a Reduction in Force notice for two positions. Reductions in Force are often proposed as a temporary measure to reduce costs while awaiting additional revenue, but can be permanent.
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Culver School Board to Consider Reduction In Force Notices

CulverHSThe Culver School Corporation will be considering RIF notices in the near future.

During tonight’s school board meeting, members will consider a resolution for the Reduction in Force. Removing positions from the books is often an annual process that allows the school corporation to bridge gaps in funding from the state or property tax levy.

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Annexation Bill Receives Approval, Culver Affected

 Legislation approved at the statehouse on Wednesday will be reforming how land is annexed in the Hoosier State.

The Indiana Farm Bureau – which has been involved for the past three legislative sessions in reform efforts – believes municipalities have absorbed thousands of acres of farmland in recent years.
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Culver Delays Water Flouridation Discussions

The Town of Culver has, for now, delayed further discussing water fluoridation.

Design and development plans for a new Water Treatment Plant are at the stage where the Town can make a decision regarding the use of fluoride in the water system. The chemical is commonly used in the prevention of tooth decay.
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Culver Library Celebrates Preservation, Anniversary Milestone

Culver-Union Township Public LibraryNow that the calendar has turned to May, the Culver-Union Township Public Library is celebrating historic preservation.

The library, located on North Main Street in Culver, was partially constructed as a Carnegie Library. They were built around the country using funds from the businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

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Culver Sends Letter of Support for Wheel Tax

The Town of Culver is following suit to support a wheel tax being considered at the county level.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, members considered writing a letter to the Marshall County Council – who is in the process of considering the tax due to lacking state support for road maintenance and repairs.
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Culver’s Affordable Housing Project Works Through Vicious Circle

The Town of Culver is still loosely working to attract affordable housing to the lake community.

Major employers provided demographic data about their employees to the Town in the hopes of better assembling data to present to developers. Next on the list is conducting a market analysis to show developers whether a strong demand exists for affordable housing in Culver.
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Culver In Talks With Firms for Affordable Housing

The Town of Culver continues to work toward the development of affordable housing.

The effort is being led by the Town’s Affordable Housing Committee, but is also reported to the Culver Redevelopment Commission. During the CRC’s meeting on Monday evening, it was learned that several construction and development companies have met with the town to consider the option.
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Culver School Board Considering Summer School and Athletic Schedules

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board will meeting tonight to review a few matters coming up in the next couple of months.

According to the agenda, school board members will consider accepting a donation from the Culver Kiwanis Club. Funds given to the school corporation are designed to be used for a trip to California for several students.

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