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Marshall County Commissioners Sign Papers for Movement in Jail Bond Refinancing

The Marshall County Commissioners approved the action of signing a preliminary official statement for Umbaugh and Associates in an attempt to move the refinancing of the 2006 jail bonds through at a quicker pace.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners that the paperwork is behind schedule, but he anticipated rates will be ideal for the county to move forward. It’s the hope of the commissioners and the county council to reduce the payments on the bonds each year through 2026. The county also wants to have flexibility to keep the funds in reserve to either pay off the bonds sooner or apply those funds for additional capacity at the jail or operational costs due to sentencing changes and the potential impact.

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Marshall County Building Security Procedure to Change

Deputies from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department will now be securing the Marshall County building.

Commissioner Deb Griewank explained that the maintenance department had been securing the building at the end of the day, but felt the sheriff’s department’s court security could take over that responsibility. She asked Sheriff Tom Chamberlin if a deputy could secure the building and he would agree to that as long as it is in writing.

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Marshall County Commissioners Tentatively Approve Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Contract

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a contract for gas and diesel with one company – provided some language can be ironed out between the company and the county attorney.

Representatives from North-Central Co-op went before the commissioners Monday morning to discuss the agreement which allows for gasoline and diesel fuel at the highway department with a card reader system and tank monitoring. The company would install the hardware and software and equipment at the highway department at no up-front charge, but a four-and-a-half cent additional cost over the rack price will be assessed on fueling to pay for the cost of the equipment over a five-year period.

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Marshall County Commissioners Move Forward with Property Transfer

The Marshall County Commissioners are moving forward with deeding property to the city of Plymouth.

There are three lots that were on the county’s tax sales for years that failed to sell. Mayor Mark Senter approached Treasurer Deb Vandemark about the possibility of the county deeding those parcels to the city for the city’s use and she brought it to the attention of the commissioners earlier this month.

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Marshall County to Deed Property to the City of Plymouth

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a motion to have the county attorney prepare paperwork to assign sale certificates of some property to the city of Plymouth. The parcels are down by the new park by the river.

Treasurer Deb Vandemark approached the commissioners about the properties in question that could not be sold in previous tax sales.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet in regular session today where Bart Trester from USI will have an update on the 7th Road project and the Metronet project.

The Metronet project started a few weeks ago where conduit is being installed from Ireland Road in South Bend to Marshall County. That conduit will house broadband cables for high speed internet for businesses to increase productivity. The project is expected to be complete this year.

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Metronet Project Underway in Marshall County, All Paperwork Signed

 All of the paperwork for the Metronet project has been signed. That was the information relayed to the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the City of South Bend approved the easement agreement that was prepared for the placement of conduit on the Michigan Road right-of-way. The intergovernmental agreement with the Marshall County Council was approved last week and the Memorandum of Understanding with St. Joseph County was signed at the end of April. Clevenger said all is good to continue with the construction plus the services once that construction is complete.

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Marshall County Council Approves Intergovernmental Agreement for Metronet Project

The Marshall County Council discussed the intergovernmental agreement with Marshall County and the City of Plymouth for the Metronet project.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger presented the agreement to the council and reviewed the scope of the project with the council members.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Pay Raise for County Attorney

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a pay raise for the county attorney.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer brought up the recommendation at the conclusion of the commissioner’s meeting last week and stated Jim Clevenger has undertaken quite a few assignments by the commissioners and has done a good job in working for the county. As an example, Clevenger is working on a minimum of 12 intergovernmental agreements for the county for the upcoming Metronet agreement and more may be required. Overmyer said Clevenger has gone above and beyond to help the county in necessary legal matters.

Overmyer suggested raising Clevenger’s pay to $140 per hour, which is a $10 per hour increase. The suggestion was made into a motion and unanimously approved by all three commissioners: Kevin Overmyer, Jack Roose and Deb Griewank.

Marshall County Commissioners Receive Update on Metronet Project, Council Approves Funding

The Marshall County Commissioners was informed by County Attorney Jim Clevenger that he’s drafting several intergovernmental agreements for the Metronet project. Several engineering, bidding and contract agreements will be drawn up between the county and USI Consultants.

Clevenger stated that rights of way need to be acquired for the project and much of that needs to be taken care of in South Bend.

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Marshall County Commissioners Address Meth House Clean up Procedures

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed an inquiry by County Attorney Jim Clevenger Monday morning about the growing number of “meth homes” and the issues with cleanup.

Clevenger said he has been in contact with Wesley Burden from the Marshall County Health Department about the nature in which a home is taken care of after police have found an active meth lab on the premises. Burden explained that the state police clandestine lab team goes to the home and removes the harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Those officers then notify the health department and the homeowner is required to have Indiana Department of Environmental Management contractors come in and decontaminate the structure. That home is uninhabitable until it has been thoroughly cleaned by IDEM contractors.

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Marshall County Commissioners Discuss Emergency Fund Procedure for EMA Dept.

The Marshall County Commissioners will be approving resolution spelling out the procedure in obtaining emergency funds for the Emergency Management Agency.

In the case of a disaster, a way to appropriate emergency funds to the EMA Department will follow the state guidelines and will mirror the same procedure that the health department follows. The resolution will be ratified by both the commissioners and the county council.

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Marshall County Commissioners Act on WECS Ordinance Amendments

This sign was displayed during the Marshall County Commissioners meeting.

This sign was displayed during the Marshall County Commissioners meeting.

The Marshall County Commissioners acted on the Marshall County Plan Commission’s recommended amendments to an ordinance regulating Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger reminded the board members that the amendments were presented to them on Monday, March 18 where the commissioners tabled a decision in order to dissect the many pages of recommendations. In a separate meeting, the commissioners asked for a resolution to ban wind farms altogether, but the plan commission later found that to be an unfavorable recommendation.

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