Culver Town Council Authorizes CRC Bond Issuance for Storm Water Work

The Town of Culver has authorized work to its storm water system, but it’s going to take a bit of financing to complete.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, two resolutions were considered to help move the work along. Financing monies would be used to improve the storm water utility system.
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Culver Officials Bring Back Roof Replacement Following Incorrect Bid

The Culver Town Council will return to an item that left a couple of questions at their meeting tonight.

The Town found itself unable to move forward with the replacement of the roof at the Town Hall and the Sewer building. The work was originally bid in March, but the company awarded the work did not include the price of labor in their work.
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Pulaski County Commissioners Consider Start of Courthouse Renovations

Pulaski County CourthouseConsiderations have been made for some time, but weeks of side comments during meetings has led a first step to be taken when it comes to renovating the Pulaski County Courthouse.

During Monday evening’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, it was learned that an engineering firm will appear in Winamac to get an overview for the courthouse renovations. Plans are still in their preliminary stages.
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Culver Adopts Amended Water Rate Ordinance

The Culver Town Council has taken another step toward implementing an upgrade to its water treatment facility.

An amendment to an existing water rate ordinance was considered during a special meeting Monday night to help pay for the construction. This is the third increase in water rates Culver has implemented since December.

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Pulaski County Council Decides Against Wheel Tax in Split Vote

Pulaski County CourthouseA tax designed to maintain and improve local roads has failed a vote in Pulaski County.

During last night’s Pulaski County Council meeting, board members considered the implementation of a wheel tax. The tax was encouraged as an option by the state in the face of stagnating support for area roadways.

Council member Alex Haschel says the tax would not be overwhelming.
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Culver Council Approves Bond Ordinance for Water Treatment Facility

The Culver Town Council has taken another step toward upgrading its water treatment facility.

During a special meeting on Tuesday night, an ordinance that allows a bond issuance to take place was considered. Culver is in the process of undertaking a $1.6-million upgrade to its water treatment facility. Fees and other expenses put the project in the $2.2-million range.
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Culver Delays Water Flouridation Discussions

The Town of Culver has, for now, delayed further discussing water fluoridation.

Design and development plans for a new Water Treatment Plant are at the stage where the Town can make a decision regarding the use of fluoride in the water system. The chemical is commonly used in the prevention of tooth decay.
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Final Readings Forthcoming for Culver Housing Development

The Town of Culver held a public hearing on a project that may see housing developed along State Road 10.

What was initially named “Harbor Landing” has seen a change to “Maple Ridge Villas” to prevent confusion for emergency responders. The development calls for about 30 homes, or condominiums, that will be priced between $175-thousand and $250-thousand.
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Eastern Pulaski School Board Tables Renovation Contracts

Some additional time to think is what the Eastern Pulaski School Board needs when it comes to the cost of school renovations.

A multi-million dollar renovation is being undertaken of the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation’s elementary school and middle/high school. Project designs were finalized some time ago, but making an official hire for the project has hit a bit of a snag.
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Pulaski County Roads Hit Hard By Spring Thaw

Changes in the weather over the last few weeks have hit area roads particularly hard.

Pulaski County instituted a travel advisory last week due to the depth of the frost line, otherwise known as the depth to which the ground is frozen. According to Pulaski County Highway Superintendent Larry Brady, the travel advisory was put into effect due to the weather’s influence on the roadways.
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Culver Park Department Receives Bids for Beach Lodge Projects

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

The Culver Park Board held an informational meeting yesterday that saw bids opened for projects planned to start this year.

The Beach Lodge in Culver is considered to be lacking quite a few updates over the last 40 years. Among the items the Culver Park Board has been looking at is safety features.
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Eastern Pulaski Schools Contract Construction Specialist

The process for renovations at Eastern Pulaski Schools took another step during Monday night’s School Board meeting.

Board members discussed, and approved, letting bids on the $14-million project. Bids are expected back sometime in March after an extensive design process. Eastern Pulaski Schools Superintendent Dan Foster says they don’t quite know how many firms will see the project.
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Eastern Pulaski School Board Ready for Next Step in Renovations

Eastern Pulaski Schools are expected to take some action regarding their building project.

The School Corporation has been working for some time to update schools for improved safety upgrading restrooms, and replacing floors in the gyms. The project is estimated to cost about $14-million. Architectural plans were largely finalized in January. Continue reading