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Club for Growth Opposes Senator Richard Lugar

Senator Lugar

If Senator Richard Lugar should lose the Republican Primary race to Richard Mourdock in next week’s primary election, as some recent polls indicate may happen, much of the credit will go to a Culver man who has been instrumental in the race.

Chris Chocola, of Culver, is Director of the “Club For Growth,” a conservative organization which endorsed Mourdock and has pumped millions of dollars into the challenger’s campaign.

Chocola explained about why his organization is working to defeat Lugar.

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Starke County Development Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary Today

Charles Weaver

Charles Weaver

Today, a gala will be held at the Knox Community Center to celebrate the formation of the Starke County Development Foundation. The program will begin at 12:30 p.m. CT and is open to the public.

Supporting the Development Foundation over the course of 25 years have been our U.S. Representatives who have represented Starke County. They include Republicans John Hiler, Chris Chocola, and Steve Buyer and Democrats Tim Roemer and Joe Donnelly.

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