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Conduit Installation for Metronet Project in Marshall County on Schedule

The Metronet project in Marshall County is on schedule.

Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill told WKVI News that Bart Trester of USI reported to the commissioners on Tuesday morning that the county’s portion of the project is 85 to 90 percent complete. The hang-up right now surrounds the construction along Kern Road and Ireland in South Bend with the new U.S. 31 project. The company continues to work with INDOT in moving along that portion of the Metronet project.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will have a fairly brief meeting this morning.

Marshall County EMA Director Clyde Avery will have a quarterly report and County Attorney James Clevenger will have an update on legal issues, the 7th Road project and perhaps the Metronet project.

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Marshall County Council Appoints Member to Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District

The Marshall County Council approved an appointment to the Koontz Lake Regional Sewer District Board, but it was not easy to find a candidate.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill explained that the Koontz Lake Sewer District board members were attempting to find a Marshall County representative but potential candidates couldn’t regularly attend meetings and the other people the members talked to weren’t interested in serving on the board.

A candidate was found, but he does not reside in the Marshall County area. According to law, the appointee does not necessarily have to be a Marshall County resident, but must live within the Koontz Lake district.

With that, the council approved the appointment of Ronald Armstead to the Koontz Lake Regional District Board.

Marshall County Budget Order and Tax Rate Approved by DLGF

The Department of Local Government Finance recently certified Marshall County’s 2014 budget order and tax rates. This will allow for on-time tax collection in the county. Marshall County was the 36th county in the state to receive its 2014 budget order and tax rates.

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Marshall County Commissioners to Wrap up the Year in Special Meeting Tuesday

The Marshall County Commissioners will wrap up year-end items in a special meeting Tuesday morning.

The commissioners will pre-approve payment for a corrections van for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, a computer/scanner for the clerk’s office and office furniture for the auditor’s office.

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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Purchase of Three New Police Interceptors

The Marshall County Commissioners discussed the purchase of vehicles for the sheriff’s department Monday morning.

Captain Daniel Butt with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department presented the request for three all-wheel drive Ford Interceptors. Oliver Ford in Plymouth turned in a state bid of $26,642 per unit and the sheriff’s department would get three vehicles. A 2009 Crown Victoria, a 2007 Ford Taurus and a 2007 Ford Fusion would be traded in for a total trade value of $7,200. The total cost of the purchase of the vehicles would be $72,726.

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Additional Appropriations Approved by Marshall County Council

The Marshall County Council members approved an additional appropriation request by the highway department in the amount of $200,000.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill explained that this claim comes around quarterly where the highway department is reimbursed for the fuel it supplies to the other departments in the county. The highway department purchases all of the fuel and all departments fill up at the highway garage. The department is then reimbursed every quarter with how much is spent on fuel.

The council members also approved an additional appropriation for Superior Court 1 for pauper counsel in the amount of $20,000. The county council were advised that this expense would be coming around this quarter to help keep the fund in the black.

Marshall County Council Holds Budget Talks with Department Heads

The Marshall County Council sat down with department heads on Aug. 20 to hash out their budgets for 2014.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill stated that the negotiations went very well and the advertised budget should be approved at the council’s next meeting. It has been advertised twice.

The council reviewed the $8.985 million proposed budget last week, which reflects a 2.6 to 3 percent increase. The department heads explained all of their budget requests to the council members. Lukenbill commented that the council made very few initial cuts.

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