1st Source Bank Donates to Ancilla Comprehensive Campaign

Connie Lemler, Todd Zeltwanger, Mike Brown, Dr. Ken Zirkle and Jim Seitz
Connie Lemler, Todd Zeltwanger, Mike Brown, Dr. Ken Zirkle and Jim Seitz

The bank that helped finance the construction of the first Ancilla College residence hall is giving back to the school. 1st Source Bank has donated $65,000 to the school as an early-bird gift during the quiet phase of Ancilla’s upcoming comprehensive campaign. The funds will benefit the new student life center and residence hall. Continue reading

Ancilla College Encourages Prospective Students to Visit

Ancilla College NEWProspective college students and their parents can get their questions about college in general and Ancilla College in particular answered during an upcoming event. The school is hosting an Access Ancilla Day on Thursday, Oct. 23. Vice President for Admissions Eric Wignall says the event gets under way at noon EDT on the Donaldson campus. He says it’s open to all ages but especially encourages high school juniors and seniors and their parents to drop by for a visit. Campus tours will be offered, and officials will be on hand to answer questions about financial aid. Continue reading

Ancilla College Official Discusses Future Plans

Ancilla College NEWAncilla College officials recently announced plans to build a second residence hall on the Donaldson campus. Vice President of Admissions Eric Wignall says work on it will start as soon as the new student life center is finished.

“It’s going to be part coffee shop, part cafeteria, part kitchen facility, etc. The cool thing about the kitchen facility, the back of the kitchen, the back of the house, as they say, is a large kitchen prep area, and yes, we’re going to start offering culinary classes at some point.” Continue reading