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Tom Berg

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Tom Berg



I’ve been hosting the morning show now for 4 years. It’s been an absolute blast! While I’ve been here, I’ve dropped pumpkins, flew in experimental aircraft, attempted to break a Guinness World Record, Grand Marshaled a Harvest Fest Parade, and many other things, I’ve never done before in my life! What a ride! I have a blog: You can also find me on Facebook and my Twitter handle is djtom37. I like all kinds of movies and TV, and I have a pretty formidable DVD collection. I also play poker, bowl, and play games on my computer when I have time.

You can email me at


Tom Bergs Chocolate Chip Cheeseball Recipe (text file)

Best Hot Chocolate Ever Recipe (text file)


MP3 Highlights from the Morning



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Gus From Kostas Restaurant in Winamac Sharing Some Greek Philosophy

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Unusual Gifts Received From Co Workers

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Giving Away A Bacon Scented Pillowcase

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UNCUT Interview with Radio Legend John ‘Records’ Landecker Part One

UNCUT Interview With John ‘Records’ Landecker Part Two

5 Random Facts #4

Weird Requests Kids Make To Mall Santas

Tom Berg and Mary Perren Review The Most Recorded Christmas Songs

Tom Berg and Mary Perren Talk About The 2014 Popular Baby Names

Mary Perren and Nathan Welter Try Tom Bergs Hot Chocolate in a Crock Pot

Tom Berg Interviews John Ratzenberger

5 Random Facts #3

Tom Berg and Mary Perren Review the Most Popular Words in Song Titles

Tom and Mary Go Over Some Thanksgiving Excuses

Robert David Hall Interview With Tom Berg

Wink Martindale Interview Highlights with Tom Berg

UNEDITED Wink Martindale Interview With Tom Berg (28 minutes)

UNEDITED Carl Reiner Interview With Tom Berg (37 minutes)

Tom Berg Interviews Christopher from The Butterball Turkey Talk Line

Tom and Mary Discuss the Word of the Year

Tom Berg Holiday Advice Listen ASAP

Tom and Mary Talk About The Best and Worst Dog Breeds

5 Random Facts #2

Mary Perren Plays Name That Artist

How Movie Sounds Are Made

NFL requirements of a Super Bowl Host City

How You Can Seem Older on a Resume

Hollywood Walk of Fame Game

A Thanksgiving Survey Discussion

5 Random Facts

The Musical Mashup Game

Tom Berg Interviews Gordon Javna the creator of Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader

Tom Berg Interviews Jane Seymour















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