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Published: June 13th, 2011
Doug Vessely

North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely

From the North Judson Police Department:

06/11/11 Unknown subject(s) broke a window out of a van while it was parked at a home in the 200 Block of W. Weninger Street. North Judson Police are investigating the incident.

06/06/11 A parent in the 700 Block of East Talmer Avenue reported his 15 year old son as a runaway to the North Judson Police. The boy was later located in the area and returned to his parent.

Watch Where You’re Skateboarding! The Norwayne Park Skateboarding area is open for anyone to skateboard on. You must skateboard in this designated area or on your own private property. North Judson Police are reminding citizens that skateboarding must be done on your own private property, on private property that the skateboarder has written permission to be on, or in the Norwayne Park Skateboard area. No skateboarding is allowed on town sidewalks, state or city roads, schools, churches, business parking lots, or other areas except on private property or the Norwayne Skate Park area. Police have been issuing town ordinance tickets to violators. North Judson Police Chief Doug Vessely advised that the first-time fine for a skateboarding ordinance ticket is $15.00.

06/06/11 Jeri N. Chapman, 30, 516 College Ave. Rensselaer, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Conversion for shoplifting at North Judson Dollar General and arrested for a Failure to Appear Warrant through Jasper County.

06/06/11 Heather L. Rowe, 22, 11791 W. 275 N., Medaryville, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Conversion for Shoplifting at North Judson Dollar General.

06/04/11 Bradley D. Morgan, 28, 601 E. Talmer Avenue, North Judson, IN arrested on a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, Driving while Suspended and Reckless Driving.

Pulaski County Sheriff Michael Gayer

From the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department:


06/12/11 A Winamac resident reported a break-in at his residence. The door was kicked in and the event occurred in broad daylight.

06/11/11 A Star City resident reported the theft of strap-on steps to his deer stand.

06/11/11 A Winamac resident notified police that he snagged a power line and it is down and on his anhydrous applicator. He was told to stay in the tractor until NIPSCO clears the scene.

06/11/11 A resident in Winamac reported that someone was at her brother’s residence and stole scrap metal.

06/09/11 A Francesville resident told police that some unknown person(s) is trying to break into the house.

06/09/11 An officer was called to a hazardous material spill. Caller reported that a tank was upside down in the Monon Ditch and the caller could smell the fumes from the chemicals.

06/09/11 A Medaryville resident reported the theft of air conditioners.


06/12/11 Finas Conley, 43, 11021 W. 300 S.. Francesville, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance. Discharged 06/12/11

06/12/11 Tyson Matthews, 21, 11264 W. 200 S., Francesville, IN,arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Maintaining a Common Nuisance. Discharged 06/12/11

06/11/11 Stephanie Burton, 32, 7473 N US 421, San Pierre, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft.

06/08/11 Nathan VanDerAa, 33, 4838 S. 500 E., Star City, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Precursors.

06/07/11 Thomas Braun, 25, 325 N. 450 W., Winamac, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Disorderly Conduct. Discharged 06/07/11

06/06/11 Shane Owens, 39, 101 W.. Monon St., Francesville, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant. Discharged 06/07/11

06/06/11 Brandon John Hines, 23, 1A Sering, Logansport, IN, arrested on an active arrest warrant. Discharged 06/07/11

Hamlet Police Chief Jeremiah Patrick

Hamlet Police Chief Jeremiah Patrick

From the Hamlet Police Department:

6/11/11 Officers responded to a report of a dispute between a group of juveniles at the Town Park.

6/09/11 Shannon Griffith reported theft of pain medication.

6/08/11 Larry Clemons reported he was being harassed.

6/08/11 Officers responded to a domestic compliant.

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem

From the Knox City Police Department:

06/13/11 James Mueller reported the theft of an air nail gun and an air compressor. The items were taken from his vehicle. There is a possible suspect in this case.

06/12/11 Kim Schlink reported the theft of her son’s NEXT bike. It is a 26” bike, red, with balloon sized tires.

06/10/11 Shauna Kidder reported the theft of two Mountaineer 15 speed bikes from outside her residence. One is an olive green and gray colored bike and the other is a girls purple/black colored bike.

06/09/11 A small child was attacked by a dog while both were chasing after a baseball. The child sustained injuries to his chest, right shoulder, and right side rib cage. The owner was contacted and he told police that the dog, a Saint Bernard/Lab mix, would be put down.

06/09/11 Raymond Beedle called police to report that some unknown person(s) ran into the driver’s side rear cab area of his truck.

06/09/11 Pam Wakefield reported that some unknown person(s) ran into her car and damaged her car’s front drivers side panel while parked at CVS.

06/07/11 Kayla Thompson told police that a suspect threw a brick threw her home’s window with a note attached to it. Both back doors and the windows on the north side of her home were broken. She later reported her food stamp card missing.

06/05/11 Keith Brettin reported his wallet missing.

06/14/11 Heather Carpenter, 37, 508 S. Main St., Knox, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct.

06/13/11 Hobart Givens, Jr., 21, 601 E. Culver Rd., Knox, IN arrested on preliminary charges of Stalking and Possession of Marijuana. Givens, Jr. reportedly asked an 11-year-old girl for a ride and she told him no and told her parents about the situation and he was subsequently arrested.

06/12/11 Kristopher Rogers, 26, 604 E. St. Louis, St., Knox, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Marijuana.

Sheriff Oscar Cowen

Sheriff Oscar Cowen

From the Starke County Sheriff’s Department:

06/11/11 A break-in was reported in the 3800 block of Woodland Dr. in Knox.

06/11/11 A resident in the 1500 block of 775 South in Knox told police that someone keeps taking her dog from her residence and taking the dog to the Humane Society.

06/11/11 A resident in the 4200 block of S. 250 W. in North Judson reported the theft of items from her yard sale. The suspect is Stephanie Burton who was arrested the same day in Pulaski County for theft.
06/10/11 Tans R Us requested an officer to the store in reference to a female that stole a bottle of lotion. The subject gave back the lotion, but the employee was concerned that the female may be intoxicated.

06/09/11 A resident in the 2000 block of S. State Road 39 in North Judson reported the theft of her lawn mower and pool supplies.

06/09/11 A resident in the 11000 block of E. Nicole Dr. in Culver requested an officer to report items stolen from his home.

06/09/11 A resident on Toto Road and 200 East reported the theft of a trailer stolen from the storage units.

06/09/11 Police were notified that Michael Vincz was arrested by Demotte Police for theft of cardboard bales and two of the bales belonged to Save-a-Lot in Knox. The manager of the store said five bales were stolen on May 25th and two others were stolen on June 2nd. The recycling company that Vincz works for is not the recycling company that picks up the recycling. The bales were to be returned to the store.

06/08/11 A resident advised that his daughter was driving her car and it died on State Road 8 by the Yellow River bridge. A friend came by the next day and noticed that the windshield had been busted out.

06/07/11 A resident in the 3400 block of E. Island View Dr., in Knox requested an officer for an attempted theft incident.

06/06/11 A resident in the 2200 block of E. Toto Rd. in Knox told police that when she came home after a few days, she found that some unknown person(s) broke a window out of her home.

06/09/11 Rodger Griffin, 48, of Knox, IN, arrested on preliminary charges of Battery, Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Law Enforcement.

06/09/11 Raymond Risner, 40, of Medaryville, IN, arrested on a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

06/07/11 Paul Edward Minix, 48, of Winamac, IN, arrested on a Possession of Marijuana and Driving While Suspended.

06/11/11 Curtis Reutebuch of Knox was traveling on US 35 and turning eastbound on 175 North and he didn’t see a Hamlet police car coming at him. Jeremiah Patrick, the Hamlet Police Chief, was driving the police car and had to drive off the road to avoid the collision. The Hamlet police car sustained damage to the under carriage due to large rocks on the curbside.

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