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Starke County Candidates for Countywide Offices

Prosecuting Attorney – *Nicholas Allen Bourff (D); Timothy Lemon (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court – Vicki Cooley (D)

Assessor – *Rhonda Milner (D)

Auditor – *Katherine Chaffins (D)

Recorder – *Lisa Liedtky Minix (D)

Sheriff – Gregory Wireman (R);William Bope (R); Harold Smith (D); William “Bill” Dulin (D); Dennis Fornelli (D)

Coroner – Dannie Hoffer (D); Adam Gray (D)

Starke County Commissioner District 2 – Nancy J. Dembowski (D); Donald Binkley (D)

County Council

Starke County Council District 1– Talia Reed (R)

Starke County Council District 2 – Jennifer Davis (D); *Anthony “Tony” Radkiewicz Sr. (R)

Starke County Council District 3 – *David Pearman (R); Roy McCray (R)

Starke County Council District 4 – Pamela Stalbaum (D); Joseph Woods (D); Donald White (R)
* Denotes Incumbent


Township Trustee

California Twp. Trustee – Judy Ahlenius (D)

Center Twp. Trustee – *Julie Manns (D)

Jackson Twp. Trustee – Robert Schmidt (D)

North Bend Twp. Trustee – Rutherford Byron Walters (R)

Oregon Twp. Trustee – *Mark Allen (D)

Railroad Twp. Trustee – *Roger Chaffins, Sr. (D); Tom DeCola (R)

Wayne Twp. Trustee – *Clara Schacht (D); Timothy Stites (D)

Washington Twp. Trustee – Terri Noonan (D); Cathy Benko (Ewing) (D); Michelle Kemble (R)
* Denotes Incumbent


Township Advisory Boards (3 members per township)

California Twp Advisory Board – *Harrison Fields (D); *Michelle Albon (R); Phillip Cherry (R); Matt McGowan (R); Steven Ahlenius (R); Beverly Gaska (D)

Center Twp. Advisory Board – *Ben Warren (D); Diana Koenig (R); Bertha Blue (D); Steve Berndt (D)

Davis Twp. Advisory Board - Becky Pflugshaupt (R); Larry Jernas (R)

North Bend Twp Advisory Board – *Paul M. Sellers (D); Samuel J. Bailey (R); Joseph Walters (R)

Jackson Twp. Advisory Board – Marilyn Lockridge (D)

Oregon Twp Advisory Board – *Paul R Cleveland (D); *Carole Noble (D); Joe Reed (R)

Railroad Twp Advisory Board – *August K. Eckert II (D); Mike Lawecki (R); Clarence Gehrke (R)

Washington Twp. Advisory Board – Patricia Zobrist (R); Angela Jesuit (R)

Wayne Twp Advisory Board – *Tom Griffo (D); Joe Griffo (D); Marilynn Pacilio (D); Marvin Peters (R)
* Denotes Incumbent


Republican State Convention Delegates

Christopher Morgan Lee; Donald White; Brenda Stanojevic; Jacqueline Masterson; Angela Beth Shepperd; Gregory Wireman; Dave Kesvormas


Democrat State Convention Delegates

Jackie Bridegroom; Daniel Bridegroom; Frank Skronski; Evelyn Skronski; Robin Banks; Donald Binkley; Cynthia Wallace; Dorine Godinez; Jesus Godinez


Democrat Precinct Committemen

California 2 – Shirley Fields

Center 1 – Jeffery Houston

Center 2 – Dorine Barbara Godinez

Center 3 - Jeffrey Berg

Center 5 – Ken Wallace

Oregon 3 – Beverly Fraine

Wayne 3 – Clara Schacht

Wayne 4 – Jackie Bridegroom



Pulaski County Candidates for Countywide Offices

Prosecuting Attorney – Daniel P. Murphy (R); Blair Todd (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court – *Tasha Foerg (R)

County Assessor – *Lorena H. “Holly” VanDerAa (R)

County Coroner – *Steven VanDerAa (R); Tracy Rossman-Bryson (R)

County Sheriff – Jeffery K. Richwine (R); Paul Grandstaff (D); Brian Gaillard (R); Jeffrey A. Heims (R); Jim Jenkins (D)

County Surveyor – *Jenny Weaver-Keller (D)

Pulaski County Commissioner District 3 – Bud Krohn, Jr. (R); Alex Haschel (R); Wayne Westphal (R)
* Denotes Incumbent


County Council

Pulaski County Council District 1 – No Candidate

Pulaski County Council District 2 – *Thomas (Tom) Roth (D)

Pulaski County Council District 3 – Brian M. Young (R); Linda Powers (D); Pam Chumley (R)

Pulaski County Council District 4 – * Michael D. “Mick” Tiede (R)


Township Trustee

Beaver Twp. Trustee – Gerald Kruger (R)

Cass Twp. Trustee – Elaine Parish (R)

Franklin Twp. Trustee – Elaine Haschel (R)

Harrison Twp. Trustee – Betty Stinemetz (R)

Indian Creek Twp. Trustee – Craig Allen (R)

Monroe Twp. Trustee – Larry J. Winter (D); Michelle Schmicker (R)

Van Buren Twp. Trustee – Lenora K. Hoover (R)

White Post Twp. Trustee – Karen S. Wagner (R)


Township Advisory Boards (3 members per township)

Beaver Twp. Advisory Board – Harold R. Johnson (R); Glen Doll (R); Lloyd Ezra (R)

Franklin Twp. Advisory Board - Rita Hilderbrandt (D); Greg Hilderbrandt (D); Jackie Terry (R).

Harrison Twp. Advisory Board – Christopher Graves (R); Jacqueline Pugh (R); Anthony “Tony” Pesaresi (R);

Indian Creek Twp. Advisory Board – David Weaver (D)

Monroe Twp.Advisory Board - Timothy “Tim” Hoffa, Jr. (R)

Monroe 2 Advisory Board– Marcia Lynn Link (D)

Salem Twp. Advisory Board - Maurice A. Kopka (D); Robert Vollmer (R);

White Post Twp. Advisory Board – Sandra L. Beiswanger (D); Jerry L. Beiswanger (D); Richard Brick (R); Patricia L. Tiede (R)

Van Buren Twp. Advisory Board - Scott Hinkle (R)


Monroe 4 Precinct Committeeman – Larry J. Winter (D)


Republican State Convention Delegates
Kenneth R. Boswell; Samuel Frain; Joni R. Frain; Emily K. Hizer; Brian M. Young; Blair Todd; Chelsea Todd.


Important Dates

NOTE: Certain military and overseas voters have extended registration periods. See for more information.

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