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Starke County K9 Performs Routine Sweep at Local School

K9 handler Rob Olejniczak and Terror perform a search

K9 handler Rob Olejniczak and Terror perform a search

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department K9 did a routine sweep at the Oregon-Davis School Corporation on Thursday morning.

Handler Rob Olejniczak took K9 Terror around the corporation to search for possible drugs in lockers and the parking lot. No evidence of any illegal drugs was found.

Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin and the officers are appreciative of the school’s effort to keep Starke County a safe environment. Principal Tim Pletcher and School Resource Officer Frank Lonigro were also recognized for their efforts.

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West Central School Board Holds Work Session

The West Central School Board held a work session last week to look at the corporation’s strategic plan.

Superintendent Don Street said a presentation of the progression of the one-to-one technology program was given which led into the discussion of e-learning days. Street said the state has approved the corporation’s request to make up missed school days on Saturdays.

“Our first one is March 14 and a few will be held in April as opposed to adding those days on at the end of the year. This will make it a more meaningful and educationally related to our students,” said Street.

The students will receive assignments on Friday which will be due on Monday. The Board also discussed how the staff will prepare for e-learning days.

Principal Patrick Culp discussed a change in classes at the middle school level.

“We’re currently on a four-period day. We would be dividing a couple of those periods up for English and Mathematics. We would go to an eight-period day where those students would get instruction for 40 minutes and go into a lab setting for 40 minutes to get extra assistance if needed.”

More advanced learners would get more challenging assignments during that lab time.

No final decisions were made, but information from the work session will be presented at the March board meeting for approval.

Grant Will Help Students with Industrial Maintenance Skills

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer told the county commissioners last night that the county is the recipient of an $82,355 Region 1 Works Council for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) innovative-curriculum grant.

Origer said the grant will fund a Pulaski County Repair and Maintenance Technology (RAM-Tech) program at West Central High School to give students the skills they need to be successful in an industrial setting.

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Knox School Board Prepares for Building Project

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox School Board reviewed building plans and proposed budget figures for the elementary school addition project with a representative of the architectural firm of Barton-Coe-Vilamaa when it met Monday night. Bids will be considered on March 24th, Construction is expected to start at the end of April. Continue reading

Ancilla Schedules Financial Aid Night at Oregon-Davis

College financial aidAncilla College officials will be at Oregon-Davis High School tonight to share information about applying for college financial aid. They’ve scheduled a presentation about completing the FAFSA at 6 p.m. and will remain to help parents and students complete the form. It’s due March 10 and must be submitted in order to be considered for any federal grants, low-interest loans or scholarships. Continue reading

West Central School Board to Hold Work Session

The West Central School Board has a work session planned for next week.

Superintendent Don Street said the board will not be focused on one single item. The board will be discussing the overall scope of school operations at the corporation and the strategic plan.

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West Central School Board Approves E-Learning Application

 West Central School Corporation students could make up school days missed if the Department of Education approves the corporation’s application to incorporate e-learning days into the school calendar.

Superintendent Don Street said students have missed four days of school due to snow so far this semester.

“We have to built-in snow days so we will go to school on February 16 and April 20 to make up two days. Currently, we have two days that are still outstanding,” said Street.

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West Central School Board Approves Turbine Maintenance Agreement

west central logoThe West Central School Board members discussed the wind turbine maintenance agreement during this week’s meeting.

Superintendent Don Street said they looked at maintenance agreements from other schools and decided on a provider.

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Local Schools on Soft Lockdown

Eastern Pulaski Schools and the Culver Community School Corporation are under a soft lockdown.

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dan Foster told WKVI News that an individual in the community had threatened to harm himself. Foster said that the school is simply taking a precaution where all of the doors have been locked at all of the buildings. Students will not be leaving the buildings for recess or any student aid projects.

It was a general threat and not a specific threat to the school or any students or staff at the school, according to Foster. Foster stated that it was a safety precaution.

Oregon-Davis School Board Establishes Strategic Planning Committee

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka.  (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka. (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

The Oregon-Davis School Board established a strategic planning committee this week.

Superintendent Greg Briles gave testing statistics to the board members and all of the initiatives made to improve education at the corporation. He suggested putting together a committee to establish priorities, a vision, a mission, and goals for what they want the students to be able to do when they walk out of the doors. He stressed that the Oregon-Davis School Corporation is a community school.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Votes Against School Lunch Increase

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka.  (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka. (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

The Oregon-Davis School Board members discussed lunch prices, but Superintendent Greg Briles explained the item to increase prices didn’t need to be on the evening’s agenda.

Briles said he was initially looking at funds in the food service department, and he thought that the board may need to raise the price by five cents and maybe even ten cents. If the board were to consider a five cent increase, it would amount to an additional $876 per year at the elementary level.

Briles said he would be looking deeper internally with commodities and into the corporation’s work with the Northern Indiana Educational Services Center (NIESC) before increasing prices. He noted that there could be more funds to take care of what is needed in the school’s budget.

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Kankakee Valley Broadcasting Presents Bi-County Basketball Tournament

basketball courtKankakee Valley Broadcasting will present the 50th annual TCU Bi-County Basketball Tournament in its entirety for the first time. Tony Ross and his crew will have the tip-off between Triton and LaVille tonight on MAX 98.3-FM or possibly WKVI-FM and online at They will also provide scoring updates from the other first round games during their broadcast. Argos is at Culver, John Glenn is playing host to Bremen, and New Prairie will be at Oregon-Davis. All of the games tip off at 8 p.m. EST. Continue reading

Oregon-Davis School Board Reorganizes, Discusses Board Compensation

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka.  (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

Oregon-Davis School Board members (seated) Andrea McIntosh, Shirley Budka. (standing) Christopher Lawrence, Kurt Hayes, Lee Nagai

The Oregon-Davis School Board member Christopher Lawrence took the oath of office at the beginning of last night’s school board meeting as he was elected for another term to the board in the November election. After that was complete, the board reorganized. Lawrence respectfully stated that he thought it was time for someone else to lead the board and took his name out of consideration for board president. Kurt Hayes was elected president of the board with a unanimous vote. Andrea McIntosh was elected vice president while Shirley Budka will serve as board secretary. Those board positions were also approved by a unanimous vote.

The school board voted to retain their regular meeting schedule on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. CT. They may call special meetings or work sessions as necessary. The measure passed by majority vote of 4 to 1. Lee Nagai abstained from the vote.

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Oregon-Davis Student Selected for South Shore Leadership Youth Program

Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark

An Oregon-Davis High School student among those selected from around the region for a youth leadership program. Hannah Clark is the only student from Starke County chosen for the South Shore Leadership Youth for Community Engagement (SLYCE) program. She was among 70 applicants interviewed by a selection committee. Continue reading

Winamac Community High School Students Raise Money for Charity

Students from several organizations at Winamac Community High School took time to volunteer for the Salvation Army during the holiday season. Principal Rick DeFries says they raised a significant amount of money for the organization during their annual bell ringing campaign. Of the $5,600 raised, the students brought in $2,500. DeFries told the Eastern Pulaski School Board an estimated 10 groups raised that amount of money in 20 hours.

SCCF Lilly Endowment Scholarship Application Available Online

Applications for the Starke County Community Foundation’s Lilly Endowment Scholarship are due next week. The application is available online at and must be turned in by Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2015.

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program offers a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to one local high school senior who will start college in the fall of 2015. The recipient must intend to be a full-time student and pursue a baccalaureate degree at any accredited public or private Indiana college or university. Prospective applicants must currently live in Starke County and be high school seniors graduating by the end of June 2015 with a diploma from an accredited Indiana high school. Continue reading

Eastern Pulaski School Board Reorganizes

Eastern Pulaski School Board Members Tim Rausch, Joe Cunningham and Mike Tetzloff are sworn in during Monday's school board meeting.

Eastern Pulaski School Board Members Tim Rausch, Joe Cunningham and Mike Tetzloff are sworn in during Monday’s school board meeting.

Longtime Eastern Pulaski School Board member Joe Cunningham will continue serving as the president of that body after the board reorganized for the year. Deke Demarco was elected vice-president, and Terri Johnston was chosen secretary of the board. Continue reading

Plans Nearly Finished for Eastern Pulaski Renovations

 Plans for the $14 million renovation project at Eastern Pulaski Schools are nearly finished. Superintendent Dan Foster says the architect is putting the final touches on things. Plans include securing the main entrances to the schools, upgrading the restrooms and replacing the floors in both gyms. Once the design is finalized, the project will be let for bid. Foster says they want to do a full 30-day process since it is so extensive. Continue reading

West Central School Board Approves Driver’s Education Fee

The West Central School Board approved driver’s education fees for this year’s round of classes. Superintendent Don Street said the summer classes were approved as presented to the school board members.

“Driver’s education for West Central students will be $200 and for non-corporation students it will be $300,” explained Street. “Our students also take an online portion of the course and that’s an additional $25. That do that test on their own.”

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Eastern Pulaski School Board May Approve Final Building Plans

The Eastern Pulaski School Board will consider final plans for the $14 million campus renovation project when they meet this evening. The project includes upgrades to the elementary, middle and high schools. Main entrances will be secured and restrooms will be updated. Planned classroom improvements include changing chalkboards to marker boards and replacing windows. Both gyms will be updated with new floors and other electrical improvements. Continue reading