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Eastern Pulaski School Board Holds Productive Work Session on Building Project

The Eastern Pulaski School Board met for a lengthy work session after Monday afternoon’s public hearing concerning the rehabilitation projects at the elementary, middle and high schools.

The board approved paperwork to move forward in updating heating and cooling systems at the school buildings, replacing gym floors, updating all of the classrooms for technology purposes and educational settings, plus creating a more secure entrance at each building for the safety of students and staff members. Energy saving measures are also planned. The anticipated combined project cost is $14 million.

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Three Starke County Schools to Take Part in Manufacturer’s Day

The Knox Middle School is hosting Manufacturer’s Day tomorrow. A total of 15 local companies will have booths set up for 7th graders from Knox, Oregon-Davis and North Judson-San Pierre to visit and learn about what they do. Students will also learn what qualifications are necessary to work there. Knox Middle School Principal Joshua Pugh says hands-on learning like this really helps students think about their futures.

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Eastern Pulaski School Board Holds 1028 Hearing

 The Eastern Pulaski School Board members held a 1028 hearing yesterday afternoon to give those in attendance a scope of an extensive project in the works at all three of the schools to begin in March of 2015 and to end in October of 2016.

The board members did a walking tour of the buildings and made the collective decision to update and modernize the schools. Technology is the wave of the future and the school board felt it necessary to recognize that fact and to create the infrastructure necessary for that need moving forward with curriculum and educational space.

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JAG Students Helping Promote Literacy to Homeless

Students in the Knox JAG class sanitize and organize books for distribution. Photo provided.

Students in the Knox JAG class sanitize and organize books for distribution. Photo provided.

Several students in the Job’s for America’s Graduates (JAG) program are helping to promote literacy among the homeless.

Students were given approximately 40 books, ranging from elementary level to adult reading. Students were then tasked to select a homeless shelter or community location where services are available for the homeless and deliver those books.

Knox High School is one of the schools that participates in the JAG program. The educational program is dedicated to helping at-risk students overcome barriers to high school graduation.

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Another Vocational Program in the Works

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF) is looking to bring life back into the vocational building on the Oregon-Davis school campus to begin an automation robotics and equipment maintenance program as an extension of vocational programs through the SCILL Center.

According to Ron Gifford, the SCEDF will assist in seeking a way to fund the program full-time and to acquire equipment. A pilot program started this year with several students in the eighth grade through the tenth grade enrolled in the program.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Gives Blessing for Construction of Trophy Case

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board heard a presentation by Ron Henningsmith for a new trophy case.

Territorial Engineering provided Henningsmith with a layout to present to the school board to display the school’s state basketball trophies.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Praises School Resource Officers

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingOregon-Davis School Superintendent Greg Briles praised the newly installed school resource officers for their efforts in school safety.

Briles told the school board members this week that Hamlet Town Marshal Frank Lonigro and Patrolman Kyle Hinds have been working to create plans in case of an emergency.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Approves Copier Lease Agreement

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board members reviewed quotes or a copier lease during their meeting Monday night.

Superintendent Greg Briles explained that the current lease agreement is almost over and two proposals were gathered for consideration. Chris Smith from Monticello had a quote for Xerox machines and the Adams Remco company in South Bend provided a quote for Toshiba copiers.

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New Science Club Excites Entire Knox Elementary

Knox Elementary School has a new science club program. Members meet once every seven school days with science teacher Marge Wood. Students get to visit the outdoor lab and see different forms of wildlife in the area. A pond with minnows and frogs is also part of the lab. Approximately 120 kids have signed up to be in the club. Principal Glenn Barnes says the students are really getting into the program.

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Oregon-Davis School Board to Make Decision on Balanced Calendar

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board members are looking at a balanced calendar for the 2015-2016 school year.

Superintendent Greg Briles gave the board a couple of different calendars to study to possibly make a decision at their October meeting.

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Knox School Board Approves Budget, Discusses Balanced Calendar

Knox-School-Board-2014Superintendent A.J. Gappa reported that balanced calendar discussions for the 2015-16 school year continue with other area schools, many of whom have expressed interest in a coordinated calendar. That schedule would feature four nine week sessions and
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Oregon-Davis School Board Holds Public Hearing for 2015 Budget

 The Oregon-Davis School Board members held a public hearing for the 2015 budget during their meeting last night.

The General Fund budget was budgeted at $4.6 million. The General Fund takes care of the salaries for the staff, including coaches and extra-curricular coaches and more. Board member Lee Nagai stressed that the General Fund had a shortfall due to state budget cuts and the referendum money supplemented that fund to cover salaries.

Other funds discussed include the Capital Projects Fund, Transportation Fund, Debt Fund Plan, Retirement/Severance Bond, Debt Service Fund, Referendum/Exempt Operating, Rainy Day Fund.

Superintendent Greg Briles explained that the Average Daily Membership, or ADM, is 609 which is higher than the state-projected student count of 580. Briles added that the corporation is three students down from last year.

The tax rate will be 1.5702 which is less than 2014.

Briles said the budget will be sent to the state. The board approved a motion to authorize any cuts that are mandated by the state.

Knox School Board to Hold Budget Hearing Tonight


Knox School Board

The Knox Community School Board will meet in special session tonight to discuss regular business and to hold a public hearing regarding the all funds budget.

If anyone has any comments on the published budget, the board will take them under consideration during the hearing. A budget adoption will occur in October.

The board will also consider an authorization for a project hearing and approve a teacher document of agreement.

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Oregon-Davis School Board to Meet Tonight

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board will host a public hearing for the 2015 annual budget tonight.

The budget includes the General Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Transportation Fund, Debt Fund Plan, Retirement/Severance Bond Debt Service Fund, Referendum Fund/Exempt Operating, Rainy Day Fund. The board will entertain comments on the budget during the public hearing.

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Marshall County Safety Commission Meeting Tuesday


Marshall County Safety Commission members are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss safety plans for the upcoming winter season and more. EMA Director Clyde Avery explained that his portion of the meeting will address the plan in place when significant winter weather is forecast. Avery will make sure that the school emergency plans are up to date with current contact information plus critical components such as communications, command and management, emergency notification, public information, and other needs. Continue reading

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Hosting Manufacturers Day Event

Students from Starke County’s three school corporations will get a firsthand look at local job opportunities during the upcoming Manufacturers Day at Knox Middle School. The Starke County Economic Development Foundation is bringing together 7th grade students and representatives from local industries and SCILL on Thursday, Oct. 2. They will have displays of what their company manufacturers, the skills and training required for each job at the company and the kinds of jobs they have and will also be available to answer questions. Continue reading

Judges to Visit Students on Constitution Day

 Trial and appellate judges will be talking to students about the U.S. Constitution on Wednesday, Sept. 17 in recognition of the anniversary of the signing of the document.

The judges will be passing out pocket constitutions for the students to keep. Judges will also discuss how the jury process works and why it is such an important component of citizenship. The project may include a public service announcement about jury duty, a discussion about statistics on state and county jury trials and a mock jury selection.

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Knox Schools Awarded Field Trip Grant

Knox third grade students will get to go to Potato Creek State Park thanks to the Discovering the Outdoors Field Trip grant.

The grant program is administered through the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation and allows students to participate in field trips to parks and reservoirs to engage them in learning about Indiana’s fish, forest, wildlife, natural habitats and conservation. The grant money helps with transportation costs, program fees and classroom supplies for the field trips to local state parks. Indiana has 24 state parks and eight reservoirs eligible for field trip funding.

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