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Expanded Alcohol Monitoring Approved for Court Services

Officials with court services in Marshall County are moving forward to hold offenders accountable for actions while under home detention.

Ward Byers approached the county commissioners on Monday morning with a request to enter into a contract with the BI Corporation to expand alcohol monitoring.

“Currently, we can provide in-home alcohol monitoring through our 3M contract. This will allow us to have what’s called a SCRAM, or a trans-dermal ankle bracelet, which provides continuous alcohol monitoring of those more high risk alcohol offenders,” said Byers.

The contract will allow the use of a more sophisticated breath test.

“I can set up a schedule in the computer, it notifies the offender when it’s time to provide a sample. When it does that, it takes a photograph of the offender, registers the blood alcohol content and then sends up a GPS signal so we know where that offender is at that time. Should they fail to provide that sample or if they fail their breath sample, I immediately receive a text message so then I can address whatever matter is going on with that person.”

Byers noted that this contract just gives the court and court services more sentencing options.

The BI Corporation is headquartered out of Boulder, Colorado but an office is located in Anderson, Indiana.

As with the contract with the 3M corporation, there will be no costs to the county. When the equipment is activated and assigned to an offender, all user fees will be handed down to the offender. No costs will be incurred by the county. The offender will pay $12 a day.

The commissioners approved the contract pending attorney review.

New U.S. 31 to Open Today

US 31Expect traffic delays today as traffic shifts to the new U.S. 31 between South Bend and Plymouth.

INDOT crews will begin changing traffic to the new alignment of U.S. 31 after 9 a.m. ET. Traffic may be slowed or stopped as crews move barricades, barrels and other traffic control devices. To avoid delays, avoid access points for the new U.S. 31 until after 1 p.m. ET today.

Three interchanges will open today. Those interchanges are located at Kern Road in South Bend, State Road 4 in Lakeville and U.S. 6 in LaPaz. A fourth interchange will open once construction at 7th Road near Plymouth is finished later this year.

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Metronet Nearing Completion, One Connection Approved

 The Metronet project is expected to finish ahead of schedule.

The Marshall County Commissioners noted that the installation of conduit has been going smoothly for the most part and the installation should be complete in mid-September. The Metronet officials will then install the dark fiber and companies should be able to connect to high-speed internet soon after the construction.

Roland Houin with Fourway Computer Products at 12700 4A Road told the commissioners that he’s ready to tap into the service to run to his facility as soon as possible. He plans to lay down conduit and to be prepared once the fibers are lit. He said he wants to experiment running the conduit and fibers to a communication tower and to homes in that area which is by the Tri-Way Theatre and the state highway garage.

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Marshall County Commissioners Tentatively Approve Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Contract

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a contract for gas and diesel with one company – provided some language can be ironed out between the company and the county attorney.

Representatives from North-Central Co-op went before the commissioners Monday morning to discuss the agreement which allows for gasoline and diesel fuel at the highway department with a card reader system and tank monitoring. The company would install the hardware and software and equipment at the highway department at no up-front charge, but a four-and-a-half cent additional cost over the rack price will be assessed on fueling to pay for the cost of the equipment over a five-year period.

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New U.S. 31 Set to Open Between South Bend and Plymouth

The new stretch of U.S. 31 will open Thursday, Aug. 21st. The new road is 20 miles of divided, four-lane highway between the U.S. 20 bypass in South Bend and U.S. 30 near Plymouth. Restrictions will remain on the north end of the project near South Bend and the south end near Plymouth as construction continues through the remainder of this year. Continue reading

Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet today at 9:30 a.m. ET.

The commissioners are expected to discuss a resolution that will pertain to the refunding of 2006 jail bonds.

Laura Mann from the Heminger House will be before the commissioners to request funding to help keep the domestic abuse shelter open. She told the county council last week that the shelter has served 952 since 2008 and that the shelter is critical in keeping abuse victims in a familiar area instead up completely uprooting them to a new environment. Mann indicated that they’ve lost $65,000 in grant funding due to state and federal cuts.

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Marshall County Reports Meth Lab Reduction

Indiana State Police numbers show that Marshall County has dropped in the amount of methamphetamine labs seized.

Marshall County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Nelson Chipman said there have been only eight labs seized in the county this year as of June. In years past, the county ranked in the top 10 in regards to seized meth labs.

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Make Sure Insurance Coverage Extends to College-Bound Students

College students are heading back to school. Make sure their possessions are property insured in the event of a theft, fire or other natural disaster. Officials with the Indiana Department of Insurance recommend parents check with their insurance agent to see if their college student’s belongings are covered by their homeowners policy before they get settled in on campus. Continue reading

Indiana State Police Troopers Seeking Recruits

Applications are now being accepted by the Indiana State Police for the 75th Recruit Academy.

Applications must be received via email by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, Nov. 30. Anyone interested in a career as an Indiana State Trooper can visit here for detailed information on the application process and career information.

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Local Crop Yields Look Promising

 Indiana is looking at another record year for corn and for soybeans.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator at Purdue Extension in Starke County and in Pulaski County Chad Rushing says we should have the same yield potential as last year.  Continue reading

Workshop Planned for Entrepreneurs

ISBDCRon Gifford from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation will be presenting a workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 16 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET at the Pulaski County Public Library in Winamac.

Gifford serves as the Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center Business Advisor for Starke County and Pulaski County. This workshop aims to help entrepreneurs evaluate their business ideas, prepare a sound business plan, manage expectations and increase chances of accessing capital.

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Plymouth Residents Arrested on Meth Charges

Meth BustA seven-month-long investigation into reports of drug activity ended with yesterday’s arrests of a Plymouth couple. State police got a tip back in February from the Marshall County Probation Department that methamphetamine was possibly being manufactured and used at 901 W. Harrison St. in Plymouth. Continue reading

Metronet Roundtable Explains Connectivity Benefit

 St. Joe Valley Metronet experts, IT professionals, business owners and county officials gathered yesterday afternoon to get a grasp on the Metronet project and how it will help businesses in Marshall County.

Mary Jan Hedman from St. Joe Valley Metronet said the company helps with the installation of the conduit and dark fiber cable.

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Marshall County Sheriff to Advertise Full-Time Positions

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin has four positions he needs to fill within his department.

The Marshall County Council members entertained his request to advertise for those full-time positions.

“I can fill two full-time positions at this time and tentatively I’ve got two jailer-dispatchers that have received conditional offers of employment as police officers so I might be losing two more,” stated Chamberlin.

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