Monterey Officials Discuss Next Steps for Building Cleanup

Sportsmans 1The Pulaski County Building Inspector will hire a contractor to inspect the rubble of the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill for asbestos before cleanup of the structure in downtown Monterey can continue. The building at the southeast corner of Main and Walnut Streets fell last Thursday evening. No injuries were reported. Building inspector Dave Dare believes water damage weakened the structure. Continue reading

Rubble in Building Collapse to be Removed Monday

Sportsman bar second dayWork continues to secure an area in Monterey where a building collapsed this week.

The structure that once housed Sportsman’s Bar and Grill gave way around 5 p.m. ET on Thursday. The building was vacant at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported.

Pulaski County Building Administrator David Dare told WKVI news that work has been ongoing to move the rubble into a central location for removal next week. Efforts are being coordinated to remove the remaining debris beginning on Monday. Dare said fencing and caution tape surrounds the area to create a safer environment. Dare mentioned that several Monterey residents assisted officials in clean-up and securing the area.

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Lack of Funding Delays Pulaski County Road Maintenance

 Pulaski County officials may receive the same information relayed to the Marshall County government bodies concerning funding for county roads.

Pulaski County Highway Department General Foreman Terry Ruff told the commissioners the county will have to scrap regular maintenance this year in order to fix roads damaged by the frost line. He says doing both would cost the county an additional $200,000. Ruff says 20 miles of roads will be worked on this year in the southern part of the county. Chip and seal work will be done, and severely damaged roads will be ground up and reconstructed.

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Income Surveys Needed for Pulaski County Planning Grant

Pulaski County CourthouseMore income surveys are needed to help Pulaski County obtain a planning grant for a new EMS building.

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer told the county commissioners this week that 500 surveys are needed, and only 100 have been returned.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Vote to Vacate County Road

Pulaski County Commissioners (L to R) Bud Krohn, Jr., Terry Young and Larry Brady

Pulaski County Commissioners (L to R) Bud Krohn, Jr., Terry Young and Larry Brady

A county road will be vacated in Pulaski County.

Terry Ruff, who is the acting General Foreman at the Pulaski County Highway Department, said the county is spending a lot of resources on the dirt road at 1150 West between 900 South and 1000 South that basically acts as a path between two feuding property owners. Ruff is leery of accidents on the road and who would be responsible if there’s an issue. He said it’s not even suitable to plow.

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Pulaski County Election Board to Research E-Poll Books

The Pulaski County Election Board now has the full support of the county commissioners and the county council to research the feasibility of implementing e-poll books.

Election board member Laura Bailey requested permission from the county council last week to seek more information about e-poll books for the county’s polling sites. Voters would digitally sign in on an iPad when they arrive at one of the seven polling sites in the county to vote. The e-poll books would replace the printed registration books. A receipt would be issued to the voter and taken to an election official to bring up a ballot.

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Pulaski County Government to Consider Obtaining Additional Road Funding

 The Pulaski County Council and Commissioners will be looking into gathering more funds for county roads.

Commission President Larry Brady said the roads severely deteriorated this past winter. Brady told the county council members this week that he chatted with the employees at the highway department who say they’re dipping into this summer’s funding to repair frost line-damaged roads.

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Pulaski County Officials to Discuss Courthouse Needs, County Home Future

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Council and Commissioners will meet in a special joint session meeting on Monday, May 4 to discuss two items.

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston has prepared a presentation on structural issues that need to be addressed at the Pulaski County Courthouse. Johnston informed the commissioners last week that the presentation includes several pages of notes.

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Pulaski County Receives Grant For Drug Disposal

 A new container to collect unwanted, expired and unused prescription medications will be installed at the Pulaski County Justice Center.

Sheriff Jeff Richwine recently applied for a $600 grant through CVS and the company approved grant recipients this week. Sheriff Richwine’s request was approved.

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Town of Monterey Requests Loan from Pulaski County Council

A loan was approved by the Pulaski County Council to help the Town of Monterey with a wastewater system upgrade.

Pulaski County Community Development Commission (CDC) Executive Director Nathan Origer and Monterey Town Council President Jim Fleury were before the county council members on Monday night to request a $20,000 loan for matching grant funds for the project.

The money would be advertised as an additional appropriation from the CDC fund to make a loan available to the town. The money will be only be spent if the town’s grant request is approved.

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Pulaski County Council Approves Loan Resolution for Budget Purposes

 The Pulaski County Council took action to create a temporary loan to cover expenses in the General Fund.

Auditor Shelia Garling explained to the county council that the financial report shows that the General Fund is $175,156.66 short. Garling asked that a loan be authorized from the County Adjusted Gross Income Tax (CAGIT) County Certified Shares line item to support the General Fund. The CAGIT fund has a balance of $1.8 million.

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Pulaski County Council Makes a Move to Help EMS Staffing Issues

The Pulaski County Council members took a giant step last night to help keep paramedics and EMS staff members in the county.

EMS Director Nikki Lowry previously pleaded with the county council to help retain her staff as they are leaving for higher pay in surrounding counties. The turnover rate is very high. She asked that a committee get together and aid her in restructuring pay in the EMS budget.

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Pulaski County Commissioners, Council to Discuss Highway Superintendent Position

The Pulaski County Commissioners approved the action of interviewing candidates for the position of highway superintendent, but the position is not yet open.

The commissioners were notified that Superintendent Mark Fox may submit his letter of resignation last week, but that letter has not been filed with the Pulaski County Auditor’s office, according to Auditor Shelia Garling.

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Pulaski County Department Heads, Employees to Partake in Training

Personnel policy handbook training sessions for department heads and employees in Pulaski County are scheduled for this month.

County Attorney Kevin Tankersley explained to the commissioners last week that a revision is complete which provides more detail and required forms. Workers compensation, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) information, overtime, and more is included in the 98-page document. Tankersley said the new manual is more user-friendly. A policy has been in place in Pulaski County since 2012.

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Pulaski County Sheriff Requests Vehicle Purchase

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department will be getting a new vehicle.

Sheriff Jeff Richwine approached the commissioners this week to seek approval to purchase a Chevrolet Tahoe. He said an SUV would better suit the department.

“In a rural area like this, I think a four wheel drive would be great,” said Richwine. With the last two winters we’ve had, it would be a plus for the officers to be able to stay in their own police car rather than get into one of the Humvees or some of the other vehicles that we have.”

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Confined Feeding Operation Coming to Pulaski County

A new confined hog feeding operation will be locating in Pulaski County.

David Weber from the Pulaski County Building and Zoning Department told the commissioners this week that a public hearing was held by the planning commission in March to hear comments concerning a rezoning request. The planning commission recommended the rezoning of an 80 acre area at 11189 W. 750 N. in Cass Township from A-1 to A-2, which includes exclusive or intense agricultural purposes. The representatives of Livestock Engineering Solutions want to establish a confined feeding operation at that location. Two barns will be constructed to contain 7,000 hogs.

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Pulaski County Election Board to Research E-Poll Book Purchase

The Pulaski County Election Board will be looking into the feasibility of purchasing e-poll books after meeting with the Pulaski County Commissioners Monday night.

Board member Jon Frain explained that the implementation of e-poll books is the next step in upgrading the election equipment. The county would purchase iPads with election software. Voting officials would be able to scan a voter’s Driver’s License into the computer, and that would create a digital signature page to move the process at a quicker pace.

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Pulaski County Commissioners Anticipate Highway Superintendent Resignation

Pulaski County Commissioners (L to R) Bud Krohn, Jr., Terry Young and Larry Brady

Pulaski County Commissioners (L to R) Bud Krohn, Jr., Terry Young and Larry Brady

The Pulaski County Commissioners will be interviewing candidates for the top position at the county highway department.

The commissioners approved action to interview internally for the position of superintendent, however, a letter of resignation from acting Superintendent Mark Fox has not been filed with the county. They anticipate that letter to be filed this week. If the commissioners feel that a person currently working for the county does not fit what they’re looking for in a candidate, they will advertise externally for the position.

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Loan Request Headed to Pulaski County Council

The Town of Monterey may take out a larger loan from Pulaski County.

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer explained that the county agreed to loan the Town of Monterey $10,000 in order to provide matching funds for the proposed wastewater treatment facility project in Monterey. This was approved by Pulaski County government entities last year.

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