Government Offices Closed So Employees Can Pay Respects

starke-county-courthouseStarke County government office will be closed for a few hours today so employees can pay their respects to a colleague. The commissioners have authorized the closure from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. so staff members can attend county sanitarian Chris Dalton’s funeral. He died last Thursday of a sudden heart attack. Visitation for Dalton is this morning from 9 until 11 a.m. at Braman & Son Memorial Chapel in Knox, followed by the funeral at 11. The courthouse and annex will reopen at 1 p.m.

Incredible Causes will Benefit from Spirit of Pulaski County Proceeds

st0pThe annual Spirit of Pulaski County, formerly known as Germanfest, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 8 this year at the Train Depot in downtown Winamac. During the event, the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a spirit ride and spirit walk in memory of Tina Kasten and all other domestic abuse victims. Kasten is a local woman whose husband was arrested for her murder back in May. Continue reading

Do Your Part, Plus Some Art with the First Ever Community Canvas Fundraiser


The cost of fireworks has sky rocketed! To help account for rising prices, various fireworks fundraisers have been happening leading up to the Starke County Independence Day celebration. According to Mayor Rick Chambers the display costs several thousand dollars. Since the show is provided for the community, members of the community are asked to give a little to help with the cost.

A unique new fundraiser is set to take place tonight from 6 until 8 pm in the Nancy Dembowski Community Center. For only $25 you can participate in Knox’s first ever Community Canvas event. Continue reading

Starke County Council Approves Purchase of New Court Software

starke-county-courthouseStarke County will soon switch to a new court software program. IT Director Joe Short says the Windows-based Odyssey program will replace the DOS-based CSI program that’s currently in use. The switch will also save the county the $25,000 a year they are currently paying for a maintenance contract. Continue reading

Embattled Veterans Service Officer Files Grievance Against County Commissioners

starke-county-courthouseA Starke County employee who was relieved of his duties during Monday’s commissioners meeting has filed a grievance seeking to be reinstated. The commissioners voted 2-0 to replace Veterans Service Officer Terry Turner with Mark Gourley. Commissioner Don Binkley made the motion to terminate Turner, and President of the Commissioners Kent Danford seconded it. Commissioner Kathy Norem did not vote.

After the meeting Danford said he has received several complaints about Turner. Continue reading

Starke County Commissioners Approve Use of Force Policy for Community Corrections

Starke County Community Corrections officers who choose to undergo initial and continuing education training can carry firearms on duty after action Monday by the Starke County Commissioners. Program Coordinator Shawn Mattraw says the community corrections board approved a use of force policy, which was also reviewed by county attorney Marty Lucas.

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Starke County Park Board Discusses Beach and Campground Improvements

Bass Lake CampgroundThe Starke County Park Board and Rich Callahan, lessor and operator of Starke County’s Bass Lake Beach and Campground, when they met Tuesday night, addressed all the issues before them. They reached agreement on progress, so far, on repair and replacement of certain equipment and/or facilities. Callahan is expected to issue another progress report before the next meeting of the Board on July 21st. Continue reading

Starke County Council Sets County Vehicle Maintenance Rate

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Council reluctantly set a labor rate of $18.50 per hour for work on county-owned vehicles by mechanics at the highway garage. That’s the journeyman mechanic’s hourly rate. Continue reading

EMA Director Worries About Effect of Rain on Crops

IMG_5011The continued rains have left many area farmers up a creek, so to speak. Starke County Emergency Management Agency Director Ted Bombagetti told the county commissioners last night many have sustained significant losses as a result of standing water. He adds it will be too late for them to replant by the time their fields dry out. Bombagetti has made a formal request for “saturated soil” assistance to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and is waiting for a response.  Continue reading

Starke County Commissioners Replace Veterans Service Officer

starke-county-courthouseStarke County has a new veterans service officer after action last night by the county commissioners. They voted to terminate Terry Turner from the position and replace him with Mark Gourley. President of the Commissioners Kent Danford says he’s a veteran with experience filing claims for servicemembers in LaPorte County. After the meeting, Danford said he’s received several complaints about Turner.

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Starke County Council to Consider Jail Commander Pay

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Council will decide tonight whether to increase the salary for the jail commander. Sheriff Bill Dulin’s request to boost the pay for the position to reflect the additional responsibilities at the new jail got a favorable recommendation from the county commissioners. Dulin told them he can transfer money from within his budget to cover the extra expense. Continue reading

Road Paving Bid Chosen During Special Board of Public Works Meeting Monday Morning

roadworkFour streets in the city of Knox are scheduled for paving but first things first, who will do it? The roads planned for paving are Lake Street, East Street, Potter Street and Myrtle Court. Three bids were on the table during the board of public works meeting called specifically for this item. The three companies under deliberation were Walsh & Kelly Inc., Rieth-Riley Construction Company and E&B Paving. Continue reading

Starke County Departments to Pay County for Vehicle Maintenance

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Sheriff’s Office, EMS and other departments that have their vehicles services at the county highway garage will have to pay the county’s labor cost for maintenance and repairs. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler was advised by the State Board of Accounts the department either has to charge the full hourly rate or not do the work. Continue reading

Marshall County Council to Consider Regional Development Authority

The Marshall County Council will have the final say on whether major grant funds are able to be brought to the area.

During Monday morning’s meeting, the Council will consider forming a Regional Development Authority. The partnership would be formed in conjunction with St. Joseph and Elkhart counties.

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Starke County Commissioners Hire Auctioneer

starke-county-courthouseNorth Judson auctioneer Ben Osinski will conduct the Starke County surplus property auction on Wednesday, June 29. The county commissioners voted Monday to offer him the opportunity to run the sale. D and N Auctions in Hamlet also expressed an interest in doing the sale. The commissioners noted both have done work for the county in the past and suggested they use them on a rotating basis. The auction time and location have not been announced.

Longtime Starke County Courthouse Custodian Retires

Longtime Starke County Courthouse custodian Carl Goodrich prepares to cut his retirement carrot cake, which was a gift from the county commissioners.

Longtime Starke County Courthouse custodian Carl Goodrich prepares to cut his retirement carrot cake, which was a gift from the county commissioners.

An employee of Starke County for more than four decades retired yesterday from what was supposed to have been a temporary job. Gerald Ford was in the White House and gas was 55-cents a gallon when Carl Goodrich took over as courthouse custodian on Nov. 26, 1974. Continue reading

Roadwork Remains A Funding Issue in Marshall County

The Marshall County Highway Department has a plan they hope can better maintain roads.

During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting, Highway Department staff provided updates on this year’s road projects, including about $180-thousand spent this year that is not included in the project list.
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