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From The EastWing, Winter Woes And Loving Winter, Global Warming And Crazier, A real Winter Coming On, Early Growing Of The Orange Trees Just Growing Like A Weed, The Sophia Diary

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

With all the cussing, crying and the slinging of snot during the last three weeks, you’d think this is the worst winter since the last ice age. Sure it got cold. Sure it snowed. Sure it stayed cold. Sure it was colder than the last few winters. DUH !! It’s the winter time. We string together three mild winters in a row and the whole world points to those winters and say “Yep, Global Warming sure as hell, no question about it. It’s Global Warming, and we’re all doomed”.

Some of the global warming nuts even went as far as predicting  that we would soon never again see temperature below freezing due to the global warming. I even read where one of those predictors of doom stated that within five years, snow would not fall south of Canada.

Then along comes the winter of 2014. A cold weather pattern from the north engulfs much of North America. It’s called a Polar Vortex. The weather people used that term “Polar Vortex” like they just invented winter all over again. Then It snowed in North Florida.  The Weather Chanel Headquarters in Atlanta GA observed from their windows, for the very first time ever, traffic gridlock due to snow on the streets of Atlanta. Less than 3” of snow froze Atlanta GA in place. Savannah GA had not seen ice or snow for the last 25 winters. That record ended this winter.

The important thing to remember, and Savannah GA is a good example. No snow for 25 years. Which means they did have snow before, so snow this winter is nothing new to the lovely city by the sea. It snowed in Savannah before, and will do so again, someday in the future Savannah will get more snow. Oh, and by the way, if you’ve never been to Savannah, ya need to go. Such a pretty. I love Savannah, and recommend it to anyone wanting to experience “Gone With The Wind” charm in real time. Atlanta, not so much so, Savannah is the place. The very best parts of the old South are still alive in Savannah. I love Savannah, GA.

It’s been some 40 days since this winter thing started by the calendar, back in December. By now everybody’s noticed that the days are getting noticeably longer. One other thing that’s happening is the 2014 growing season has officially kick started. Yep, sure as shooting the growing season if off to a rousing start.

Of course not the outside growing season, but the inside growing season is off and running. At the EastWing it’s most noticeable in two places, my Orange Tree and potatoes in the bin.  As many of my friends remember, my efforts to free the EastWing of dependency on foreign Orange Juice ran amuck when the She, in her efforts to assist the project, killed the orange grove with “Miracle Grow”. Guess there is such as “too much of a good thing”.

It was after the disaster in the EastWing Orange Grove that I started another seed. It was from that meager effort I’ve produced a single Orange Tree. Call my orange tree OJ. No, no not that OJ. A real OJ. But I must admit my OJ is a real killer to look at. Pun intended. The little seed grew into a small tree in one year. From seed to 14” tree in one growing season here in Northern Indiana’s not too bad even for an OJ Tree.

And then last December 23rd we opened up the sunshine by   extending the length of days. And the little OJ Tree shifted into the terrible twos. In this short time, the little OJ Tree has grown up 6” and three lateral branches in excess of 12”. “Growing like a weed” is an expression I used to hear adult hillbillies say when, I was a kid, as they were talking about growing babies. Guess in a way my OJ Tree is kinda hillbilly. After all the EastWing is stone cold hillbilly, so guess that makes my little OJ Tree kinda “growing like a weed”.

Before I get lynched for not talking about beautiful Sophia The Calico Conservative Republican Cat for some time, I’m gona, starting right now. The other day when I went into the girl room, the bedroom of Sophia. Laying there on the night stand, right beside her autographed picture of Herbert Hoover,  I found a little book lying face down. Turned it over and on the front cover, the words  “The Sophia Diary”

Dear Diary,

I’m writing in this Dumb Diary for two reasons, the first reason is that I don’t want someone to think I don’t like this stupid Christmas Present, this diary. The second reason is I want to document for the official record my treatment at this place, in the event it is necessary for future explanations of my actions, should such actions become necessary to explain their justifications.

I hate Spike.



Dear Diary,

I went outside today, hissed at the deck cats, then peed in the snow. Came right back in the house, hissed at Spike and went up to my room.  It’s no fun to pee in the snow in the winter time.

I hate Spike.



Dear Diary,

I have two humans, a big ugly bald human and a little girl human. The big ugly bald human thinks he’s my boss. He is not my boss. I do not have a boss. I am the boss. The little girl human does not try to boss me around, she leaves me alone.

I hate Spike.



Dear Diary,

At night I sleep on the pillow of the ugly bald human with my whiskers touching his cheek. Sleeping this way allows me to always know where the ugly bald human is at all times. An old saying in the cat world goes something like this, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” I believe in that saying, and so  I keep that ugly bald human closer.

I hate Spike.



Dear Diary,

The ugly bald human has two Beagle dogs. They wanted to play with me. No! Thank You Very Much Beagles! I hissed at ‘em and ran to my room and got up on top of the door and sat there for a while. I’m the only one in this whole house that can sit on top of a door. Even Spike can’t sit on top of the door. Spike’s too fat. I hate Spike. Damn fat Spike.


Spike plays with the Beagles. Maybe they will gang up and kill Spike someday. I hope so, ‘case I hate Spike.



 Dear Diary,

Pit Bull Bentley is my friend. We had a long talk today. I told Bentley that I was in charge and sometimes I would have to tell him what to do. Bentley said ok. Bentley is my friend.

 If that damn Spike sneaks up on me just one more time, I’m gona start carrying a gun. I hate Spike.




Then before I was caught reading Sophia’s diary, I closed the book, turned it face down on her night stand and walked away wondering who was the ugly bald human Sophia was talking about.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Winter Woes And Loving Winter, Global Warming And Crazier, A real Winter Coming On, Early Growing Of The Orange Trees  Just Growing Like A Weed, The Sophia Diary

I Wish You Well,


From the EastWing, Happy, Happy Days, EastWing Boy Toys, Red Oak Floors & Cornerstones, Naysayers & Speakers of Doom, Me & The She & the Gable Theater.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Before our next visit in the EastWing, me and the She will again observe yet another wedding anniversary. Don’t know how many years, but it’s more than a few.  When me and the She got married, TV’s had black and white pictures.  Telephones where attached to walls. Computers were the size of houses and the music, the music was pressed into vinyl. The music said things like “Getty Up Getty Up 409”  “Come Softly To Me” “Blueberry Hill” and “Love Me Tender”.  it was a while back. Rock & Roll was young, and so were me and the She. It was such a time.

In the last several weeks I’ve had quite a lot of new friends asking questions ‘bout the EastWing, things like what, when, where, why, and how come, as EastWing questions. So for my long time friends of the EastWing, just bare with me here for a little while as I address some of these matters. ‘Cause you’ve all seen down this memory lane before.

It’s really quite simple, the EastWing, well the EastWing is my playground. It holds my stuff, most all my stuff, my computers, my toys, my chickens, my dogs and my cats. Antique Pop Bottles, Flying Nuns, a Pooping Moose, R2D2 as a PEZ Dispenser, and a rooster lamp. A trash can from The Ohio State University, Coal Oil Lamps, Dolls that represent members of the Family of Howards, Flamingos, Angels, and a Rooster with a broken wing. A Sign on the wall that says GOD BLESS AMERICA, and another sign that says PEACE. A picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, A thing I brought home from the Sea. An emergency Flood Light that is said to be 10 million candle power, that can produce light enough to read at ¼ mile, we tested that one out, ya can read a ¼ mile down the road. Two Manatees and one of ‘em is canned. Even a chicken with biddies.

It’s called the EastWing ‘cause it’s a room I built onto the east end of the original house. Don’t know if I told ya that I built the original house. Sure did, that was the first house I’d ever built, it was the last house I’ve ever built. I’ve remodeled that last house I built 8 times, the EastWing is the last remodeling job.

The EastWing is 26’ x 16’  Three walls are glass with just enough wall space to support the roof. The fourth wall is the east exterior of the original house. On this fourth wall I left the original exterior which is cedar siding. Painted white. Three walls have a 4’ sliding glass door in the center of each wall, while the house wall has a opening where  a regular glass sliding door used to be. The EastWing is hated and cooled by the same system as the rest of the house.

A vaulted 12’ ceiling supports two 48” ceiling fans with 3 bulb  light fixtures. The EastWing floor is somewhat similar in nature to the biblical  reference of “The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone.” The wood purchased for the flooring had been rejected by the builders. It then turned out that for the EastWing, that floor, the wood that’d been rejected, well it did become the cornerstone. Or maybe I should say the cornerwood. But that don’t sound right, cornerstone is better.


It’s oak flooring, Red Oak Flooring, 1” thick, and 1½” wide. I’ve always had a passion for wood floors, just have forever loved wood floors. we’ve got wood floors in every room in my house except the potty and the kitchen. I don’t even like it when the She puts those little rug circles on ‘em, but she’s the She, and so I live with those little rug circles here and there on my pretty hardwood floors.  


When the EastWing was being built there was never any question as to the type flooring, only which kinda wood.  Well, somebody told me ‘bout a place in Michigan, Pawpaw Michigan, where a store was selling red oak flooring for $1.00 per sq. ft. I called ‘em up. The feller gives me the dope, tells me he works at a factory that makes oak flooring and they have strict quality control that rejects a fair amount of product due to blemishers such as knotholes, worm holes, bark still on the wood, etc.  Told me to figure my need in sq ft and add 25% and that would allow for the cutting out of all the bad parts, and I’d end up with a clear oak floor.


I calculated the need, added 25%, went to Michigan and picked up my floor. The original pattern had already been designed on paper, all that was left was putting the wood in place. The pattern I’d designed was to reflect the outdoor aspects of the EastWing. A 12” diamond in the center of the floor and two 36” sidewalks on the outside, the north and south sides of the EastWing. The  wooden sidewalks to run perpendicular to the diamond pattern of the main floor.


The first 4 pieces of wood put down, I cut out the flaws, after all, I’m gona have a high quality floor here in the EastWing. It was on that 5th piece of wood I picked up that changed the EastWing forever. It was so easy to see why this piece of wood was rejected. It was full of imperfections, I tell ya it was just filled with worm holes, knot holes and even a piece of bark was still stuck to the wood.


 It was also so filled with so much character it took my breath away. Knowing what this piece of wood, I held in my hand, would look like when it was varnished and finished off, I laid it in place on my new floor, uncut, and forever imperfect. But only in the eyes of some people. ‘Cause that little piece of wood, well it’s kinda like those things we talked ‘bout a few weeks ago, and God not making ugly anything and all. Be it butterflies, flowers, people or a little strip of wood from a Red Oak Tree, God just don’t make ugly stuff. He’s for sure not gona make ugly stuff just for me to put in the EastWing floor, after all, God lives here in the EastWing too, and he’s gotta look at this EastWing floor as much as I do.


The remainder of the EastWing flooring went into place as I picked ‘em up.  Not one time in the installation of that floor did I trim out a single “bad” spot. I cut only for angles and to size.  And as such, I now have a floor that is the center piece of the EastWing. The floor has become the cornerstone.


And guess what, the She  puts one of those really big round rugs on my pretty Red Oak Floor.  But she’s the She, and so I live with the round rug of the EastWing, all the while knowing there’s a pretty oak floor cornerstone  under there.


Naysayers and speakers of doom, did ya ever run into ‘em? Boy they sure hunted me out when I decided to build my house. “Ya can’t build a house, ya never built a house before, ya don’t know the first thing ‘bout building a house, ya don’t even know how to start.” And ya know what, those people, such negative talking people, well they were right, I didn’t know how to start, I hadn’t built a house before. But a very important point was overlooked by these naysayers. That fact  being BobbyRay had learned to read. Yah, I’d learned to read years ago, and practiced damn near every day. Then I built my house by reading every step of the way. I even found a book that taught ya how to drive a nail straight, even upside down, and guess what, it works even upside down.  Good book, that instructional manual on nail driving.


The more folks said it would never be done, the more determined I was to get ‘er done. And so I did.  When me and the She moved into our new house with our beautiful baby girl, only one room contained drywall in the whole house. It’s important to be able to potty in private. I don’t even remember the second room to get drywall. But I do remember the first.


When me and the She moved into our new home, it was a work in progress to say the least.  We lived for a long time in a construction zone.  Love gets ya thru a lot in a construction zone.


Me and the She, we’re classic high school sweet hearts. Hillbilly Boy meets Italian Girl.  We walk the high school halls together..  Holding hands as often as possible, we tell everybody we’re going “steady”. I wanted to go  tell it on the mountain, but the She said we’d just tell it at school instead. That was  alright with me, but I still would have liked to have gone and told it on the mountain. That telling it on the mountain part, it’s a hillbilly thing.  We’re just high school sweet hearts, me and the She.  High School Sweet Hearts that life worked out well for us.


Met the She for the first time in the Gable Theater in North Judson. It was a Sunday evening, and the She was with a neighbor girl whom I had gone to school with at the California Township Elementary School. Me, well, I’d walked from Toto to North Judson to go to the movies with the Toto boys.  We walked on the New York Central Railroad. It was the closest route to town from Toto.


Don’t remember how I ended up sitting next to the She, I only know when the light reflecting from the movie screen illuminated the face of the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my whole life, I fell in love. The She smiled at me. And it was at that point I fell madly in love with Miss Regina Griffo, destined to become the only She of my life. I was fifteen, only fifteen, and I loved her so.  At that very same minute the She didn’t quite share my excitement for our new found relationship. In fact, I don’t even think the She knew about  our new found relationship. But she would in the future, I’d see to that. And so I did. Seems like only yesterday, when me and the She were at the Gable Theater. And the She smiled at me. Then life’s great adventure began.


 Love gets ya thru a lot.


Stay safe in Afghanistan.


From the EastWing,  Happy,  Happy Days, EastWing Boy Toys, Red Oak Floors & Cornerstones, Naysayers & Speakers of Doom, Me & The She & the Gable Theater.

I wish you well,


From The EastWing, Mid Winter Nights & Peeps, The President & Ben Franklin, Polar Vortex On Both Sides Of The Rope, Dancing In The Rain, Conservatives & Liberals & Left & Right, A Bible Story & A Spelling Bee. Democrats & Republicans, Does It Make A Difference To You?

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Mid winter nights and all’s well at the EastWing.  Just like you, I’m looking  forward to spirngtime.  One of the really cool things about setting here in the EastWing and visiting with you is that  somebody forever remebers something I’ve  said a long time ago and wants to talk about that sufff again. This week a lady in Montana asked if I still had the story about the “Peeps of Springtime”. I do, and will once again share the story of the Peeps of Springtime. But only when I find the Peeps in the vast confins of the EastWing back up stuff. I will find the Peeps, I promise, and when I do, we’ll again talk about the Peeps of Springtime.  Seems that every year around this time someone remembers about the Peeps of Springtime. The Peeps of Springtime, such a fun way to look forward to springtime in the valley.

Came across an interesting statements by two people who surly will be remembered in the history of this nation. Barack Obama, the current president, said “I think it’s important to understand that you can’t have 100% security and then have 100% privacy  and zero inconveniences.  We’re have to make some choices as a society.”

Well over 200 years ago, Ben Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of this nation, said “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and will lose both.”

One cannot help but wonder which of these two men will survive the test of time. But more importantly, which of the two statements will turn out to be most accurate.

In light of the fact that the recent disclosure of the actions of the NSA in collecting the information on every phone call and every log on to every internet point, it appears the current administration has  once again told us one thing and done another. Remember when the main NSA man in charge, was asked, under oath, during testimony before congress if the NSA collected any personal data on American Citizens. He responded, “Not wittingly.”  The same man later admitted he lied to the congressional committee. Then in his letter to congress he said “Uh oh, I meant to just say  “wittingly.”

As a  fellow by the name of Snowden got hold of the Glory Hole of secret information. Then starting telling the world about how the USA is spying on the whole world. The main man at the NSA said “not wittingly”. Then “wittingly”, then the  President  said this is not actable, I’ll get to the bottom of this. Then the President said, I’ve had people look into this. We’re not going to continue to spy on our friends around the world. But we’re still needing to spy on you. We’ll continue to collect all you phone and text messages along with every key stroke you make on the internet. We need to collect all this personal stuff to keep you safe from terrorists.  And oh, I forgot to tell you, we won’t let anybody get your personal information. And even if they do, we’d shame ‘em into giving your stuff back, before it is used to do you any harm. You can be reassured that we are looking out for your best interest. And it was with those assurances, by the same man who said we could keep our doctor and our health insurance, we all went back to sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Ben Franklin will win out in the long run.  After all, he’s got a track record in his favor. But keep in mind Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize along with  Hope and Change and  ObamaCare in his favor.  We’ll see.

Guess by now you’ve had your fill of the discussion of the Polar Vortex.  Our world turned cold and the way in which the term Polar Vortex dominated the news, you would have sworn nobody knew it was cold outside except the news media. And they had to get the word out.

The people on the Weather Chanel are a hoot. When bad weather comes along, be it summer, winter, spring or fall, they get so excited ya think they’re about to pee their pants. I sometimes wonder if it’s  expressions of false concerns. After all, no matter what it is with the weather. It’s been here before and it’ll come back again.

Not too much time has been spent on an explanation of what is a Polar Vortex, so here goes.  It’s an air mass that circulates west to east around both the top and bottom of the Earth. The term Polar Vortex has been in use since the late 1950’s or so. From time to time it would appear as a reference point, but never dominate the news media like the recent past.

In 1974 Time Magazine used the scientific knowledge base associated with the Polar Vortex to support their contention of Global Cooling. Now in 2014, Time Magazine turns to the Polar Vortex to support their contention of Global Warming. It’s difficult to take a position contrary to Climate Change when the supports of such, always propose  the current weather conditions support their point of view.

Using the Polar Vortex to support both Global Cooling and Global Warming is a good example of how bizarre the whole climate discussion has become.  Having been a very close observer of weather patterns most all my life, I’m of the opinion that we truly know very little more about the weather than we did 100 years.

We do have technical ability far beyond anything that could be imagined 100 years ago. We can see the development of massive storms well before they contact land. We can provide advance life saving notice of such storm. We can better prepare for the storm, not control the outcome.

So even with all our scientific knowledge of weather, it still comes down to the fact that the success of the Rain Dance has a lot to do with the timing of the performance.

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get asked something that makes me stop and think. Last week the EastWing E-mail asked why it is that a Conservative point of view  are called the “right” and a Liberal point of view is called the “left”?

Seems I remembered left and right reference in the bible. One of the neat things I have available in my magic box, this both play and work thing, this computer,  is  a program that allows word or phrase search within the bible, any bible. And for those who may think this world contains only one bible. You’re wrong. There are way, way more than a single bible in this world.  We’re not gona talk about that right now, but we will some day. But right now we’re talking left and right. And the bible just happened to be a good place to start looking for the answers.

Remember what Jesus said: “Goats on the left, sheep on the right”.  To Peter he said, “if you want to catch fish do it from the right side of the boat”. They did and filled the boat.

In the book of  Ecclesiastes 10:2 “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” (NIV) Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen.

Now don’t get crazy on me here and accuse me of making this stuff up. If you don’t have your own bible, find someone who does and check it out.  I’m just telling ya where to look.. I always believe the word of God speaks for its self. Ecclesiastes 10:2 does just that.

Now just to make sure there is no confusion on this left & right thing, here’s a simple spelling lesson that may better illustrate in the minds of some?

A Spelling Lesson From The EastWing:

The last four letters in American……….I Can
The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

Guess that’s just another way of spelling “Left and Right”.

Another example of left and right can be demonstrated by the following things people do and say:

When a Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.  If a Democrat doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. 

A Republican vegetarian, doesn’t eat meat.  If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone. 

 If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.  A Democrat  homosexual, demands legislated respect from the whole world.

When a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.  Down and out  Democrats want to know  who is going to take care of them.  And how much, and what are they gona get.

If a Republican doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.  While Democrat demands that those they don’t want to hear, be shut off the air ways.

A Republican non-believer, doesn’t go to church.  A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced in the whole world.

If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.  If a Democrat decides he needs health care, he demands that somebody else pays for it.


When a Republican reads this comparison, he’ll forward it so his friends can all have a good laugh.  A Democrat will delete the story because he’s “offended by my lack compassion”. Then  sends a nasty gram to BobbyRay. Attacking, not my message, but the courier of the word. It’s an old democrat technique, kill the messenger, and never address the argument, then change to topic of discussion.


As one of the more recognized Democrats of our era said a while back, “At this late stage, what difference does it make?” Just another way of saying let’s change the topic, and talk about things that make me look good. Guess some democrats are also cursed by a “ lack of compassion”.

 Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, November 2014 has been aside as rodent removal month.

Stay Safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Mid Winter Nights & Peeps, The President & Ben Franklin, Polar Vortex On Both Sides Of The Rope, Dancing In The Rain, Conservatives & Liberals & Left & Right, A Bible Story & A Spelling Bee. Democrats & Republicans,  Does It Make A Difference To You?

I Wish You Well,


From The EastWing, Writing For The Money, 2013 For The President Of The United States It Was The Worst Of Times.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


Ten days ago I was offered an opportunity to, “write for money”(sweet !)  about  what I thought about the President’s job performance in 2013. It was with trembling fingers that I touched the keyboard and responded that I would only write such, if I had the opportunity to summarize the written words when visiting with my friends from the EastWing on Sunday Evening.  With just a little tweaking of the language, we worked out the details to the extent of what I could say from the EastWing when describing the agreement. And so I summarize:

2013 turned out the be the most horrific year yet  for President Obama. 2014 may very well turn out to be even worse due to the increasing amount of self inflicted wounds this administration has brought upon themselves.

 The collapse of everything from ObamaCare, to the NSA, to the Benghazi, to the IRS, and they just keep growing and growing. There is an ever mounting sense among Americans outside Washington DC  that while President Obama makes good speeches, it’s only when other people write the words and the President speaks the words from the teleprompters.  he is poor example of a leader for the greatest nation on Earth. He’s all talk and all show. Yet it’s all talk and no go.


It didn’t start out that way, they looked, talked and sounded like they knew what they were talking about. They were the top dogs,  all the President’s Men. They looked good on paper and sounded even better in person. After all, the Ivy League degrees flowed like fine wine at the wedding fast. They talked a good show, they’d practiced saying  all the buzz words to convince us that all was well, and that hope and change was on the march. But their words never turned into action, and on the rare occasion of when they did, catastrophe walked about.


 So what happened?  What went so wrong with all this hope and change this fellow brought to the political arena?  The hope and change that would improve our lives forever.  Like everything else in life, the signs were there before our eyes, yet we didn’t see the signs. We only looked into the hope, and never questioned the change. We should have. Then things would have been different. Way different.


For the first time in the history of this country, the great majority of the president’s cabinet officers were drawn almost entirely from liberal think tanks, universities and the public sector.  That alone should have been a wakeup call to we the people, it was not.  We bought into the hope side. We trusted the man that only said “Hope and Change”. We never asked about the change part. We bought into the hope.


We knew almost nothing about the man offering us “Hope and Change”.  His past record of accomplishments were never disclosed, simply because there were no accomplishments worth disclosing. In the Illinois legislative position, he voted present more times than he voted yes or no.  His ability to lead was based solely on his ability to read a speech from a teleprompter.  His whole life has been  pretty much spent in the public coffers. Living in an environment with little or no accountability, his whole education has been on the public dime.


 President Obama, himself, along with the vast majority of his top advisers had never ever had any real world experience. Almost none of them have ever built anything.  They have never met production deadlines or had their budgets cut. They’ve never faced disgruntled employees or been held accountable for products that failed in the marketplace.  They’ve never learned from experience because the only experience they’ve  had was in the world of theory and hypothesis.  In the world of theory and hypothesis you never fail, you only take a different approach to the failed attempt.


Now when the widget your company makes is a lemon, you take the loss, redesign the lemon, and manufacture a new widget, and take it back to the marketplace. At a think tank if your theory is proven to be false, you write a new book with a new theory. President Obama and his team have never understood the age-old expression, “it’s not what you say it’s what you do that counts.” In a world of theory and hypothesis, what you think is all you can do.


It was during the Reagan Administration, that every cabinet position was afforded the opportunity to review every speech the president was to deliver. The review was for input, for corrections of erroneous information. To make sure that every word uttered by the President of the United States was true and factual.   It  was the Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman,  who  fought so hard to include a line in  every presidential speech that talked about a need for a 600 ship navy.


At that time, we  didn’t have a 600 ship navy, but Lehman wanted one. He knew if President Reagan ever uttered the magic words, “600 Ship Navy,” in a speech, the Secretary of the Navy could take it from there and build a 600 ship navy.  Secretary Lehman understood a fundamental principle of government bureaucracy. Get the boss to say something, and then work behind the scenes to make it happen.


But it didn’t stop there.  Navy Secretary Lehman knew the first step was to get the funding, but the next step was to build the ships. He had to make sure the shipbuilding program didn’t have massive cost overruns, that the ships were built to specification and delivered on time.  


So Secretary Lehman reformed the procurement program and pushed for fixed price contracts, penalties if the ships were late and bonuses if they came in early.  In the end, the United States got a 600 ship navy, and it was that navy who was  instrumental in our winning the Cold War. Russia knew very well of the 600 ship navy.


The problem President Obama faces is he doesn’t have anyone like  John Lehman.  He makes great speeches, there is no doubt. But that’s where it all stops.  Behind the scenes there are no competent people turning words into deeds.  There’s no follow through.  No implementation. No penalties if something doesn’t work or deadlines aren’t met. There are also no rewards for success.  Nobody is held accountable for anything. ObamaCare, NSA,   Benghazi, IRS, has anyone heard of any accountability on any of these issues? I’m not aware of any accountability on the handling on these blotched failures by the administration.


Why not ? Because in the World of Obama, nothing really goes wrong for long. Everything is a small bump in the road, a temporary inconvenience, a glitch caused by some low level bureaucrat in Cincinnati OH or a simple video that causes people in Benghazi to riot.  All that’s needed is better P.R. more spin and better messaging. In the Reagan administration a great speech was just the first step in a long process. In the Obama administration it’s the one and only step. It all ends with the speech. The Obama speech ends the matter. And the start of the next speech is being written.


Words alone never translate into deeds. In the classic movie, “The Ten Commandments”  the Pharaoh says, “So let it be written, so let it be done.”  But that didn’t work out too well for Pharaoh, and it hasn’t worked any better for President Obama, either. In the real world words don’t automatically translate into deeds.


Words may move public opinion polls, but only  temporarily.  They may convince the slavish and gullible Washington press corps, who despite all evidence to the contrary, still takes anything Obama says as gospel. But a few good speeches don’t redirect the large, cumbersome, superfluous ship of state to change course.  Words don’t get websites built, or balance budgets, or rein in unaccountable bureaucracies.  Nor do they  build 600 ship navies. They just don’t.


So far, the administration’s appalling management has touched very few average Americans directly.  But health care is the straw that  will break the camel’s back, because it will affect everyone.  That’s everyone from me to you. 


We don’t need the filter of the media to tell us what to think about our health care system, we’re experiencing it firsthand. We will know it when our premiums rise, our doctors are no longer available, our prescription prices double.  And just wait until the lack of website security leads to large scale identify theft for participants.   


The unsolved problems of 2013,  like ObamaCare, NSA, Benghazi, the IRS, unemployment, Iran’s nuclear program, Al Qaeda’s expansion, they won’t go away just because the calendar year changes. These problems will only roll into the new year. Increasing the likely hood that 2014 will be more disastrous for the president than 2013.


These issues can only be solved when the president and his advisers make some drastic course corrections.  But, I predict they won’t. Frankly, they probably can’t. They don’t know how.  The problem with people who live in a world of speeches and books and theories is they don’t know how to fix things in the real world when those things go wrong.


When things go wrong these people pretend ignorance, blame others, and make more eloquent speeches.  Should you count the number of times President Obama has said that he learned of the matter the same time you did on TV, or how many times President Obama has blamed President Bush, you can better understand what I’m getting at here.  When things go wrong these people DO pretend ignorance, blame others, and make more eloquent speeches.


While I was a working hospital administrator and studying for my degree in Hospital Administration at the Ohio State University, my real world of hospital management  and academia clashed. My on the job training and the academic  world of hospital administration at The Ohio State University, on one particular occasion,  came into severe conflict.  It was a war that I had the upper hand. I won the battle due to the fact that I’d walked the mile in the shoes of reality, and the professor had only walked in the text book model of the issue. My model was supported in fact, it had been proven under fire.  The professors model was theory and hypothesis. Theory and hypothesis that had never been taken to the real world.  The point being, there is no substitute for real world experience when it comes to matters of people dealing.


The eloquent speeches of the President of the United States tend to lack substance and tend to produce zero ability to follow through. That’s really too bad for this great nation. He’s all talk and all show. Yet it’s just talk and no go. And it appears he can’t change to make it better.


My assessment of President Obama and his job performance in 2013 came to an end. For this new year of 2014, I hope my predictions for President Obama’s job performance going forward this year are completely wrong. And so I told the folks that asked me to write the same thing I tell every client I’ve ever engaged for business consulting services. “You didn’t hire me to be your friend. If you don’t like what I’ve said, it’s your problem not mine.” It’s part of the reason why in that type of work, I try to get paid up front.


Stay safe in Afghanistan.


From The EastWing, Writing For The Money, 2013 For The President Of The United States It Was The Worst Of Times.


I Wish You Well,


From The EastWing, Top Story 2013 & Barbaree In The Trap, Hero Dog Named Bentley, Aches & Pains &What The Hell, Left Handed Mouse, Original Research, No Boat For You Maybe A Goat, A&E And A Duck Named Phil

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

As the new year starts it’s no better time to look at the things the tripped the triggers of my EastWing Friends.  Little Barbaree in the trap is the hands down winner. Barbaree in the trap was the highest Email in a single week of anything we talked about in all of 2013.

Now that just goes to show ya, when little girl Beagles get in a tight spot, the whole world wants to help ‘em out. To this very day, I’m astounded at the number of people who expressed concern for the little Beagle Barbaree.

A little side line to the Barbaree rescue, as you know, Barbarees life  was saved by Mr. Bentley. Barbee and Mr. Bentley have become more than best of friends. Should I attempt to scold Barbaree for any misconduct, she runs to the safety of Mr. Bentley.  Yeah, I’m telling ya, the little Beagle runs and gets behind Mr. Bentley. And of course, Mr. Bentley, being in charge of Home Land Security, says “I’ve got it under control”.

It truly warms your heart to see the relationship between Mr. Bentley and Barbaree Beagle after he saved her life from a sure slow death of starvation while caught in a steel trap. Guess God  lets animals know about things like that. Then they become buds for life. That’s what happened to Barbaree and Mr. Bentley.  Now that’s not saying Mr. Bentley don’t get along with Sharolette Beagle, he does. But with Barbaree Beagle, it’s special. Anyone who sees it knows it’s special between Mr. Bentley and Barbaree.  In the EastWing there are seven easy chairs and a larger couch. When its nap time, Sharolette Beagle sleeps on one of the easy chairs, Barbaree and Mr. Bentley share the couch. Not only share the couch, Mr. Bentley sleeps in front with Barbaree safely tucked behind.

For the past couple years or so, have been having an issue with my right elbow and shoulder. Kinda chalked it up to age, not that old age crap, but oh well you know what I’m talking about. When last visited the Dr. in December he said it was time to see an orthopedic guy on the matter. Shewwww. Another doctor to deal with.

Got to thinking what I do and how I do it. As most of you know I don’t do much of anything that could in your wildest dreams, be construed as hard work.  RHCO INC. is  totally computer based. I run a computers all day. The heaviest thing  I move in a normal day is a piece of paper. My right hand stays on the mouse. Even thou most of my computers are now laptops, I’m kinda old school when it comes to the pointing device. Just never got into that little pointing box below the middle of the keyboard on my laptops.

Mouse technology has gotten  way better. It’s a little wireless thing on a USB port now. I do the mouse, not the finger. The point I’m getting at is I’ve forever ran the computer mouse with my right hand. It’s my right arm and shoulder that giving me problems. Can’t help but wonder are the two associated.

And so I’ve decided to learn to run the mouse with my LEFT HAND.   WOW! It’s like going back to mouse school all over again. Keeping in mind I’ve done everything with my right hand since it was the right thing to do. Now am going to learn to do things with my left hand.

It’s a personal challenge thing now. As I run across “right hand only” things, I’m trying ‘em left handed. Shaving, brushing teeth, body washing are just a few of the ones so far. The good thing about tooth brushing is it’s electric. Good thing, probably saves s bunch of  teeth.

Back in the day, at The Ohio State University, for a required original research paper, I set up a study on the different ways that left handed and right handed people wash their bodies. The starting point was the main interest. The vast majority touched their body on the side away from the hand that they use to write their name. The purpose for the paper was twofold. One was to stimulate original thought, and two was to demonstrate how useless research data can really be. I got an A for the work, and a hand written note from the professor saying “Good example of both objectives, particular number two.”

So when it was time to try the left handed bathing, what the hay, I already had one up. I knew where to start. That shaving thing took a little more practice. Right up, I damn near cut off my right ear. Oh well, that shaving thing is a work in progress.

The “Affordable Boat Act” is a story. It is not a part of the ObamaCare Law. You do not have to buy a boat.  And for those who inquired about the free boat, no way José.  Sometimes something said in the EastWing falls on deaf ears. Other times, on ears opened wide. The Affordable Boat Act was one such time. As bazaar as that may sound to some, it rang true to many. I’m not sure why other than guess those folks just always wanted to have a boat. And just saw this an simply another example of why President Obama is “THE MAN”.

Which just goes to show you how concerned we the people are for the crazy things going on by those we have elected to govern. I can no longer write political satire and assume we’re all on the same page. After all,  I’m in the age group that only gets one life jacket in my boat. Oh, I forgot, I already told ya, we don’t have to buy the boat. Not yet anyways. That part about the goat, I’m still checking that part out. So if you were happy about the part of getting a goat, you still have HOPE, but maybe it will CHANGE.

Not being a big TV watcher, I hardly knew anything about Duck Dynasty until it all blew up about a fellow summarizing his beliefs from only the King James Version of the Holy Bible. And then the crazies started. I made it a point to find out just what the guy said. having done so, I found that I had no particular dispute with what he said. The words spoke for themselves.  Society would have been better served if A&E as well as Cracker Barrel just didn’t respond. Just because you don’t agree with the spoken word does not justify an all out war of words.  When that happens there will be winners and losers. So far the losers have been Cracker Barrel and A&E, If I had been betting on that deal, I’d have bet on the men who hunt the ducks.

This whole fiasco with  Duck Dynasty, and the words spoken from the heart by one of the members of that group is simply another example of how far from reality society has drifted. Our culture has accepted two huge lies that we live with every day. The first one being that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you then must fear and or hate them. The second one being that to love someone means that you must agree with everything they believe or do in their life . Both are crap. You don’t have to compromise your personal convictions to be compassionate, or to love.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Top Story 2013 & Barbaree In The Trap, Hero Dog Named Bentley, Aches & Pains &What The Hell, Left Handed Mouse,  Original Research, No Boat For You Maybe A Goat, A&E And A Duck Named Phil

I Wish You Well,


From the EastWing, Winding Up or Winding Down, Finger Painting From The EastWing, Walking On The Back Roads, Feeling The Dirt With Your Toes, Hey Dude! You’re Getting A Boat & A Goat

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Guess it’s once again time to say “Wow!  Did this year fly by fast or what?” It’s the what part that always surprises me. Of course it flew by. One second at a time, much the same as the years prior. But of course we also wondered how they flew by so fast too.

The most happy part of my 2013 at the EastWing has forever been Sunday Evening and visiting with my friends both near and far. As I sit here in the EastWing and watch the year 2013 tiptoe into history, I’m forever grateful to find myself at this point in my life doing what I love to do. I paint pictures in people’s mind.

Now I’m certainly no Thomas Kinkade when it comes to painting pictures.  But I do, from time to time, turn on a light once in a while.

As the closing dark shades of time draws around 2013 we look back and reflect on things that might have been. Some were happy, some were sad, some were funny, some were glad, some were smart, some were dumb.  Yet all were a part  of what we will forever remember on the backroads of our memories, and we’ll call  it 2013.

They’re all dirt roads, ya know. The backroads of your memory, of my memory, of everybody’s memory. Yeah, all memory backroads are in the dirt. There’s no concrete asphalt ribbon of steel running down memory lane.  You walk slow on the backroads, the speed limit is not 70 mph. it’s at your own pace.  You’re  always stopping once again to remember a touch, sometimes wishing to once again smell. Sometimes to once again laugh. Then stopping sometimes, sometimes, to cry, on that backroad. Yeah, they’re all dirt, those backroads of our memory. And the best way to walk those backroads, is barefooted.  In the soft dirt, barefooted. You’ll know when you’re there, you’ll fill the dirt with your toes. Forever warm, that dirt and you’ll love it. Backroads in the dirt.  Those backroads are made for walking, barefooted, down memory lane.

Last Friday, shortly after the stock markets closed for the weekend, the Health & Human Services Department released the details of  yet another set of soon to be published  Federal Regulations implementing a little know section of the Obama Care Law. It is  sub-section,  3-AB-4(a),(b, c), VII, (2)(3)  of the Affordable Care Act, titled  Official Boat And Maritime Authority. This law is now being referred to in Washington DC as the “Affordable Boat Act”.  “The Affordable Boat Act” is just now being put into place as the  Federal Regulations are being written and soon to be published in the Federal Register.

The Affordable Boat Act  mandates that every citizen MUST, by April 15,  2016 purchase a new boat. These “affordable” boats will cost an average of $54,133.16  to  $155,217.73 each. This does not include taxes, trailers, towing fees, licensing and registration fees, fuel, docking and storage fees, maintenance or repair costs.

This portion of the Affordable Care Act is included, since those who wrote the Affordable Care Act knew that  until now, only wealthy and financially responsible people were able to purchase boats. This new laws ensures that every American can now have an “affordable” boat of their own, because everyone is “entitled” to own a boat. If you purchase your boat before the end of 2015, you will receive 4 “free” life jackets; not including monthly life jacket usage fees.


Such life jacket usage fees will be determined only after a minimum of 7 million life jackets have been handed out free. It is calculated that every household will save at least $2,500.00 per annum on life jacket usage fees. That $2,500.00 savings is based on the current life jacket usage fees being paid compared to the new life jacket usage fees which will be much lower.


Younger people are expected to pay more for their life jacket usage fees due to the fact that they are more apt to get drunk on their boat and fall in the water, hence higher usage of life jackets.


Older people, all those 65 and over and those age 62 and have signed up for Social Security Benefits, will not be entitled to receive free life jackets. For all citizens who do not qualify for a “Free” life jacket, the standard life jacket fee of $450.19 will apply. These higher dollar life jackets will carry a premium  monthly life jacket usage fee based on hours. Such hours are not based on usage, rather on hours of the day.  All boats owned by citizens over age 65, and those over 62, and having signed up for Social Security Benefits, are limited to one life jacket per boat.  In the event of an emergency, the occupants of the boat are to work out the details for the use of the single life jacket without interference from their federal government.


A replacement life jacket for any boat owner over 65 and for those 62 and over having signed up for Social Security Benefits, must be submitted in triplicate, mailed to the National Life Jacket Distribution Center for  Social Security Beneficiaries in Tidily Wink, Mississippi.  It is anticipated that such replacement life jacket request can be processed within 90 to 180 government working days.


For those over 65 and those 62 and over and having signed up for Social Security Benefits,  lack of a life jacket on board is not an acceptable reason to keep you boat in dock on your assigned boat usage day. Non boat use fines will automatically be accessed and paid by electronic transfer of bank accounts of the offender.


Replacement life jackets for any boat owner under age 65, and not having applied for Social Security Benefits, can be filed online. One on one replacement is expected to be 2-Day USPS. This boat owner can opt for overnight UPS delivery and pay an extra $1.00 per life jacket expedited shipping fee.


 In the event of unexpected delay in life jacket replacement, all boat owners under age 65 and not applying for Social Security Benefits, will receive an Email waiver of boat activity until such time as the arrival of the replacement life  jacket. No fines are assessed while a waiver of boat activity is in effect.


Boat owner over  65 and those over 62 years old and having applied for, and receiving Social Security Benefits, are not eligible for any waiver of boat activity due to life jacket shortage.


In order to make sure everyone purchases an affordable boat, the costs of owning a boat will increase on average of 250-400% per year. This way, wealthy people will pay more for something that other people don’t want or can’t afford to maintain. But to be fair, people who can’t afford to maintain their boat will be regularly fined and children (under the age of 26) can use their parents boats to party on until they turn 27 . Then they must buy their own boat, or else risk going to jail for non-boat ownership.


If you already have a boat, you can keep your boat. If you have a dock, you can keep your dock. But only if you owned both boat and dock at least 18 months  and two weeks prior to the sinking of the Titanic. If you meet that simple criteria then you can keep both boat and dock.

Should you already own a boat and not meet the simple criteria to keep both your boat and dock, you must go to the Federal Government Boat Launch.  At the Government Boat Launch, you must sign up to buy your boat.  If you don’t want or don’t need a boat, it is still mandatory for you to buy a boat. If you refuse to buy a boat or can’t afford a boat, you will be regularly fined $800 until you purchase a boat or face imprisonment.

Failure to use your boat will also result in fines. People living in the desert, ghettos, inner cities or areas with no access to lakes or rivers are not exempt, they too must buy a boat. Age, motion sickness, lack of experience, or knowledge or lack of desire to own a boat  are unacceptable excuses for not using your boat.


All undocumented citizens living within the borders of the United States of America are exempt from the Affordable Boat Act. Such undocumented citizens are eligible to receive free boats regardless of age. All costs associated with boat ownership for undocumented citizens are to be covered per the statutes here-in contained within  the Affordable Boat Act.

A government review board will decide everything concerning your boat, including when, where, how often and for what purposes you can use your boat along with how many people can ride your boat and to determine if one is too old or healthy enough to be able to use their boat. They will also decide if your boat has out lived its usefulness or if you must purchase specific accessories.  Items such as a $500 compass, that must be engaged every time you use your boat. Compasses  must be engaged even when within site of the shoreline.  All boat compasses must be the type providing GPS tracking capability. Only the government review board will determine when you must  buy a newer and more expensive boat.

Anyone purchasing “Cadillac Boats” will be taxed at a rate of 40%. Those that can afford yachts will be required to do so…it’s the only fair way to keep the playing field level. The government will also decide the name for each boat. Failure to comply with these rules will result in fines and possible imprisonment.

Government officials and those who work for them are exempt from all the Affordable Boat Laws. If they want a boat, they and their families can obtain boats free, at the expense of tax payers. Unions, bankers and mega companies with large political affiliations (dollars) are also exempt from the Affordable Boat Act.


The Affordable Boat Act has been passed into law to assure the every citizen gets their fair share. Simply because it’s the right thing to do. The Affordable Boat Act, does, finally at last, level the playing field just like President  Obama promised he would do for all of us. Then we voted for him, twice.

When our government can force us to buy healthcare, it can force us to buy a boat….or a goat,, or anything else… 


Yeah…boys and girls, it’s that stupid…….. Anchors away,,,,,,,, Nelly Bell.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.


From the EastWing, Winding Up or Winding Down, Finger Painting From The EastWing, Walking On The Back Roads, Feeling  The Dirt With Your Toes, Hey Dude! You’re Getting A Boat & A Goat


I Wish You Well,


From The EastWing, A Christmas Card To Remember

Christmas greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.
As the hours of this Christmas Day  are dwindling toward the day after Christmas,  I’ve checked the Email and have found, from a very special friend, a Christmas Card.
It’s too beautiful a Christmas Greeting not to share with the world, and so I do.
Stay safe ind Afghanistan this Christmas Night.
I wish you well

From The EastWing, Smelling Christmas, Many Gallons of Christmas Memories®, Comet Ison Died As K-Mart Opened For Business, The Law Of The Land, Fudgesicles Popsicles & Duct Tape Got Ya Covered

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Did you notice? Winter came by yesterday, and Christmas is so close ya can smell it.  And Lord knows I love the smell of Christmas. It’s pine, oranges, cinnamon, apples, bananas, tangerines, and gingerbread,  and all the other stuff that makes up the Christmas smells. I love the smell of Christmas. Christmas is the only holiday, where you both smell and fell. The other holidays, yeah, ya know they’re there. But Christmas you can feel it in your bones and smell it in your nose. It’s Christmas Memories.

Christmas Memories® is a simmering aromatic oil formulation I created more than 30 years ago.  My wife, the beautiful She, has over the years sold many, many gallons of my Christmas Memories® simmering aromatic oil, at her Pioneer Florist Country Store in North Judson IN. One once at a time, the She sold Christmas Memories®. Needles to say, the She loves my Christmas Memories®, and everybody knows I love the She. I think the She smells even better than my Christmas Memories, just saying.

The idea for Christmas Memories came to mind shortly after me and the She started operating the Pioneer Florist in North Judson IN a while back. Guess it was 1980 when me and the She became florists. At least the She became a florist, I just became a delivery boy. But oh well, I got to work beside the She every day, and loving it. That first Christmas at Pioneer Florist, while the She was working with the fresh pine, making Christmas arrangements, I remembered what Christmas smelled like at South Fork when I was a little hillbilly boy.

Having a fair amount of knowledge in chemistry, I decided to reproduce the smell of Christmas at South Fork. I turned to a chemical family of things called esters to try to see what I could cook. Now esters are things that  by themselves don’t smell, but when blended with other things, Wow! You can make magic happen.

It’s kinda hard to talk about esters if ya don’t know a lot about chemistry, but here at the EastWing we forever talk about stuff that’s hard to understand, yet we do so. Esters are things in nature that are naturally occurring fats and oils. You’ve heard of triglycerides, well that is the fatty acid esters of glycerol. Esters are created by condensing acid in alcohol. Esters with low molecular weight are used in fragrances and so I was able to use the pheromones of esters to create Christmas Memories®.

And interesting side line of Christmas Memories is, she’s a first cousin to nitroglycerin. Oh, I forgot to tell ya, Christmas Memories is a girl.  Don’t know why, just is. Yeah, I’m telling ya, Christmas Memories is a fist cousin to nitroglycerin. Just a little more “Hope and Change” and BOOM!  Not to worry about Christmas Memories, she’s  not gona blow up on ya. Even though a first cousin to nitroglycerin, a miss is as good as a mile. Christmas Memories is also a first cousin to the plastic garbage bag you use in your kitchen.  But don’t sell Christmas Memories  short. She’s also a first cousin to the very backbone of the DNA molecules. Christmas Memories, the girl walks in High Cotton.

After waiting a full year for comet Ison to become the brightest thing in the night sky, the ole boy burned up on the back side of the sun. I hate when that happens.  By the time the comet swung around the sun, there was nothing left except a big cloud of really hot dirt 730,000 miles from the surface of the sun. And a whole lot of disappointed stargazer here on Earth. The thing that makes a comet glow in the night sky, the ice part, had been vaporized on the back side of the sun. Without the ice, there is nothing to reflect the sunshine, and so we’re left with things that might have been. That could have been,

When first observed, over a year ago, Comet Ison was calculated to “maybe, just maybe” be the  most dramatic site in the Christmas Season Skies of 2013. All us stargazers types, we knew there was a real good possibility of not surviving the close encounter around the sun on November 28, 2013.  But we hopped, oh Lord how we all hopped.  We so hopped Comet Ison would survive the heat of the sun and the light show would turn on.  Ison didn’t  and  so the light show never started. Ison died about the same time the K-Mart Stores opened for business at 6:00 PM on the evening of Thanksgiving.   In the universe, it’s the laws of physics, not Bull Shit, like “Hope and Change”,  that prevail.

In order to survive the heat of the sun at 730,000 miles from the surface, Ison would have to have been at least twice times its actual size. Just to give you an idea of how hot we’re talking here. Should the Earth be exposed to such heat from the sun, the time it would take to burn the whole place to a lump of nothing, is a small fraction of one second. That fraction of a second can be expressed  as 1/1000,000,000 of 1 second. Now that’s quick in anybody’s book. It’s even faster than “set it and forget it”.


Scary times in South Africa when the American President stands in front of a man once charged with murder. And his body guards are not aware. Now I don’t know about you, but I knew within seconds that the dude standing behind the President  of The United States, that day, was not doing sign language. Had no idea what he was doing there, but knew he was not doing sign language.

I’m, for sure, not an expert in sign language. I did have a very good friend in collage and we talked. He learned to read my lips, I learned to read his signs. John Glendenning, a special friend of mine. We shared several chemistry labs together along with all the anatomy labs  1, 2, and 3. In fact, in the third level anatomy lab, John Glendenning and I were assigned the same dissection specimen. Ya learned a lot in the anatomy lab 3. Those were the days of constant amazement. Talk about waking up ready to go to work. Every day, I could hardly wait to get to that anatomy lab. Yes I did learn a lot in that anatomy lab with my friend John Glendenning.  I also learned to read the signs.

It’s freighting to think something like that could happen to the President. An unstable person is able to get within touch of the American President while the eyes of the world are upon ‘em.  And the people who are charged with protecting the life of the President of The United States know nothing about this fellow.  They assumed the South African Government had approved the person to do signing. The South African Government assumed the people guarding the American President  were in charge of security and had checked everybody out. The end result was, nobody was checked anybody. Scary times. Of course these are the same men who have, of late, made the news for their activity in other foreign countries. I’m being kind here by simply saying  their decorum in the past has been unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman.

It truly worries me that the American President is being protected by a bunch of people who appear not to have the best interest of the man in mind. While I totally disagree with the political positions of this president, his inability to provide national leadership is beyond question. His willingness as well as his ability to lie to the American People is also beyond question. And so as we arrive at the end of 2013, the American People now have less faith in the president than they had of his predecessor. A man this president  has blamed for everything that has gone wrong during the total time he has been president. Nothing has been this president’s fault. Also he just found about it, the same time we did. No matter, what it is. The same time we did. Shewwww.

That being said, I’ve not one second of my life wished ill will on the man. So maybe when you get a cushy job, like guarding the President of The United States, oh well, just party time on the American dime. I hope that’s not the case.  Yet we do know the partying has gone on, and on, and on. Guess those body guards were doing selfies of their own, but their selfies never made the national news like their boss’s did.

All though the EastWing Email continues to lambast the ObamaCare, I’m not gona bad mouth the federal law this close to Christmas. With that being said, I will share with you the latest information I’ve received concerning the ObamaCare and your health insurance provided by your employer.  Seems the part of the ObamaCare Law which Nancy Pelosi said we should pass in order to find out what’s in it,  contains very, very specific rules and regulations governing employer provided health insurance. Much of the who, what, when, where and how of the ObamaCare Law is just now bubbling up thru all the BS that was smothered on top the idea even before it was passed into law. Had we the people know then what we know now, public outrage would have swept our nation.

The section affecting employer provided health insurance was delayed for one year in the hope that it would take some of the steam out of the heat from this whole sorry mess. That didn’t happen, it’s getting hotter by the day. As millions of individuals lose their  health insurance, businesses have started the process of compliance with the mandate, the federal law of the land, on health insurance when provided by the employer.

It turns out that your employer is not required to tell you, the employee, when the company provided insurance has been “upgraded” and brought into compliance with the ObamaCare law. However there are several indicators you may want to look for if you suspect a change in your insurance coverage. There are several things you may want to check out for yourself. I’m addressing only the top 10 indicators here. There could well be many more to come down the pike. Or maybe up thru the poo, whichever way you want to smell  it.

The top ten indicators that employer may have upgraded your health insurance to be in compliance with The Obamacare Health Care Plan Standards:

  (10) All annual breast exam is done at Hooters, without an appointment, every day after 5:00 PM. 
  (9) Directions to your doctor’s office include “Take a left when you enter the trailer park. 
  (8) The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicle. 
  (7) The only proctologist in the plan is “Gus, The Man” from Roto-Rooter. 
 (6) The single item listed under Preventative Care Coverage is “An Apple A Day.” 
 (5) Your primary care physicians medical degree, hanging on the wall, appear to be Photo Shopped.
(4) The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges, yelp, that’s right, 200% and it’s on you. 
(3) The only medical expense that’s covered 100% is…”Embalming and Visitation.” 
(2) Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M’s on every pill. 
(1) When you ask for Viagra you get a Popsicle stick and duct tape. 

Now I’m not saying these are all the rules, but after all, there’s a lot of reading still to be done.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Smelling Christmas, Many Gallons of Christmas Memories®, Comet Ison Died As K-Mart Opened For Business, The Law Of The Land, Fudgesicles Popsicles & Duct Tape Got Ya Covered

I Wish You Well,


From the EastWing, An Insurance Salesman Failed, Afghanistan Friends Coming Home, Happy Mamas, The Lights Go Off At Wal-Mart, Tornados In The Rain, Emergency Religion & Hitler In The Front Row, EastWing Darkness, Me & The Gray Lady James & Rolling Thunder

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Guess it takes a near tragedy to change the tone of the EastWing Email.  The overwhelming concern for the well being of Barbaree Beagle trumped all other worries of my EastWing friends. When it turned out that Barbaree was recovering well from her ordeal with the steel trap, the real world snapped  back into focus. Once again the Email returned to the same trepidation for the vast majority of my EastWing friends.

It just doesn’t  go away, this ObamaCare thing, just not going away anytime soon, no matter what is said by whom, it won’t go away. The more the President speaks the worse he looks and the worse it gets. All the while Sophia The Calico Conservative Republican Cat is having a field day watching the disaster unfold. Right now her favorite TV station is MSNBC.  Sophia says she likes to see ‘em twisting in the wind, slowly twisting in the wind. Sophia even went so far as proposing to MSNBC  by Email that they adopt a new slogan to be “Obama Are Us”. So far she’d not received a reply to her email. Damn Republican Cat.

Unlike Sophia’s glee in watching the predicted disaster unfold on TV by one of the major supporters of  the Affordable Care Act, I’m saddened to see our President of the United States turned into an insurance salesman who has zero skills at insurance sales. His lack of salesmanship skills is truly astounding. The president violated the key factor in sales. He did not tell the truth. He lied to the American People. They know it, he now knows that they know that he lied. He also knows that he’ll never be believable in the eyes of the American People for the remainder of his public life.

I‘ve never had any skills at salesmanship, but know many who are very successful, and to a person, they all say, the single most vital item is truthfulness. It you are not truthful in your sales presentation, you will never be successful in sales. The best salesman I ever knew told me only two things need be come together to be successful in sales. One is to tell the truth, always tell the truth. Two is to use the product yourself, if not possible, then you must have true faith that the product you’re selling does in fact do what you say it will do.

After all is said and done with the ObamaCare fiasco we find ourselves in, it comes down to the fact that this whole sorry mess occurred because the President of the United States was not truthful in his attempt to sale this insurance plan to the American people. Nor would he use the product himself.

There can never be a better example of the reason to always tell the truth than what’s happened to the President of the United States and his ObamaCare disaster. You tell a lie, must remember forever what you said, and be able to try to explain what you meant. Tell the truth to begin with, then never have to remember what you said. The reason that works is simple. Truth is fact. Lie is fiction. Truth is a foundation built on solid rock, and will never fail. Lie is a foundation built on Jell-O. ObamaCare and Jell-O, are one and the same.

A straightforward example of this crazy law, it mandates that people must buy coverage with includes unnecessary benefits that they may not want or, more importantly, even need, including maternity and newborn care as well as pediatric eyeglasses even if they are senior citizens who have never been married.

The real sad thing about ObamaCare is the nation does need to address the major issues of the healthcare delivery system in our society. This thing was a political approach and not a social approach. Not a single member of the opposition party joined the then majority in congress to create ObamaCare. Backroom deals were struck, and lies were told to insure the vote. Promises were made and later broken to insure the vote. Remember the congressman from, I believe Nebraska, who was very public in his support of pro life? He made a big deal on TV saying he was supporting the ObamaCare Law because he had been assured by the President, himself, that federal dollars would never be allowed to fund abortions.  Guess that was just like the “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.  The Affordable Care Act, later know as ObamaCare  was voted upon well after dark on December 24th  on Christmas Eve.

This all came from an administration who promised the American People, if you elect me, I’ll be the most open and transparent administration this nation has ever known. We so elected, and then he passed the ObamaCare Law during the same hours that NORAD was tracking Santa’s sleigh from the North Pole.  Maybe that most transparent administration this nation has ever  seen, somehow got upstaged  by the NORAD broadcast of that sleigh and somehow just never recovered.

Deception in sales has never proven to be a successful technique. Even when an American President attempts to sale insurance, Deception in sales proves to be only unsuccessful.

An interesting sideline to all this sorry mess is how the rest of the world views us. Based only on the email comments I’ve received at the EastWing.  Much of the world perceives our President pretty much as a joke. “A leader who cannot lead. A leader who will not tell the truth. A leader who will blame other people for this personal short comings.  A leader who cannot govern, one who can only campaign to do so”. That’s a quote from a German friend of mine who’s at the EastWing every Sunday Evening.

I’m happy to say I no longer have EastWing friends in harm’s way in Afghanistan. The last of the EastWing friends left Afghanistan for Germany today. And a whole bunch of mothers prayers were answered as their babies moved from Afghanistan to Germany. From war to peace, still not home, but from war to peace makes mamas of the solder boys happy. They’re now almost close enough to hug. As mamas smile.

So even though we no longer have friends on the dirt of Afghanistan, we still have troops in harm’s way there and will forever keep ‘em in our prayers.

Did you happen to be outside in the weather a month  ago on a Sunday, November 17th? Me and the She went to Valparaiso to get my prescriptions refilled at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy. Inside the store the lights went out. Emergency lights came on and the happy Wal-Mart Shoppers continued on their merry way. I was amazed. The emergency lights were on, the skylights provided a small degree of daylight and the Wal-Mart Shoppers never missed a beat. I overheard one happy shopper remark “If the power goes off while you’re shopping at Wal-Mart, the cash registers don’t work, so ya get everything for free”.

That didn’t pan out. Seems the cash registers run of the backup generators, so shop if you must, daylight or dark, but checkout and pay the man. And so we did, me and the She.  It was after the checkout that things really got interesting. We walked outside into a raging thunder & downpour rain storm. Good thing I have one of those “Blue Man” license tags from the good State of Indiana that allows me to park in the front row, else we’d be drowned ducks, for sure.

By the time we put our stuff in the car, we were close to the drowned duck status.  We’d planned on having dinner out that Sunday afternoon. When I left the Wal-Mart parking lot and got to Hwy 30 it was a no brainer, me and the She’s gona go home. When it’s  raining sideways, and the lighting walks about, it’s no time to think about going out to eat.

We drove east in the hardest rain I’ve ever encountered in my whole life. It almost seemed like a daylight blizzard of snow. Visibility was little more than 5 feet in front of Mr. Lincoln. My fear was encountering a tornado and never seeing it coming my way. The rain was that heavy. Scary times. Seven miles to the east of Valparaiso, the rain stopped. The storm had blown itself past us going east. Yes it was scary times.

The storms rolled across Indiana in super cells that Sunday afternoon, and before we got to North Judson, we encountered a second such super cell. “Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with you”. It’s kinda interesting to note that when your life is in doubt, everybody’s a Christian. They just are. Even those who say they don’t believe, when push comes to shove, they too get religion really quick. Guess those folks just consider it backup.  I’m not too sure that emergency religion works well. But on the other hand, if it’s all ya got going for ya, then ya gotta give it at least one last shot. “Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.”

 When discussing such things one time, with a friend of mine, a Catholic Priest, he said that he would not say with absolute confidence that even Hitler himself was in hell. Due to the fact that we do not know the limits of forgiveness of our God. In the fleeting instance of death, “forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Now I can’t agree or disagree with that Hitler thing. But even so, I don’t think Hitler would be in the front row.

No electricity at the EastWing when we arrived back home. All was safe, nothing had been destroyed by the wind that had come our way while me and the She were traveling home from Valparaiso IN. But I’m here to tell ya, the Beagle Girls and Mr. Bentley were very, very glad to see me come home.  In a true sense God takes care of old folks. The Gray Lady, now being totally deaf, had no fear of that severe storm.

What really makes me wonder is the fact that I too, am deaf as a post, much the same as the Gray Lady. But do have hearing devices  that allow me to continue to hear, and communicate with the world. So, should I really be afraid of the thunder when I hear it only due to technology? Was wondering such, as I looked into the smiling eyes of the old Gray Lady James, and heard the thunder roll.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, An Insurance Salesman Failed, Afghanistan Friends Coming Home, Happy Mamas, The Lights Go Off At Wal-Mart, Tornados In The Rain, Emergency Religion & Hitler In The Front Row, EastWing Darkness, Me & The Gray Lady James & Rolling Thunder

I Wish You Well,


PS: Guess who lost their satellite internet connection last Saturday afternoon?  PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!!

Precocious Five Year Old Learns to Live With Diabetes

Tori Smith Armstrong

Tori Smith Armstrong

“It was a day that changed our lives forever,” Tori Armstrong said.  What she was talking about was the day the family received notification that their beautiful daughter Jayla was a type 1 diabetic. 

It was close to Memorial Day 2009 and Jayla had been unusually thirsty and tired as the holiday approached.  At the time Tori, and husband Erik, were also being kept busy caring for son Mason who had come down with the chicken pox.    But when Jayla eventually came down with an ear infection and wasn’t completely responding to medication the family rushed her to Elkhart General Hospital’s emergency room.  The ER docs were the first to suspicion that the little one was diabetic.   “ I remember it was Memorial Day, and we just couldn’t keep her awake, plus she had a high fever,” Tori said.  She still wasn’t responding well after being given an IV and insulin.  We were most afraid her organs were shutting down.”

After being rushed to Clarion North Hospital in Indianapolis, and brought back to health, the Armstrong family was given the news that as type 1 diabetic, insulin would have to be  administered on a daily basis throughout her life.  That’s because insulin is needed to allow glucose into the body’s cells, where it can be converted to energy.  With type 1 diabetes the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed.  At the moment there is no cure, so Jayla and the family have to manage her care with insulin therapy, and continuous monitoring of her glucose levels.

Her teachers and babysitters have learned the routine, and with an insulin pump Jayla is able to live a very normal life.  She even does the blood stick testing herself.  “Dance, IU Cheers and school takes up a lot of Jayla’s time ,” her mother said. “ Believe me she is very active, and as   you can see she’s a happy five year old.  We feel blessed.”  Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears is her hero, and she has his picture on her bedroom wall.  “She’d really like to meet him someday,” mom whispered. 

Tori Armstrong is the former Tori Smith who is a 1998 graduate of Oregon-Davis High School. Husband Eric is a 1998 graduate of Kankakee Valley High School.  Her grandmother, Bonnie Smith, is a 40 year employee of Five Star in Knox.  “I have a hard time keeping up with her” grandma said with a smile on her face.

Over 3 million American’s have T1 diabetes, with 80 people a day diagnosed with the disease.  Those with the disease never forget about food.  It’s a 24/7/365 job. 

From The EastWing, Thinking About The Dinners, Macy & NASCAR, Cleaning The EastWing, Sophia In High Places, Spike & The Beagles & The Switchblade Knives

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For all my EastWing friends concerned about Barbaree and her encounter with the steel trap, thank you for your kind thoughts  and well wishes. She is recovering from her injuries and thanks one and all for your concern for her well being. What’s so amazing to me is how many of my EastWing friends felt compelled to express their concerns for the safety of a little girl dog named Barbaree.

Words spoken from the EastWing tend not to generate very much of a rapid response from anybody within a week or so. It’s not at all unusual to see something in my Email in response to something I’ve said two or even four weeks earlier. The reason is rather simple. Words spoken from the EastWing are low priority in the overall scheme of things in this mania we call life. Most times not worthy  of your time to comment one way or the other. Many times the words from the EastWing rank just a hair above sheer ennui. See there, just to get your attention, I laid the big “ennui” word on ya. Look it up.

The true story of the tribulation and liberation of Barbaree was different. It was close to midnight last Sunday Evening, when I looked at the Email and found, in less than 6 hours, a very large volume of Email asking about the health and well being of the little Beagle girl named  Barbaree. I knew it would be a fun week of reading the mail, and so it was.

The night of Wednesday last, about 8:00 O’clock was when the opossum walked onto the north deck with the intent of consuming all, and I do mean all the cat food on the north deck. It was Sharolette Beagle who first saw the thing, and Mr. Bentley walked over to check it all out. Mr. Bentley whined. I stepped to the north glass door of the EastWing and observed a very large opossum in the process  sucking up cat food like he’s sucking up gold from the floor of the Bering Sea.  All the deck cats stood well in the background.

With his nose just inches from the ole ‘possum while he’s still inside the glass, I opened the door and simply said “Do it”. Mr. Bentley, the Pit Bull in charge of Homeland Security, stepped onto the north deck, and did in fact provide such security. The time was 2 seconds, the final score was: Mr. Bentley 1, opossum 0.  Which just goes to show ya that if you’re an opossum, don’t go trying to eat cat food on a north deck controlled by Homeland Security provided by Pit Bull, Inc.  And so the record continues. Pit Bull Inc. established a killing field surrounding the EastWing. No intruder has crossed that line in both directions.  Mr. Bentley, and Pit Bull Inc.  Shewwww.

It was in  2004 when the family of Howard made a decision to serve a free Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day as long as we operated Grand Central Station in North Judson. We did so from 2005 thru 2012. And so it was that 2013 did not see the free Thanksgiving Dinner at Grand Central Station.  The building is now leased to others, and as such we no longer were able to continue the Thanksgiving Dinner.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approached, it was both sadness and satisfaction that filled my soul. Sadness that I could not do it once again. Satisfaction that I’d done all I said I’d do. As long as I operated the business at Grand Central Station.  We stopped operating a business at Grand Central on September 1, 2013.

It was a personal thing to me. To do that Thanksgiving Dinner. I’ll not talk about the details of why it was personal here. I told the story one time a few years back, and to this day it’s hard to think about why it’s a personal thing to me. I’ll just say, when you’re a little hillbilly boy, and you’re made to feel like “white trash” and you’re still hungry.  Well, I’m not going any closer to that story again other to say that when I was 11 years old, I said to myself, one day I’ll provide a free Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and they’ll all come. And so we did, my family and I, 8 years in a row, with the help of so many wonderful people. The satisfaction part was, to myself, I kept my word.

And so it was that for the first time since 2004 I watched the Macy Parade. I love those big balloons. All the other stuff in that parade, forgetaboutit.  It’s the big balloons and Santa Clause at the end that makes the Macy Parade. All that singing stuff in front of the Macy Store, well that’s TV crap.

The Macy Parade is kinda like watching NASCAR or the Indianapolis 500 for many. Those folks tune into those events to watch the wrecks. And so the Macy Parade is also watched by ‘em to see if any of the big balloons get out of control. After all, when ya got a few million cubic feet of helium on strings and if the wind is blowing,,,,,, well ya just never know. Granted it’s not 220 mph and forever turning left, but cut me a little slack here, it’s Thanksgiving Morning, and even the red necks don’t race before noon.

An interesting thing happened here in the EastWing a couple weeks ago. It was time for the annual deep cleaning of the EastWing. I do mean deep here. We’re talking scrubbing the west wall. That’s the only wall at the EastWing that’s a real wall. The other three are mostly glass, with enough wall to support the roof. It’s the chicken wall of pictures, that west wall. It’s really down deep type cleaning in the EastWing when we do the west wall.

Anyways, I’m about ½ way across the west wall, going north to south, and I’m too pooped to continue for the day. I leave the ladder set in place for the next day.  Now the EastWing has what is called a vaulted ceiling and so the center of the west wall is well over 12 ft from the floor. With me having an issue with height, I don’t do ladders well. I was glad to stop for the day.

I’d not much more than climbed off the ladder for the day and sat down at the computer  when up walks Sophia. She proceeds to climb the ladder and sit on the very top. Looking down at me from atop the ladder she said, “nana, nana, nana, you are afraid of height and I’m not”. Sophia when she smiles. Damn Republican Cat.

Speaking of Sophia, this little Republican Cat is sucha twit. She hates all the other cats at the EastWing. Of course everyone knows about Spike The Man Cat.  Spike and Sophia share the in-house cat duties. Sophia hates Spike. To tell ya the truth, she don’t really care that much for me either.

Now Spike the Man Cat is close to, if not over, 20 lbs. Sophia is hard pressed to push 6 lbs soaking wet. And Sophia doesn’t do water, so we don’t really know what she weighs soaking wet.  Spike came to the EastWing as a little kitten that fit in the palm of my right hand. I’d had two other kittens in the house prior to Spike. Sophia beat ‘em up so bad I put ‘em back outside to live with my outside pride of cats. With Spike it was different, he didn’t come from the outside pride, so he couldn’t go back to the outside pride.  When Spike, the boy kitten, came to the EastWing, he was a pride of one.

When Spike was placed down to the EastWing floor, Sophia proceeded to slap him around. But unlike the other kittens before him, Spike didn’t run off and hide. Spike the boy kitten, hunkered down and took the lumps. The She didn’t like  that I would let Sophia be mean to the little boy kitten. Yet from the very beginning I knew, I just knew, and so  told the She, “The tide will turn”. And so it did turn. Spike The Man Cat is now the largest cat, by far, at the EastWing. Sophia still hates him.  Spike makes Sophia’s life miserable from time to time, just for fun. It’s fun to watch Spike The Man Cat strut around and occasionally tell Sophia “bring it on”.

It’s also a pleasure to watch Spike and the Beagles. The Beagles are longer, by a just a little bit, but Spike is as tall and they all weigh pretty much the same. Spike lays on this back and takes on both beagles at the same time. A fun show with the beagles pulling Spike across the floor by his tail. Watching the beagles chewing on his legs without Spike putting up any resistance, all the while knowing full well that Spike has the ability to draw blood faster than the beagles can think. Switchblade knives of the cats are play toys as well as both defensive and offensive weapons.

The beagles have never seen the offensive switchblade knives of the Man Cat.  Yet they do exist. The ability of a cat to defend themselves when needed is something to behold. A cat can go from friendship to mortal combat within such a small time slice most other animals are still thinking they’re friends, after they’ve been declared enemies.

This friendship to combat occurred one Sunday Afternoon when I made the mistake of taking  Mr. Bentley into my office and brought him into contact with the Black & Whites of the office, Miss Kitty and Little Brother.  Mr. Bentley made the mistake of drinking their water. The Black & Whites of the office drew 16 drops of blood from Mr. Bentley before I could get him out of their striking range.

I remember when I was a kid someone said that professional boxers had to register their hands as deadly weapons. Now I’m not saying that’s true, but I’m telling ya, that’s just some of the stuff ya learned growing up in Downtown Toto, back in the day.  If that’s the case, every cat in the world would have to register their knives ‘cause the cats switchblade knives are as deadly as it gets.

If the beagles could only know how close they play to disaster. Switchblade claws for both fun and war, makes a happy Man Cat walk with swagger.

I always try to remember, words that soak into my ears are whispered… not yelled.”

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Thinking About The Dinners, Macy & NASCAR, Cleaning The EastWing, Sophia In High Places,  Spike & The Beagles & The Switchblade Knives

I wish you well,




Bill Davis

Bill Davis & Winston!

Jennifer Davis writes about diabetes.






I am a diabetic. Ten years ago, I was first diagnosed with pre-diabetes, type 2. My dad is diabetic and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in his fifties, also. Thanks, Dad!



The facts are that the risk factors for a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes do include family history, but there are other factors as well. And….not everyone who has a family history of Type 2 Diabetes gets Type 2 Diabetes.



In my case, there were several other risk factors that sealed my fate:





Sedentary lifestyle


Poor food choices especially with fast food


Delivering a baby who weighed more than nine pounds (thanks, Ben)


High Blood Pressure





Yes, all of those and my dad. The good thing about Diabetes Type 2 is that it’s never too late to do something about it to control the progress of the disease. Statistics show that one in every three Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes in the future. I and everyone else need to take charge of our health to prevent the havoc that diabetes can cause.



This is what I am doing to try to make up for my years of bad habits:



  1. Exercise 30 minutes (every day)

  2. Count my intake of carbohydrates (35 grams/meal 15 grams/snack)

  3. Limit my fast food intake

  4. Know which foods have a high glycemic index and low glycemic index load (especially my fruits and vegetables). Avoid the high GL but indulge in the low GI.

  5. Be committed to your medical program, whether that be insulin, oral medications as well as testing your blood sugar frequently. Monitor your successes and celebrate.



My dad didn’t do a very good job at controlling his diabetes. He has paid the price as he has aged with neuropathy issues, wound healing issues, reduced vision, and a myriad of other diabetic related health problems. He may have passed along his genetic cooties to me but he has also taught me the importance of taking care and control of the disease at an early stage.


Thank you Jennifer for your article. Picture of her dad, Bill Davis, Sr., and her dog Winston.


There’s No Such Word As Can’t


Harry Lempke

Harry Lempke

Harry “Butch” Lempke learned a lesson that has followed him throughout a lifetime.  As ‘’Butch” says, “There’s no such word as can’t.”  He heard that from his high school football coach Les Klein, and never forgot it.  By eliminating that word from his vocabulary “Butch” has been able to live a complete life in spite of having diabetes.

When he worked at the Ford Stamping Plant his weight ballooned to over 400 pounds.  “That was the beginning of my type 2 diabetes,” he said.  “I was always thirsty, and when I went to Dr.  Dennis Dalphon my blood sugar count was over 400.”   He learned that when a person  has incredible thirst it could be a symptom for diabetes.  Excessive thirst is how the body lets people know that the kidneys are working at a high gear level.  Because of the diagnosis he was put on medicine to control his diabetic condition.  “I was physically a mess,” he admitted.  “I was overweight, had high blood pressure, and sleep apnea, and experienced a silent heart attack.

  At that point “Butch” decided to follow the words of Coach Klein and get with it.  “I can get this disease under control, and live a better life,” he thought. “There is no such word as can’t.” Since then he has gone on a strict diet, and rides his bike up to 7 miles a day on the North Judson trails.  “I’m not at my football playing weight of 230, but I’m getting there,” he revealed.  “I have lost over 135 pounds, and quite frankly I’m a happy guy.  I volunteer at St. Peter’s Lutheran school, and I’m still on the fire department.  Life is good.”

So what advise would he give those who suspicion they have diabetes?  “See your doctor, follow your medication regimen faithfully, eat less, and exercise,” he said, “And of course remove the word can’t from your vocabulary.”  

From The EastWing,The Tribulation, A Beagle Lost, Trapped In Steel, A Rescue Angel Named Bentley, Bare Footed & Going Home

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It was a few minutes past 6:30 in the AM on the Monday Morning of the 25th day of November when the beagles, Sharolette and Barbaree, leaped for joy as they ran down the EastWing stairs to the grass. The routine has, by now, pretty much been established. The beagle girls go out at 6:30 AM and I don’t see ‘em again until I come home from the office in early to mid afternoon. Yeah, I’m kinda lazy, no longer work full 8 hour days, just kinda come and go as I choose.

Arriving home that afternoon, I was greeted by Sharolette only.  That’s not too unusual, as Barbaree is the real hunter of the two beagles. As darkness came on, I continued to look for Barbaree at any minute to come to the glass doors of the EastWing. Evening came, and morning followed. Sharolette slept alone. On the morning of the 26th Sharolette did not want to go outside when the time came to go outside. With encouragement, she done her duty and, wonder upon wonder, she came back to the EastWing glass and insisted on coming back inside the house. With Sharolette insisting  on staying inside, I put her in the crate and went to work.

Much of last night and all of the morning on the way to the office that day, my thoughts were on Barbaree. What happened to that little beagle? Why would she run away? I finally concluded that there was no way the little girl dog would leave the EastWing, life was too good to just up and run off. The only home she’d ever known, the sister she’d been with from birth, the cats she loved to play with, (not Sophia, Spike The Man Cat), and her very special friend, Mr. Bentley.  No, there was just no way that Barbaree would leave the EastWing by her own choosing. For that, I was sure.  There had to be another reason for her disappearance. The day at the office was spent in worry about a little beagle girl dog named Barbaree.

On the way home that afternoon, I pulled the car in the garage after hearing the weather forecast of an impending massive lake effect snow for Starke County. Walking from the garage to the house I heard a beagle howling. Thinking it was Sharolette whom I’d left in the crate that morning, I’m thinking she’s really howling loud for me to hear her all the way outside. As I walked inside the house, Sharolette was not howling from the crate.

As usual, Mr. Bentley was overjoyed to see me and showed such by trying his best to push me over with his excitement.  Mr. Bentley and I go to the EastWing and rescue Sharolette from the crate. I opened the glass door to the east and the two dogs leaped to the dirt, ran like the wind to the north edge of the lawn. There Mr. Bentley stopped cold, turned and looked me directly in the eye. He had never done that in all his days at the EastWing. Forever, Mr. Bentley has always ran to the east. That day he ran north. Something inside me simply said follow, and so I did.

As soon as Mr. Bentley realized I was coming toward him, he ran into the freshly picked corn field north of the EastWing. Mr. Bentley ran maybe 100 feet then stopped, and once again looked me directly in the eye. When he realized I was still following, he once again ran into north Wind as fast as he could go. As I walked northward, I realized that I was being lead by Mr. Bentley. Of that, there was no doubt, he would run, stop, look back, and run again.

A chill came over me as I realized I’d come outside without a coat in 28° weather following a dog, having no idea where I was going or any knowledge as to why I was even there. But I was there, and with labored breathing almost to the point of inability to continue, I continued to follow Mr. Bentley.

All the while I’m following Mr. Bentley, I’m walking the east property line which is identified by a very deep ditch. Almost a ½ mile north of home, Mr. Bentley stops and looks back once again. He sees me still trying to catch up. He changes directions. Bentley goes down the ditch bank and pops up on the other side.

Now I’m 150 feet away but I can clearly see Mr. Bentley on the other side of the ditch. As I continue toward his location, he goes from the far side of the ditch to my side of the ditch.  When Mr. Bentley comes up on my side to the ditch, we once again makes eye contact.  Just as soon as that happens, Bentley goes down the ditch bank and pops up on the other side.

When I reach the spot where Mr. Bentley went down the ditch bank, I walk over to the ditch bank and looked down.

Barbaree is setting in the bottom of a deep dry ditch bed, her right foot stuck fast in a large steel trap. Mr. Bentley is standing at her side. I shivered when I realized what I had to deal with. I fell on my butt going down the ditch bank, and I knew that going back up was going to be a problem.

Thought I could push it open, that steel trap, by hand. I could not. Don’t know if they’re building steel traps  stronger or I’m getting weaker, either way, I had to place it on the dirt and step on the damn thing to get my beagle’s foot free.  Of course Barbaree did help to the extent she could. Just as soon as I’d relieved the least amount of pressure, I’m sure she pulled like crazy to get out of that trap. In the blink of an eye, Barbaree was free at last. Thank God, free at last.

Damn near froze to death and unable to walk, I picked Barbaree up and started up the ditch bank. It became apparent real soon that I could not climb the ditch bank holding Barbaree in my arms and wearing Crocks in place of real shoes. What to do, oh Lord, what to do. As the ole boy in the move “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” said “damn we’re in a tight spot”.

My beagle couldn’t climb the ditch bank, I wouldn’t leave my beagle, and I couldn’t climb carrying my beagle and  wearing Crocks. I thought maybe I could climb the ditch bank bare footed. The decision was made, I pulled off the Crocks, threw the Crocks up on the land.  Picked up my injured Barbaree, then bare footed in 28° weather, clawed my way up the ditch bank to the flat corn field above.

  By the time I got there we had to stop and rest, me and Barbaree.  After winning the battle of the ditch bank, just breathing was now my major issue to deal with, but Barbaree was in my arms, so life was good and all was well.

Almost a ½ mile from home and carrying a beagle may not sound like a challenge to many. One of my medical conditions is called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary  Disease. Now that’s just fancy doctor talk meaning ya can’t breathe worth a damn.

Having that problem severely limits one’s ability to walk any measurable distance. Yet I carried the beagle, and we started home. Four rest stops along the way made all the difference in the world. Now Mr. Bentley didn’t quite understand why I was stopping so much  and I didn’t have the breath to explain the reason why, so he just sat and waited for me to carry on. It seemed Mr. Bentley wanted to get Barbaree home as much as I did. One thing for sure, Mr. Bentley was not going to leave little Barbarees side.

We got home, Barbaree and me and Mr. Bentley all the while being accompanied by Sister Sharolette, barking every other step. Barbaree was first taken to the water dish before she left my arms. She drank away two days of thirsty. When her thirst was quenched, I carried Barbaree to the food where she ate away two day of hungry. Now hydrated and with a full belly, I carried Barbaree to her EastWing Couch. Barbaree was home safe at last.

From the time I picked Barbaree up in the ditch to the time I delivered her to the couch, Mr. Bentley had not had an opportunity to touch her. He was at my side on the way home, but not able to get to Barbaree. After Barbaree was placed on one of the EastWing couches, Mr. Bentley walked over and licked her injured paw.

Tears came to my eyes as I realized one of my dogs had, in all probability, saved the life of the other. Mr. Bentley continued to lick Barbarees right injured paw. Tranquility flooded the EastWing. The tribulation was over.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing,The Tribulation, A Beagle Lost, Trapped In Steel, A Rescue Angel Named Bentley,  Bare Footed & Going Home

I Wish You Well,


“Touched By An Angel”



Carol Grubbs

The author of a newly published book of inspirational poems Carol is busy with a second book, she works in her church and volunteers for other community activities.  She also has visited forty-seven of the 50 states, missing only Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.  “Besides visiting those three states I’d like to eventually ride in a bubble top helicopter,” she revealed.

 For 24 years Carol has suffered from gestational diabetes, and is never without her little bag of supplies that has insulin, a finger stick calculator and glucose tablets among the items she carries.  She journals everything she eats, drinks lots of water and exercises daily.

‘’I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when pregnant with my son Brian,” Carol said.  Gestational diabetes is a type 2 form of the disease and is caused by a hormonal change during pregnancy when a woman’s cells are less responsive to insulin.  Most women with gestational diabetes don’t have the disease after the baby is born, but in a few cases they do.   That is what happened in Carol’s case.

Carol certainly has lived an interesting life, having written for the Los Angeles Times while living in California, and working as a certified nursing assistant in several nursing homes.  “I don’t let the disease keep me down,” she said.  “One of the things  I do every week is sing in the choir on Sunday morning”   “And because of my  belief in angels I close my eyes and can hear the voice of my favorite high school teacher, the late John Whitenack, singing along with me.”  
Thank you Carol for your story.

From the EastWing, Holiday Time Coming, And The Survey Says, Sharolette & Barbaree & Their First Snow, The Email Being ObamaCare Only, Carter Gets Company, Just Over 3 ½ Years, Just Under 3 ½ Years, In Case I’m Gone.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing,

Before we visit again Thanksgiving will have come and gone and we’ll all turn our collective attention to the Christmas Season. Ho, Ho, Ho will reign supreme and  many folks are going to be caught up in the “Christmas Spirit”. Which is just another way of saying “What did ya get me?”  Wal-Mart will be happy as usual, and so will China.  Every Christmas makes China a little more happy, and Wal-Mart a little more rich.

China’s happy because most of the dollars spent at Christmas time in the United States purchases goods manufactured in China. Can’t help but wonder where did we go wrong. Why did we as a nation give up quality for price?  We did. We just did. And it shows in just about anywhere you look.

Wal-Mart became the largest retailer in the whole world because the United Stated Citizens gave up quality for price. Remember the old saying “Ya get what ya pay for”? That still holds true, even at Wal-Mart. Quality merchandise has never been a high priority at Wal-Mart. Ya get what ya pay for.

Did you respond to one of those surveys asking if you were put out because the big box stores are opening up early on Thanksgiving evening? Now of all the dumbness in the world that’s right up there with the best of ‘em. If you’re opposed to a retail store hours of operation, don’t go there during those hours you oppose the store being open. Your opposition to such does not give you the right to condone or criticize any decision made by any retailer, ever. Retail business survives on sales, not on what you may or may not choose to check on a survey.  It just makes me so damn mad to see something as stupid as a survey by the local South Bend IN TV station asking “do you think it’s ok?”.  Shewwww.

Whatever happened to  the right of the retailer establishing their own hours of operation without public input.  The same people who would most likely be vocal in opposition to such a move by the big box retailers to open early Thanksgiving Evening would crap a brick if their own hourly rate at their place of employment  was put before the public for a yes or no pay raise vote.

 When you look at things differently, things look different.  They always do.  Sometimes the horse has to be lead to the water and told “Now drink damn it, or I’m gona give you a bad answer for the horse survey on water drinking”.

The first snow brought first time life experiences to the Beagle Girls, Sharolette and Barbaree. Being only seven months old, they had never had to deal with snow. The morning of November 12th brought the snow and a whole new life experience for the Beagle Girls, Sharolette and Barbaree.

The She got up before me on that cold November morning and had to push the Beagle Girls outside.  Seems they didn’t want to step into that white stuff that they’d never seen in their young lives. But once stepped into, they went directly to the garage and laid  under the heat lamp set up for the outside cats.  Now I’m not saying the Beagle Girls are wimps, I’m just saying they’ve got better things to do than walk in the snow & cold. They may turn out to be fair weather hunting Beagles.

No matter what I say about anything, the email continues to light up with ObamaCare. Only ObamaCare, 10 to 1, it’s ObamaCare.  I’m telling ya, folks are pissed off about this stuff. I’ve always thought that when the Federal Government messes with things that effects us on a very personal basis, we’ll raise hell. ObamaCare does that.  And as such, we’re raising hell.  The “administrative fix” offered by our President will not resolve our unrest. Real solutions, not political BS is the only answer to our unrest.

And so it is that the Obama Administration is at the point in history where I hopped would never be. An administration viewed as worse than the Carter Administration.  With Jimmy Carter being viewed by most as the most dysfunctional administration in the history of our country.

One thing we need to do is change the common name. From ObamaCare to Democratic ObamaCare. These guys own it lock stock and barrel. So let’s put his full name on the thing.  Let’s give full credit where credit is due. The Democratic ObamaCare Law is an excellent example of how dysfunctional our federal government has become in the last 70 years. Keep in mind this law was passed in congress and signed by the president without as single republican vote. So yes, it is  Democratic ObamaCare.

March 21st  2010 to October 1 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days.  Now that may seem like a long time to some, or it may seem like a short time to some. Any way ya look at it, it’s just a hair over 3 ½ years.

To keep things in prospective, December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years 5 months and 1 day.  Any way ay look at this one, it’s just a hair under 3 ½ years.  Now what this time frame represents is from when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day on which Germany surrendered to end the war in Europe.

During that time period we saw the mobilization of millions of workers, built tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, trucks, battleships, submarines, destroyers, U-boats and  torpedoes.  Millions upon millions of guns, bombs, bullets, and war supplies. We turned the tide of war in North Africa. We invaded Italy, thru the boot.  Fought our way onto the beaches of Normandy that D-Day. Won the Battle of the Bulge. Then raced like hellcats to Berlin. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell ya, we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific at the same time.  Yep,  we done all that in 3 years, 5 months and 1 day. Just a hair under 3 ½ years.

Now the Obama  Administration has worked for just a hair over 3 ½ years, and could not build a functional website at a cost of 600 million dollars. Which just goes to show ya, you can buy incompetence at any price you’re willing to pay and on any timeframe you’re willing to give.

As I set here in my beloved EastWing, I’m struck by the certainty that this party of mine, this thing I call life, must one day end.  Some day in the future, there will be a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any more BobbyRay. I will then have reached my end of time.


No more hugs, no more smiles, no more stories yet to tell, no more special moments to celebrate anything and everything, no more phone calls just to say hello, no more emails, no more  “Did you hear the one about…..” This is true for marriage, for family relationships, and especially, my old friendships here in the EastWing.


It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that cold clear morning comes to be , is to let every one of my family and friends know how much  I care for them, by finding simple ways to let them know my heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles of my life so they can always say, “I’m glad BobbyRay was a friend of mine, and I always knew where he stood on everything.”


Now, with that being said, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please forever know this well, now this very, very well.  ………..I voted against that incompetent, stupid, lying, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron, currently occupying the White House!


Stay safe in Afghanistan.


From the EastWing,  Holiday Time Coming, And The Survey Says, Sharolette & Barbaree & Their First Snow,  The Email Being ObamaCare Only, Carter Gets Company, Just Over 3 ½ Years, Just Under 3 ½ Years,  In Case I’m Gone.


I Wish You Well,


La Porte Diabetic Alters Her Lifestyle


Jeanne Perkins

“I should have known that something was wrong as I was feeling tired and run down for some time,” Jeanne said.  “I had a brother who died of complications from diabetes so I knew the long term prospect.”  Diabetes management is the key to living a fulfilling life so Jeanne became as knowledgeable as possible to what contributes to keeping sugar levels stable.  She even bought a digital scale to measure the weight of her food.  “I learned that it’s not always what you eat, but how much you eat and when you eat,” she said.  Jeanne counts carbs and watches her diet.   She has lost 15 pounds since her hospital stay.

“Exercise is another way to keep my sugar levels from spiking because muscles use glucose for energy,” she said.  Jeanne walks twice a day for 30 minutes, and always weighs after eating. She has also created a spreadsheet to measure her diet, and tests her blood sugar count 3 times a day.  “Many people might think my life is complicated because of my diabetes regimen, but I think I’m so lucky to have good medical people helping me keep on track,” she revealed.  “I think I’m really quite blessed.”

Thank you Jeanne for your story.

From The EastWing, First Snow, ObamaCare Jell-O & Duct Tape, Comet ISON & The Oort Cloud, Light Speed & Sun Shine Melting Comets, Talking To Cabbage, Space Things & I Love Lucy, Thanksgiving & Hot Water, Things That Make Ya Shiver.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

The first snow of the season always brings a little excitement to everyone. Good excitement or bad excitement, either way the first snow brings a little change in the way you’re looking at the world right at the moment. When the snow came by this year for the first of the season, it was the lake effect snow from Lake Michigan. Yet snow is snow, and I don’t think it knows if  it lake effect snow. No matter what the source snow is snow.

Now I didn’t ask to receive  horror stories of people getting health insurance cancelation notices,  yet they come. They came as attachments to email, USPS delivery, telephone message, and by fax they came. Even go ‘em on my FaceBook account.

Now I’m not going back into that rats nest again, at least not right now, other than to say, “You can’t fix melting Jell-O with duct tape. And it will melt, even the duct tape will melt given enough heat”.

Remember that sky show thing I was talking about last January? It’s time has now come. I can now see Comet ISON with binoculars (15X70 optics). Only one thing, ya gotta get up early in the morning, like 4:00 in the AM, and look to the east. Looking toward the soon to be sun rise, Comet ISON is now easy to be seen with good binoculars or even a small telescope.

Thanksgiving Day is the day when Comet ISON will come the closest to the sun. Within 730,000 miles of the surface the comet will fly by. Heating up to some 5,000° Celsius. Now I don’t care who ya are, that hot, like vaporize most anything you can think of, faster than you can think of it. Yep, that’s hot.

And if all the dirt and ice and star stuff that make up the Comet ISON don’t get vaporized on the back side of the sun, it’s show time for sure. Stargazers are really interested in Comet ISON simply because if it survives the encounter with the sun it most assuredly will put on the best sky show in a long, long time.

One of the interesting things about Comet ISON is this a new comet that has never come into our field of view before. By it course, we can tell where it came from and barring any vaporization from the sun, we can tell where it will go. Comet ISON is making its first trip to the inner solar system from the distant and frigid Oort Cloud.

The Oort Cloud brings a whole new meaning to being kinda cool. It’s thought to comprise two separate regions: a spherical outer Oort cloud and a disc-shaped inner Oort cloud, or Hills cloud. Objects in the Oort cloud are largely composed of ices, such as water, ammonia, and methane. This is where the comets we see here on Earth come from. Of course the most famous comet out there being Haley’s Comet. It too came from the Oort Cloud. They all do. The Oort Cloud is a one stop comet shop.

This home of the comets, the Oort Cloud is almost a full light year from our Sun. Now for those folks measuring such things, One light year is the distance light can travel in one year. Knowing that light will travel 186,000 miles in one second, that means 11,160,000 miles in one minute.  If you multiply that by 60 times 24 times 365.   You can see where the math is going on this thing. We’re talking a lot of zeros in the answer as to the miles in one light year. Just go with me on this one, it’s a really long ways.

Its kinda ironic to think I’m talking about something from the very early beginning to time, coming from the most frigid place in outer space, containing what we can only speculate, but surely must be star stuff, possibly being destroyed by the heat of our sun. Our sun, the single reason life here on Earth can survive.  Did you ever wonder what other life forms call Earth when they look at us from their vantage point in the sky?

Maybe we’re just a number. Maybe they don’t use numbers. Maybe they have a different way of identifying stuff without numbers. Did ye ever wonder why every time you see other life forms depicted in books, movies or whatever, it’s always human like except real ugly. Why always human like, except ugly?

Maybe just a cabbage  plant that can think, not move, just think. Course I’ve seen some people that remind me of cabbage plants, so maybe I’m not too far off here. Seems somewhere I remember someone said they walk among us. Maybe they just grow among us in our gardens. I never did like cabbage but the She always grows the Ornamental Cabbage in the EastWing gardens ever year. Next time I go by, maybe I should say “hello cabbage”.  Sure hope I don’t get a response.

Another thing that always makes me mad is why we always assume the other life forms are far more advance than us? Duh. Knowing full well that all radio and TV signals once broadcast travel into space forever, we broadcast I Love Lucy over 60 years ago. And if that don’t speak to our level of intellect, nothing will. And I’m not even gona talk about the Honeymooners and Jackie Gleason.

And so it is as this year, 2013 is rapidly flooding  into the holiday season of year end with Thanksgiving, start of winter, Christmas, and New Years Eve all yet before us. It so much fun to set in the EastWing, looking into the darkness of 5 PM and enjoying this time of the year.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, it’s once again time to thank God for, maybe not the major blessings in your life but how about the little things that you never even think about as being a blessing from God. Hot water. Most of those who will visit the EastWing every Sunday Evening, have hot water available in their lives without even thinking about it. Just turn the left knob at the sink or shower and hot water happens.

Not the whole world is so blessed. I was reminded a while back of the fact that we Americans take so much for granted. Hot water being one such thing. I had to admit that I too, took hot water for granted. In an email conversation with an EastWing friend in South Africa, I was provided with a list of things the people in that town dreamed of owning. This was a town that received electricity, telephone, and internet service all within the same year. Top of the wish list, hot running water.

I just never thought of life without hot water. Spend a little time thinking about that and you’ll look at life a whole lot different from then on. And you’ll have a better life because of it. Just a little gift from God that you somehow overlooked. Hot water.

Three more days to the next dental appointment. Shivers all around. Somehow dental appointments do that to ya, even though I’ve got the best.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, First Snow, ObamaCare Jell-O & Duct Tape, Comet ISON & The Oort Cloud,  Light Speed & Sun Shine Melting Comets, Talking To Cabbage, Space Things & I Love Lucy, Thanksgiving & Hot Water, Things That Make Ya Shiver.

I Wish You Well,


Diabetes Then and Now


Chris Milner

Chris Milner

In the year 1960, my then brother Dave had a bout of severe flu.  He had a very high fever with convulsions.  When taken to his doctor, James F. Denaut, MD. In Knox, he was tested and it was determined that he had “sugar diabetes,” as it was known then.

After a stint in the hospital to regulate his blood sugar and to instruct my mother on how to give an insulin shot, he was finally released to come home.

Back then, there were no easy home blood testing methods.  The only way my mom could test my brother’s sugar levels at home was by a urine test that would indicate whether the sugar was low, normal or high.

Shots were not the disposable kind.  The stainless steel needles had to be boiled each time before using.  He was taking multiple shots per day, so the needles could become very dull very fast.  After my brother became a teenager he took over giving himself shots in his legs and stomach.

Being a diabetic in the 60’s was not like it is today.  I can remember many incidents where my brother would slip into a diabetic shock.  We named them :Mickey Mouses.”  When he hallucinated and was unresponsive we gave him orange juice with sugar in it to elevate his low blood sugar.  It was all we had back then.

When my brother turned 21 he started having kidney issues.  Diabetes, kidney and heart issues all go hand in hand.  In 1976 his kidneys were failing and he had to go on dialysis.  The closest center was in South Bend.  He went 3 times a week for kidney dialysis to remove the toxins from his system.

Our family was tested at that time to see if one of us could donate a kidney.  We all went to Indianapolis for the testing.  My father and I were both of the same O+ blood type.  My father went first for more testing and it was found that he had blockage in his arteries leading to his kidneys and they would not let him donate.

It was then my turn to be tested.  After blood testing and other procedures, it was determined that I was “Pre-Diabetic” and they would not let me donate one of my kidneys.  They felt that in my older years I would also become diabetic and need both of my kidneys.

My brother went on the National Transplant registry for a suitable cadaver kidney donation.  After waiting about a year the call came in saying a kidney had been located.  My parents and brother went to Rochester, Minnesota for the transplant.  At first it went well and he was within days of the 90 day mark when most transplants are deemed successful.  Unfortunately his new kidney started to fail and it had to be removed.  He was put back on dialysis.

The dialysis was a wear and tear on my brother’s arteries, and on March 31st. 1980 he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 25.

The diagnosis and treatment for diabetes has advanced so much in the years since my brother’s illness.  We can now thank modern technology for making diabetes a manageable condition.  I only wish it had come sooner.

Thank you Chris Milner for your story.   

From the EastWing, ObamaCare, Now We Know & We Don’t Like, And The Survey Says, Big Government According To Genesis, Pharaoh Freebees & Cell Phones.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

WOW! Even at the EastWing, ObamaCare dominates the email.  No matter what I’ve said in the past. Agree or disagree, it’s ObamaCare as to what the email brings to me. And I didn’t even say too much about it one way or the other.

But WOW! I’m telling ya, this is what has made we the people just shy of an angry mob. ObamaCare may be the worst federal law in the history of the nation.  When the then Speaker of The House said “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” We have now found out. This nation has gone a little crazy about this law. It just has. And there’s lots more to come.

It turns out the President of the United States lied to the American People in order to get the bill passed into law. An interesting side note here. It is not a crime for the President of the United States to lie to the American. It is a crime to lie to congress.  DUH! The least respected body in our society, it’s a crime to tell ‘em lies. Now we the people, give us all the Bull Shit that can mustered by the President of The United State, himself, and that’s not a crime.  Seems there’s something wrong with this picture.

With such a response to  something  I didn’t even talk about very much, I looked into the details of the ObamaCare Law and this is what I found. Now get a load of this.

An example being you are a single male, 35 years old, you  are required to purchase health insurance, and your policy must provide coverage in the event you have a baby. Not that you’re gona have that baby, just your health insurance must provide you with the coverage. DUH!  Your policy must also provide for birth control coverage.  Also DUH!

It’s a one stop shop. NOT!  The ObamaCare Law is a classic example of federal regulation run wild.  This thing was not put together after Obama was elected. No, it was  twenty years of liberal bureaucrats  plotting to create a national health care program.  It’s a mindset thing. Big government provides for the masses.  Socialism, some think so. Marxism, some think so. Dumber than Owl Shit, many think so. The people who voted this ObamaCare into law will pay the price at the ballot box next time out.

All the other scandals which have surrounded this administration, things like the IRS being used to go after political enemies, the embarrassment  of having Hillary Clinton say “at this late date, what difference does it make?” after 4 Americans had died on her watch. Such matters seem  to have been brushed aside by the president. ObamaCare is different.

It’s different simply because it affects you and me, and everybody else in this great land. The issue of this healthcare law is the one thing that is not going away from the public view. We as a people tend to not pay nearly enough attention to what goes on by those we elect to make the rules we live by. At every level of government, we pay way too little attention to what goes on. The result of that neglect of our collective duty, we get the type government we deserve. In some instances it’s crap. With a capital K.

It’s kinda disheartening  to see a survey that states less than 40% of the people believe the President of the United State is doing a good job. While the same survey states over 80% believe the President of the United States miss lead the American People on purpose to get this ObamaCare thing passed into law. And it all goes back to what was said earlier, we get the form of government we deserve.

It’s interesting that in our political process in this nation, one thought is the more the government controls the better off we are. While the other thought is the less the government controls the better off we are. No I don’t really care which side of that rope you’re on. But one thing for sure, you’re on one side or the other of that deal, ‘cause there’s no middle ground on that one.

Keep in mind here, I didn’t even talk about the disaster of the website. Or even the cost of such. Didn’t need to, those things take care of themselves. Even without use paying much attention to what’s going on, ya can’t spend 600 million dollars and nobody notices you bought something that doesn’t work.  No one has of yet even estimated the cost of making this website work. While some are even saying the whole system must be rebuilt from the ground up, so to speak, in order to make it work the way it was envisioned. I can’t say intended here ‘cause I don’t believe anyone had a clue as to what it was supposed to be.

Nor have I said anything about the whole concept of “navigators” or the millions and millions of dollars down that rat hole. Nor have I said anything about when the person, who admitted to being in charge of the whole sorry mess, responded to an direct question asked in a congressional hearing, that yes a convicted felon could be hired and obtain the necessary personal information to steal a person’s identify without that person’s knowledge. And it just keeps getting dumber and dumber. It’s just such stuff the still leads me to believe we do deserve what we get. It’s our own fault that we don’t pay attention and let the crazies of the world make the laws.

Of course the fight for big government has gone on forever. Yeah, I’m telling ya forever. Just read the 47th chapter of Genesis, verse 13 – 27. Now what you’re going to find there is a story of how a once prosperous people became slaves. More and more dependent on the government they became until such time they had no personal wealth left. All belonged to the pharaoh.

It turned out the Pharaoh provided Israelites with food stamps, rent assistance, well child care, hot lunch program at school, medical care, transportation, and a free cell phone. Oh no, I was wrong about the free cell phone, that was a different Pharaoh.

From the EastWing, ObamaCare, Now We Know & We Don’t Like, And The Survey Says, Big Government According To Genesis, Pharaoh Freebees & Cell Phones.

I Wish You Well,