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Building Project at Eastern Pulaski is One Step Closer

 Representatives from Gibraltar Design presented updates in the building project to the Eastern Pulaski School Board Monday night. The project includes upgrades to the elementary, middle and high schools. Main entrances will be secured, restrooms updated, classrooms improved including the change of chalkboards to marker boards and replacing windows. Continue reading

Fall Season Increases the Chance of Deer Crashes

Deer are on the move this fall with hunting season and mating season in full swing. Use extra caution when driving in rural areas at this time of the year.

Deer tend to be more active in the early morning hours and just after dusk. Where there is one deer there are often several more that could follow.

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New Veterans Monument Almost Complete

The Fletcher Cemetery Association is raising money to restore this veterans monument.

The restoration of the veterans monument in Fletcher Cemetery is almost complete. This photo was taken prior to the start of the work.

The refurbished veterans monument at Fletcher Cemetery is almost finished. Members of the Fletcher Cemetery Association have been collecting donations to move the structure east of its original location, pour a new foundation and surround it with commemorative bricks. Continue reading

Culver Town Council Accepts Town Manager’s Resignation

The Culver Town Council met in a special session on Monday to accept the resignation of the town manager. Dave Schoeff resigned last week and will finish his duties as manager on Oct. 17th.

The council is going to advertise the position in hopes of getting someone to start at the beginning of 2015.

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Culver Community Schools Considering Balanced Calendar

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board members are considering a balanced calendar for the 2015-2016 school year. On Nov. 3rd Rochester School Corporation Superintendent Jana Vance, a principal and a teacher will come to Culver High School auditorium to share the pros and cons of the schedule. Continue reading