Knox Council to Consider Additional Golf Cart Regulations


The Knox City Council will consider an overhaul of the local golf cart ordinance at their next meeting. Review copies of the proposal were handed out to city council members Tuesday for review. Mayor Dennis Estok says there are quite a few proposed changes. The biggest is a requirement that golf cart owners register the vehicles. They would be subject to inspections, and an annual fee would be charged. Continue reading

Local Heroin Use Grows, Look for Signs of Drug Activity

Heroin can be a brown or white powder or a thick, black substance, known as “black tar.”

Heroin use is a growing concern for local law enforcement. Detective Dave Combs with the Knox Police Department says it first showed up in Starke County a few years ago and quickly grew in popularity. He says it typically comes into the area from the south side of Chicago and South Bend. The drug is derived from the opium plant and is imported from Mexico. Combs adds users can buy a folded foil packet of heroin for about $20 and get high.  Continue reading

Fireworks Test Planned at Wythogan Park

 The new venue for the annual Knox fireworks display will be put to the test next week. Mayor Dennis Estok told the city council Tuesday evening Mad Bomber will be at Wythogan Park on Wednesday, May 4th at dusk to set off a few practice shells and test visibility. Members of the Knox Fire Department will be standing by to assist. Continue reading

City Officials Clash Over Truck Route Fines

Knox Truck OrdinanceThe Knox City Council voted 3-2 to raise the fine for truck route violations from $50 to $150 after a spirited discussion. Mayor Dennis Estok contends the fine needs to be raised in order to deter local drivers from playing the odds and using Culver Road to get from U.S. 35 to the Knox Industrial Park instead of taking State Road 8. Councilman Tim Manns renewed his call for additional signs to alert truck drivers of the route.

Continue reading

Law Enforcement Agencies form Starke County Major Crimes Unit

Starke County Prosecuting Attorney Nick Bourff announces the formation of the the Starke County Major Crimes Unit during a community program sponsored by the Knox Police Department and DCS.
Starke County Prosecuting Attorney Nick Bourff announces the formation of the the Starke County Major Crimes Unit during a community program sponsored by the Knox Police Department and DCS.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Starke County are joining forces to combat the local drug epidemic. During last night’s drug symposium hosted by the Knox Police Department and DCS, Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff announced a partnership that’s been two years in the planning. The Starke County Major Crimes Unit is an investigative task force made up of officers from the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, the Knox Police Department and the Hamlet Police Department. Continue reading

Knox Police Department, DCS to Host Drug Awareness Program

drugsThe Knox Police Department and Indiana Department of Child Services are teaming up to raise awareness of drug abuse issues in the community.

They’re hosting a free community program at 6 p.m. tonight at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in downtown Knox. It will address drug recognition, physical signs of drug abuse and treatment programs available within the community. Continue reading

SCCF Preschool Fair Scheduled Tomorrow Evening

abc-blocksParents of preschool-age Starke County children can take advantage of a one-stop shop tomorrow night at the 3rd Annual Starke County Community Foundation Preschool Fair. Development Director Sarah Origer says the goal is to increase awareness of how important preschool is.

“We encourage parents, grandparents, caregivers, the whole family, to come out for this preschool fair. I guarantee they will learn something new about offerings for young children in Starke County.” Continue reading

Expert Says Farmers Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks


Cyber attacks are reported in the news all the time, but you don’t often think of farmers as being potential victims. Internet Security Alliance President Larry Clinton says many of the agriculture industry’s closely held secrets are vulnerable.

“There’s valuable soil and content data; there’s GMO variables; there’s pesticide and chemical formulas, genetic engineering, innovative animal breeding techniques, planting, harvesting, processing, storing, transporting. There’s a lot of important business data there.” Continue reading