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Local Schools on Soft Lockdown

Eastern Pulaski Schools and the Culver Community School Corporation are under a soft lockdown.

Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dan Foster told WKVI News that an individual in the community had threatened to harm himself. Foster said that the school is simply taking a precaution where all of the doors have been locked at all of the buildings. Students will not be leaving the buildings for recess or any student aid projects.

It was a general threat and not a specific threat to the school or any students or staff at the school, according to Foster. Foster stated that it was a safety precaution.

Monterey Man Arrested on Warrant for Felony Child Molesting

Stanley Myers

Stanley Myers

A Monterey man was arrested by Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies this week on six counts of child molesting.

According to court documents, Stanley W. Myers, 70, is accused of committing child molesting on six different occasions with six-year-old and seven-year-old children. The acts were allegedly committed over a period of time. Each incident reportedly occurred at a home on 750 North in Monterey.

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Knox Street Department Ready for Next Snow Event

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Knox Board of Public Works this week that operations in the city are going well this winter.

There has been some cost savings in getting sand from Area Excavating. The cost is two dollars cheaper than their previous supplier. They don’t have to go as far to pick up the material. Borg said he has been able to see a difference in the cost and wear and tear of vehicles. He coordinates a pick up time with the company and brings back up to ten tons of sand as needed. Borg said the sand is mixed with salt, and the combination works well during a snow event. Porter County and LaPorte County department use the same company for their road product as well.

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Watch for Drug Use in Schools and Community

The Marshall County Safety Commission will work to keep drugs out of schools, and everyone can keep an eye out for possible drug activity.

Indiana State Police troopers said the number of meth labs has decreased in Marshall County, but the threat of meth getting into children’s hands is still possible. There are many more cases now involving the Department of Child Services because parents are abusing drugs, according to state police.

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Budget Approved for City of Knox

 Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told the city council this week that the budget order came back, and the city is $45 shy of the maximum levy. The maximum levy is the maximum amount of money the city can collect from taxes. Houston said they couldn’t have gotten any closer, which is good.

Houston noted that he spoke to Matt Parkinson from the Department of Local Government Finance who said that the city will know in April about how much the tax caps will affect the city’s budget. When Houston gets that information, he will let the department heads know how much they will need to cut from their department. Last year, the city was cut over $200,000.

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Sharon West

A celebration of life service for Sharon West, 64, of Knox, Indiana will be Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 at noon CT at the Rannells Funeral Home, Hamlet Chapel.  A gathering with the family will be Tuesday, Feb 2, 2015 from 11 a.m. to noon CT at the funeral home.  Memorials may be made to the family to aid with funeral costs.

Marshall County Safety Commission Discusses Blocked Railroad Crossings

The Marshall County Safety Commission heard concerns about trains stopped at crossings which creates an issue when buses are transporting students to and from school.

Cindy King from the John Glenn School Corporation said there are at least three instances a week where a train blocks a bus route for buses transporting students to school. She said a new route will have to be constructed for next year.

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State Coalition to Attempt to Close Skills Gap, Programs Already in Place Locally

A skills gap is being blamed for the lack of progress in Indiana’s economic recovery. According to the Indiana Skills2Compete Coalition, career and technical education for youth and the lack of credential attainment among the state’s adult workforce, are needing attention.

The Starke County Initiative for Lifelong Learning Center or SCILL Center, is ahead of the curve with providing opportunities for adults and students to gather skills needed to be a productive member of the adult workforce. Ron Gifford from the Starke County Economic Development Foundation said officials recognized one gap about three years ago.

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Knox City Council Sets Fireworks Date

 The Knox City Council approved a date for the annual fireworks celebration.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said he had no phone calls at his office and only seven people responded to the question on WKVI’s Facebook page. According to the informal survey on Facebook, the majority picked Friday, July 3 for the fireworks celebration.

Council member Linda Berndt commented that the residents who visit their homes at Bass Lake in the summertime may not be able to come in for the celebration. Greg Matt commented that it was that reason that caused him to think to hold the celebration on July 4, but the consensus of the council was to have the celebration on July 3.

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Storm Water Plans Presented to Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works discussed plans for a storm water system for the new addition to the Knox Elementary School.

Andy Bearman from Commonwealth Engineers said that the addition will create an additional one percent rain-water run-off as a portion of the ground covered with grass will be dug up for the project. That soft area was able to absorb the extra water so it wouldn’t create any water build up anywhere on the property.

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Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit Receives Acceditation

ISP polygraphThe Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit is now accredited. The unit was accredited by the Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation (PLEA).

A polygraph unit monitors and records readings of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems when a person is asked a series of carefully designed questions while attached to the unit. The person taking the test is asked questions where they only answer yes or no. The examiner can determine if the person is giving a true statement by reviewing the readings.

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Officer Injured in Altercation during Traffic Stop

Two Munster residents were arrested late Tuesday night after the driver of the vehicle got into a physical confrontation with the arresting officer.

According to a release from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, a car driven by Travis Dade, 23, was traveling at 80 mph in a 55 mph zone. Sgt. Brett Swanson stopped the vehicle at Range Road and U.S. 6 near the town of Kingsbury. Sgt. Swanson asked Dade to step out of the vehicle after the officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

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Knox Burglary Suspect Taken into Custody

Jason Cooke

Jason Cooke

A man who police say ran from the scene where a meth lab and stolen items were found was taken into custody.

Jason E. Cooke, 35, of Plymouth was located and taken into custody by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, Jan. 26. Cooke was later transported to the Starke County Jail and is being held on preliminary charges of burglary and theft, according to a Knox City Police Department press release.

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Five Arrested in Winamac Meth Lab Bust

Five people were arrested Saturday, Jan. 24 after Winamac police received a complaint of high traffic and a smell at one of the Franklin Street apartment complex around 11:30 p.m. ET.

A search warrant was obtained for 214 S. Franklin Apt. B. and where an active meth lab was allegedly found along with marijuana, prescription medication, packaging materials, meth, and syringes, according to Winamac officer Mark Hoffman.

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Knox City Council Members Table Dumpster Ordinance

Knox City Council

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council members again tabled the second reading of the dumpster ordinance last night.

City Attorney David Matsey was able to pare down the ordinance, so it suits the city and focuses on the residential district. Matsey said the ordinance restricts the use of dumpsters in areas zoned R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 on the public right of way. As the discussion went on, the council wanted to go further to include the dumpsters on private property. Mayor Rick Chambers suggested allowing dumpsters on private property as long as they are behind the front of the house in a fenced area and permitted to be there by a building permit. The dumpster may be placed on the property for ten days out of a 30 day period once a year. Discussion also surrounded proper registration by the contractor placing the dumpster on the property.

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Marshall County Safety Commission Sub-Committee to Formulate Crisis Communication

The Marshall County Safety Commission held a discussion on many key issues of emergency planning when they met Tuesday morning.

Troy Heckaman from Culver Military Academy and Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery noted that they were trying to put together a crisis communication plan for each school. Avery said they would like to have representatives from each of the schools to designate a safety person to be a part of a sub-committee that will work on a plan that’s specific to the school.

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State Unemployment Rate Rises Slightly

Indiana Workforce DevelopmentThe state’s unemployment rate went up a tenth of a percent to 5.8 percent. Since December 2013, Indiana’s labor force has grown by over 83,000 people that is nearly twice of any neighboring state, according to Indiana Workforce Development. December was the first month where Indiana’s unemployment rate has exceeded the U.S. rate. The U.S. rate has declined by two-tenths of a percent to 5.6 percent, mainly due to a decrease of 273,000 in the national labor force.

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Knox Board of Public Works to Meet Today

The Knox Board of Public Works will meet this morning where Building Administrator Bruce Williams will discuss a storm-water runoff issue as part of a new construction project for the Knox Community Elementary School. Williams told WKVI News that a 7,000 square foot addition is proposed at the school.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg, Water Superintendent Todd Gardner, Wastewater Superintendent Kelly Clemons, and Police Chief Clint Norem will give department reports.

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Kenneth Lee Salyer

Funeral services for Kenneth Lee Salyer, 53, of Plymouth, Indiana will be Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 at 11 a.m. ET at the Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home in Plymouth.  Visitation is Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET at the funeral home.  Memorials may be made to Abate Chapter Region One, P.O. Box 665, Bergersville, IN  46106.