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Knox Man Arrested On Warrant For Failure To Register

A Knox man has been arrested after he allegedly failed to register as a sex offender or a violent offender.

A press release indicates that a warrant was issued for 36-year-old Billy E. McKinney III. The outstanding warrant was executed at a residence in the 11-thousand block of Windmill Lane near Westville. He now finds himself facing two counts of the Level 5 Felony.
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Charbonneau Sponsors Bill To Aid Terminally Ill Patients

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

An area state Senator wants to give terminally ill patients more options with their healthcare.

State Senator Ed Charbonneau is a sponsor of the Indiana Right to Try Act. It would give those patients access to medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process, but aren’t quite on pharmacy shelves.
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Court of Appeals To Hear Arguments at Culver Academies

 A program designed to promote information about the Court of Appeals in Indiana will make an appearance at Culver Academies.

Three judges from the court will hear oral arguments from a criminal case on appeal from Vanderburgh County. This is the courts’ fifth appearance for their Appeals on Wheels program this year.
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Pulaski County Justice Center, Courthouse Internet Capability to Increase

 The Pulaski County Justice Center and the Courthouse will be getting an upgrade in bandwidth.

Willie DeGroot from DeGroot Technologies explained that the Indiana Office of Technology is requiring a higher speed connection. DSL modems are in the offices, and the county is paying $700 a month for those. DeGroot proposed bringing in a direct fiber optic connection to be installed by Lightstream and a network switch would be installed to branch out to the routers. He said it would provide a much faster connection. It would save money in the process, he reported.

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Starke County EMS Still Searching for Paramedics

Starke County EMS Director Keith Emigh is still trying to hire enough paramedics to staff all three bases around the clock. He told the Starke County Commissioners Monday many paramedics pick up shifts at departments all over the northern third of the state. As a result he says coordinating schedules is challenging. Continue reading

Starke County Highway Department Adds Four-Way Stop

4-way_stop_signStarke County has a new four-way stop. County highway crews added stop signs at all four corners of the intersection of 350 South and 200 East this week. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler says they’ve also installed “new traffic pattern ahead” signs about 200 feet before the four approaches as well. The additional stop signs were added after a Purdue University engineering study found a need for a four-way stop due to safety concerns and traffic counts.

Winter Storms Briefly Delay ISTEP Testing In Local Schools

Winter weather occurring earlier this week affected schools in more ways than canceling classes.

The wintry mix that descended on the area also delayed ISTEP testing for several schools. The ISTEP test has been discussed for some time in the General Assembly with reforms to the test approved by lawmakers.
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Knox Community School Board Approves School Calendar

CalendarThe 2015-2016 Knox Community School Corporation balanced calendar was approved by the School Board this week.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 4. The last student day will be June 1. Commencement is scheduled for June 10.

The new calendar includes a number of extended vacation periods. The first occurs in October, fall break, from the 19th to the 23rd. A three-day Thanksgiving break is scheduled November 25-27.

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Video Conferencing, Technology Upgrade Approved

  Marshall County Superior Court No. 2 Judge Dean Colvin asked the commissioners this week to assist him in improving the video conferencing system between the courthouse and the Marshall County Jail.

A system was put in place years ago, but it’s time to upgrade, according to Judge Colvin.

“Over the last several years, we’ve run into a couple of issues with the video conferencing as a result of, as I like to call it, planned obsolescence with the regards to technology,” said Judge Colvin. “We’ve worked through the lifetime expectancy of the video conferencing and we’re having technical problems with video conferencing. We need to address those and bring them back up to date and back up to speed.”

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LaPorte Police Crack Down on Seatbelt Use

Seatbelts are For EveryoneClick it or ticket. That’s the message LaPorte Police sent to motorists during a recent Operation Pull Over-funded enforcement blitz. They wrote 51 seat belt and three car seat violation citations during a mid-February campaign. During the past 11 days the LaPorte Police Department responded to 46 property damage and five personal injury crashes, affecting a total of nine people. Of the personal injury crashes, two occupants were not restrained, and two were injured. Continue reading

Starke County Highway Department Well Stocked to Wrap Up Winter

 The Starke County Highway Department has plenty of salt and sand on hand to finish winter operations. Superintendent Rik Ritzler says even with the significant amount of snow that fell in February they’ve used considerably less than last year. Continue reading

State Board of Accounts to Answer Severance Questions

Pleasant View Rest Home

Pleasant View Rest Home

Severance pay for the employees at the Pleasant View Rest Home will need to be brought before the State Board of Accounts before any formal action on the issue can be taken.

The request was made to the Commissioners by Larry Rausch at Monday night’s meeting. Commissioner Terry Young had mentioned the possibility of severance pay in a previous commissioners meeting. Rausch said the employees will be out of a job at the end of the month and will be searching for work that is creating a hardship for their families. He is concerned that some employees may not be able to draw unemployment as they may not qualify.

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Starke County Sheriff’s Department Adds Crime Mapping to County Website

Starke County Sheriff's Department BadgeVisitors to the Starke County government website now have access to information about incidents reported to the sheriff’s department. County information technology director Joe Short recently added the Crime Mapper tool to the existing Starke County GIS on the website. Visitors can click the crime button and view calls from the last seven or 30 days or can search a customized date range.

Sheriff Bill Dulin hopes sharing this information will raise awareness of the types of incidents his department deals with on a daily basis. Continue reading

Bullet Fired into Second Story Bedroom in LaPorte

The LaPorte Police Department is investigating a call of a bullet found in a man’s bedroom.

Police say that a man was lying in his bed early Tuesday morning on the second story of his home at 392 Melrose Street when he heard a loud noise. The man told police that he jumped out of bed to look outside but did not see anyone or any vehicles. He went back to bed.

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ISTEP Testing Delayed at Knox Schools

The icy conditions yesterday, causing cancellation of a school day, also delayed the start of ISTEP testing in the Knox Middle School. Testing there was scheduled to start Tuesday.

At Monday’s meeting of the Knox School Board, Superintendent A.J. Gappa reviewed the constant changes in the ISTEP provisions by the State. In a visual presentation, he compared last year’s testing plan with the current year.

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Culver Schools Find Enrollment Estimates Inaccurate, Affecting Funding

Culver Community School CorporationEstimates under Indiana’s proposed school funding formula have Culver schools taking a hit on revenue.

Representatives of the school corporation were invited to the statehouse for the third reading of House Bill 1001 in February. That bill deals with the state’s biennial budget, but includes allocations for education.
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New Culver Town Manager Learning the Ropes

A bit of time has passed since Culver introduced its new Town Manager, and learning the position while meeting a few of the Town’s challenges is presenting an opportunity.

Jonathan Leist accepted the position in December of 2014. That’s after a month’s long search for a replacement for previous Town Manager Dave Schoeff.
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