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Marshall County Commissioners Approve Pre-Payments

Along with the approval of year-end claims, the Marshall County Commissioners approved pre-payment for a new van for the Marshall County Corrections facility during a special meeting held Tuesday, Dec. 31.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin told the commissioners that he would be purchasing a used 2013 Ford van from Oliver Ford that would be used to transport prisoners. There will be no trade-in as an older, smaller van will be used for local transfers.

The county council previously transferred $25,000 for the purchase of this vehicle, but the cost will only be $22,000.

The commissioners approved the request and the money will come out of the 2013 budget.

The commissioners also approved a pre-payment out of Clerk Julie Fox’s 2013 budget for a computer and scanner for the office in the amount of $1,583.79. The equipment will be used by part-time employees for the imaging of records.

A pre-payment of $6,155.04 was also approved for the purchase of office equipment for the Auditor Penny Lukenbill’s office. This payment will also come out of the auditor’s budget for 2013.

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