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Famous Celebrity Reveals Her Diabetic Odyssey

        Famous Celebrity Reveals Her Diabetic Odyssey


Halle Berry

Halle Berry

She’s recognized as one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood, but fame and glamor didn’t spare her from suffering from type 2 diabetes throughout her acting career.  Yes, Halle Berry has learned how to manage a career, marriage and motherhood with a disease that at one time left her in a diabetic coma for a week.  Here’s her story.

As the cameras rolled, the young actress knew she desperately needed to lie down.  But before she could do anything she collapsed on set and was rushed to a hospital.

Hollywood star Halle Berry then lay dangerously ill in a diabetic coma for a week before waking to a life that would never be the same again.

Unconscious for a week:  “I thought I could tough it out, but I couldn’t have been

more wrong,” she says.  “One day, I simply passed out, and I didn’t wake up for seven days.  Diabetes caught me completely off guard.  I thought I was pretty healthy.”

Type 2 Diabetes can take years to develop, with suffers experiencing symptoms like Halle’s constant feelings of tiredness.  Others include blurred vision, weight loss, raging thirst, and tingling in the hands and feet.

Following her hospital stay Halle said she had to change her life style.  “I started to eat loads of wonderful fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fish and pasta.  I cut out red meat and cut back on fruit because it can contain quite a lot of sugar.  Now one of my favorite dishes is something simple but tasty such as grilled tuna and garlic mashed potatoes,” she said.

But it wasn’t just her food intake that had to change she included exercise and reduced her stress too.  The final piece of the jigsaw in Halle’s successful diabetes management was control of her blood sugar and insulin levels.  “I have to test my blood sugar levels at least a couple of times a day,” she explains.  She also injects herself with the correct doses of insulin each day.  And oh yes, she does public speaking on living with the condition.

Thank you Halle Berry for sharing your story.  There are hundreds of local people who battle the condition each and every day.  We will tell you their stories in November.      

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