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Jury Trial For Jennie Carter Set For February

Jennie Carter

A jury trial that had been set in Starke Circuit Court last week for Jennie Carter has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 9 a.m.

Carter was arrested and charged with Theft in March after she allegedly stole $7,748.40 from the Starke County Tourism Commission on June 2, 2011.

Jennie Carter was arrested in March on an Indiana State Police arrest warrant. She later pleaded not guilty to the charge of Theft in a hearing in Starke Circuit Court. Carter told Judge Kim Hall at the time that all of the money had been paid back.

Carter, 56, had access to the Starke County Tourism Commission checkbook and on June 2, 2011, a check in the amount of $7,748.40 was reportedly written to Indiana Department of Revenue for taxes. She reportedly told the Tourism Commission that she would give them information regarding the taxes at a later date. The commission was told that the taxes were from a previous employee who had not had taxes taken out of their payroll check.

On Dec.12, 2011, the Starke County Tourism Commission sent an inquiry to the Indiana Department of Revenue for withholding tax registration. In a letter back to the commission, the Department of Revenue said its records indicated the Starke County Tourism Commission was not registered to withhold state and county withholding.

An investigation was conducted by the Indiana State Police Department and Carter was subsequently arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft.